…I only just forced “B” into watching Barbra in her first non-musical film from 1971 called THE OWL & THE PUSSYCAT — this was before she became obsessed with lighting/angles/perfection and full control. You know, when she was still taking chances, being funny and acting. Anyway, this was a racy film for its day. One of the first mainstream films to feature the word “fuck” It now carries a PG rating because Sony Entertainment edited it down to secure an R for the folks over at Blockbusters.

Anyway, Babs filmed a nude scene which she later decided she didn’t want included in the film. Interestingly, those who saw the “sneak previews” in NYC/LA back in 1971 saw Barbra’s boobies in the third reel. However, when it was released a few weeks later Barbra required Columbia and Herb Ross to delete the scenes. So when you see the movie now you can see where the screen has been “fogged” and even clipped. Several years later HIGH SOCIETY magazine found the “discarded” footage and published it — Babs and her lawyers tore them apart and store owners were required to rip the pages from the magazine and send back to High Society or face penalty. Oddly, most agreed. Now, they would have been on Ebay. Funny thing is that Streisand sued and stopped release of the pictures because a fake porno was being hawked at about the same time claiming to feature Babs in ‘the early days” — problem is that it is clearly a fake porno. Fingers are short, and the 3 girl is a tad over-weight and her hair is so 1975 vs. 1961 which is the year the silly pornographers. Babs had also just filmed a semi nude scene for A STAR IS BORN and opted to delete that one as well because she was concerned about her mother and her child’s reactions. Just a nice Jewish girl.

Well, this cool guy from Italy who reads my blog sent me this multiple scanned photo from that “infamous” never seen scene! Not sure why, but I’ve always been curious.

…I don’t really see why she wanted to prevented us from seeing her boobs. They look perfectly nice. Perky, pink and cute.
Anyway, I felt Barbra needed the exposure with her upcoming concert tour and all. So, I am sharing with you. I hope I don’t get sued. Or, maybe it would be cool to be sued by Babs! I’d be so thrilled!

I feel all dirty and ashamed. …but, then again, not really.


June 28, 2006. Uncategorized.


  1. Robert replied:

    OMG. I had no idea she did dirty-filthy-XXX-Up-The-Butt porn… haha! j/k! Where’s Kris Kristopherson?!?

    Happy Friday Matt.

  2. PDD replied:

    I have always thought Babs was absolutely gorgeous. And those tits! Wow, she’s beyond stunning.

    One of my old clients at my old job used to always say I look like Barbara Streisand. I was so flattered because again, i just think she’s a knock out. I am not good with compliments, but hey I took it.

    I don’t think I look like Babs, but I am always mistaken for a Jew.

    I am not Jewish. I wish I named my blog, “I’m not Jewish”


  3. Brooke replied:

    Babs is gonna get you….Babs is gonna get you…

    If my boobies looked like that I’d flash the whole fucking world.

  4. ing replied:

    I never thought I’d live to see the day. . .

    But it’s not the boobs that really and truly intrigue me. It’s that bra with the hands on the cups. Where might I find me one of those? Will it get me more action?

    I would like to see this movie. I’ve never thought of Barbra as sexy, but I do think she’s lovely. Why did they try so hard to sexualize her? Or was she trying to sexualize herself? Why are her boobs so perfect? Are those really hers?

    Ooops! I have to get ready — I’m meeting you in 45 minutes! What will I wear?!

  5. Me replied:

    Just what you need, another law suit on your hands!

  6. matt replied:

    Robert — My dad had an issue of HUSTLER from 1976 that had a picture of Kristofferson sans clothing with the actress in SAILOR WHO FELL FROM GRACE WITH THE SEA. …It was most impressive.

    ppd — That is awesome! I had a good friend who I consider my surragate mom back in Boston and she is often mistaken for Babs. …which she loves. I think Barbra is gorgeous. People always think I am Jewish. I consider it a compliment.

    Brooke — Yikes! I hope not. I would die if I met her — or her lawyers! Yeah, I don’t get why she would hide those — they were lovely!

    Ing – Well, you could have bought the whole outfit a couple of years ago when she cleared out her closet. I think it went for $8K. I could find out if you wanna know. I think it was a size 4 so it would have been a bit too big for you. Seems like it was a size 6 or something. You’ve a model’s build. Babs was smaller when she made A Star Is Born — I think those outfits were a size 4. I think. I don’t get girl’s sizes. Much easier for men — as are most things in our culture. Yes, that picture is real. Those are barbra’s boobies circa 1969/1970. …you know you could make that outift for yourself. Mark would love it as would the customers at the book store!!! …don’t forget the little mound heart!

    Lovely Meredith — Am blasting the music you sent me! Loveing it so!!! Well, if one is going to get sued — let it be by Barbra and then I can make the news on Entertaiment Tonight and be in all those silly sections of the newspapers. Personally, I think the girl who runs that website will be in more trouble than me. Besides, at 64, Babs should be thrilled to show off that picture!!! I have been getting lots of hits but very few comments. Hmmmmm…

  7. ing replied:

    I’ll do it, I’ll make the outfit! Though maybe I’d be better off saving it for Halloween.

    Please don’t tell Barbra, though, that I’d rather be seen in the beautiful mahogany dress.

    And Matty, were you aware of this?

  8. matt replied:

    Ing – It will be such glam fun to walk down the street with you in your “beautiful” Mahogany dress or you pussycat outfit! And, thank you for the links! Yes, I am aware of those books. The only one I want is, like, $120 used. …so, that won’t be happening anytime soon.

  9. ginab replied:

    Probably I didn’t want to live to see the day, except I see every manner of pussy cats, owls, and Sophias showering and sudsing up and down and away, willy-nilly, jiggle-billy, at the YMCA every dang night.

    so used to it I no longer feel used. Kids freak out tho, so I am one of very few prudes who reduce ourselves behind curtains. I’m babbling or “babbing’ on a bit now aren’t I.

    Happy 4th to you and B, Matty!


  10. bigezbarry replied:

    Matty! Found your blog#

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