The Importance of Blow Jobs

So, how important is a good blow job? Does human value go up if one is able to suck the chrome off a trailer hitch or does it matter more to just do the old suck-n-swallow without much fanfare? Or is the big lead on to the moment of release the most important?

I was thinking a lot about it today.

Sort of analyzing how blow job is a lot like life and work. The deeper one takes it and the more hot luv swallowed — the more power you are perceived to have. Sort of like —- to be a key player one has to be able to handle the really big swallow.

This hidden coverage of my day at the office. Over all, it was sort of like giving charity blow jobs all day. Maybe a hand-job would be a better analogy.

Anyway, all and all it wasn’t a good day. Sometimes, a lot of times, blowing can be fine —- but sometimes it can just be so worrying.

Floss, anyone?

I apologize for my sloppy and cryptic post. But, hey — it is my bit of space!

your fave blow monkey!

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Unusual Sites I Have Discovered

I have stumbled across some interesting sites as of late and thought I would share them with those of you who may stumble upon my little bit of space!

Really cute guys! Check them out! …soon. Am thinking about subscribing just for the hell of it!

Sweet Action to Come

I LOVE afro hairstyles — Seriously, I do. Anyway, check this out!

Afro Hair Show!!

For the lazy transvestite who just does not have time to do her make-up!

Put Your Mask On!

…now, do not be too frightened —


It is just a world of leather fashion and one just has to love it!

Whitaker Malem

This site provides access to some way-cool toys — most of which I do want badly.

Toys Matt Needs!!

I am unable to think of why one would really want this, but it is really kind of cool!

Loud Machine

Like a car wreck — you sort of have to look — and check out that snazzy shirt!

Pam’s Shirt

This scares me, but makes me very curious — your Asian Plastic Lover Boy! Maybe we all need one!

Asian Doll!

Cool web site and store!

Bean Wax

Make-up for men! I think this is like base for men…?

Color Lotion

Another cool site and store! Art is Rat spelled backward…


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Uh, Oh — Pissed-Off and Damned Angry!

Just had to put up one more little post. My better half, Karl, is really pissed off! …And rightly so! Check out his blog! Also, check out our dinner from last night! …So very Cher — and I mean this in a very good way. I loved her MERMAID finger food meals! Also, please check out the picture he has posted of us. My teeth look yellow. Like really yellow.

I am now convinced that I must haul my fat ass off to “Brite Smile” this Saturday and get my teeth zapped brite white! Please tell me that the lighting was just bad on the photo!!! Please! Would Karl and my friends allow me to walk around with teeth this yellow???? I hope not!!!

Oh, and be sure and ask Karl about The Monkees. Apparently, back in the late 80’s when they enjoyed a brief resurgence —- he thought that they were a new group. For some reason when I asked him to clarify this today he got almost as upset with me as he is with our lame ass governor!

Oh! I almost forgot — I also have found myself addicted to the personals section of Disinformation!! I like to go in and select various sexes and various zip codes to see what pops up. Warning — it can be addictive, but loads and loads of fun! One doesn’t even have to create a profile to jump in and look at other profiles. Don’t get the wrong idea — am not responding to anyone as a fake person or making fun. I just enjoy seeing all of the profiles by zip code. I can do a search as a woman looking to meet a man in a Texas zip code. Or I can do a search as a woman looking for a woman in Ohio or I can search as a man looking for a man in Idaho! Just too much fun!

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Well, I only made it to 2:30PM at work today. Felt really drained all morning, but was happy to be back to work. …Go figure! ha! No, but it was so nice to be out of the house and thinking again! Anyway, after lunch I grew kind of sick to the stomach and by 2:00PM I was feeling rather light-headed.

So, I gave up and took a cab home. Still, I was able to get through most of my emails and figure I might be good for the full day tomorrow!

However, I must note that it does seem that everything that comes my way in a medical sense seems to hit me harder than everyone else. I mean, I think I am just a total wuss. I wussed-out — I only needed to sit in my chair for another 3 hours and the day would have been done. Ugh. Anyway, I think I will go lay down.

I had to return my Black Berry because my firm decided to further restrict its policy the day I paid for mine — as an Associate Director I do not rank high enough to access the firm server for Black Berries. So, I spoke with Cingular today and am able to secure a new Palm Pilot — a Palm Treo 600 which will double as my PDA and cell phone! My current Palm is dying on the vine and is no longer working very well with my work PC. The coolest thing is that this new Palm will allow me to take pictures. I don’t really understand text messaging, but I figure I will gain the understanding once I find someone to text message with!

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Waking Up

The surgery went quite well. The only problem seemed to come from what I think was some sort of anesthesia-withdrawal or something. For the past 3 days I have felt like total shit. Going between headaches, joint pains, feeling feverish with absolutely no enegry to do anything beyond lying on the sofa napping or watching something on TV. This morning was no different. I had decided that I needed to call my doctor after a nap this morning. I just woke up about 2 hours ago and I actually feel somewhat refreshed and my head isn’t hurting. I also am no longer tasting that taste I seem to get from going under anesthesia.

Anyway, I do not feel like dancing around or anything, but this is the best I have felt since the day before surgery! I do believe I will be able to get my fat ass back to work tomorrow!

Another major event which happened during the last several days is that my brother, Roy, has moved out. Or, rather — he is now living at his own place in Brookline! He is still in the process of moving out. It has been cute. I think he is already a bit homesick for us and seems to be taking a bit longer to get his stuff over to his new place than makes sense. However, Karl and I are also having some separation anxiety as well. It has been really nice having him here. I feel that I have gotten to know more about him in a few months than I knew over the course of the past 25 years! And I am very impressed with the person I have had the chance to get to know! So, it is hard to see him move out — even if for just a few miles. I plan to go and check out his new digs next weekend.

Anyway, as I have written in the past —- Roy has been taking care of all the chores since he has been here. All of the things that I normally did were done by him.

So, today — upon awaking from my slumber and feeling a bit better, I decided to heat up a can of soup for lunch and put away the clean dishes in the dishwasher. I also got the bright idea to wash the sheets and towels. The only problem is that I just realized I know absolutely nothing about our new home. I had never touched the dishwasher, microwave or washing machine. I had to study the kitchen to determine where the can opener might be and also to figure out where the dishes went. But before I could do that I had to open the dishwasher. I also had to figure out this new-fangled micro-wave. It took me about 5 minutes to figure out how to turn on the washing machine. Kind of sad, actually. Anyway, I think I now know my way around the kitchen. Am still unsure of where Roy and Karl are hiding the pans, but am confident I will be able to locate them later.

As we have hard wood floors, it seems that dust bunnies multiply at alarming rates —- so I decided that I might even try to sweep up the floor, but after locating the little broom thingy — I can’t find those paper things you put over the broomy thing. I gave up looking. At any rate, I am feeling a little tired. Stupid as I’ve done nothing much to speak of, but I guess I should slow it down a bit so that I am able to get myself back to work tomorrow.

I think I’ve watched just about all of the DVD’s I had purchased prior to my surgery. Am really enjoying SCENES FROM A MARRIAGE — pretty powerful stuff and quite insightful.

Anyway, I am awake and am learning my way around the new home!

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Up the Nose and on the Lip

Well, I am waiting for 10:30am to roll around. That is when we head to Mass General for my next little surgery. The surgeon is going back up my nose —- way up my nose to address a new tiny mass of veins that have gathered resulting in more nose bleeds. And, I have another very tiny little mass of them on my lower lip. However, it should be noted that one is unable to see it. You have to look really hard. Anyway, he is going to eliminate that from my lip. So, in addition to about 10 pounds of packing up my right nostril I will also have something on my lower lip.

I will be really pretty.

My goal was to stay up all night so that I would be really sleepy when I went to the hospital and wouldn’t be all freaked-out waiting in that skimpy little outfit for them to be me on that rolling table thing for the anestesia dude to shoot me up and out. However, I had to go to bed at 2am —- got up at 5am to take my meds, but then fell asleep til 8am. So, this is more sleep than I had bargained for. Oh well.

I will be on my back, so to speak, for the next 4 to 5 days. I have many DVD’s to watch. And I still need to update my movie blog as I saw INTERMISSION at the cinema the other day. I have a lot of Japanese movies on DVD that I am dying to see so that might be cool if I can stay awake with the pain meds. I am really getting into Japanese cinema. Also, I have a pre-order arriving this week from France and another of Ingmar Bergman’s SCENES FROM A MARRIAGE. I believe Woody Allen was deeply inspired by that and by AUTUMN SONATA (sp?) which I really liked. So I hope to enjoy the 4 hour Scandanavian flick about a marriage falling apart. Happy!

By the way, for those of you who read Karl’s Blog — I did not get sick out of anticipation for barbra’s appearance on the Actor’s Studio. I think I was just upset from work. It is so nice to have your bodily functions shared with the WWW by your lover. Oy! By the way, I was disappointed by Babs on that show. Same old stuff — no new insights into her work. However, she looked like pure butta!

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Easily Amused?

I have been waiting over 5 months for the Actor’s Studio TV Special focusing on a discussion with Barbra! And it airs tonight on Bravo. I am just all excited! That is really all I have to post. Sorry.

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The Depth of Eternal Sunshine

Just had to make a quick post. Karl and I spent the afternoon running about the city –Karl even, jaw-drops as I type, purchased some new clothing!!! We also bought some new bed sheets. We opted for a lighter color to avoid those pesky stains from those suspicious secretions that sometimes occur in the marriage bed. Anyway, we went to Wendy’s for a light and very healthy lunch. Karl took pix — am guessing for his website which you really must check out! …and, please, post a comment. That makes him so very happy.

Anyway, Karl even went to a movie with me —- The Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind — I LOVED this movie. I will write all about it on my movie blog later this weekend. It worked on so many levels and was really a touching meditation on the meaning of love. I left the theatre feeling good and Jim Carrey didn’t even annoy me for a minute as he is prone to do. I also loved the music.

We are now on our way to Salem. Yes, I am getting on public transit. ugh. But it is for a good reason — we’re visiting Dan and Bill, having dinner and hanging out at their way cool pad. Should be much fun.

Oh! I finally got the DVD set of the Series 5 of Absolutely Fabulous. Seems to be a bit weak compared to the original first runs of that series, but I do so enjoy the characters and Jennifer Saudner’s faces. I’ve only watched 3 episodes, but Bubble appears to have gone thru some odd shift — she seems less retarded as she was in series 4 and more bitchy. Hmmmm…

…My brother is playing a CD which sounds like the C line train taking a hard left turn in D-Minor. Not pretty. These kids and their music! ha!

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The Fine Art of Kissing Ass

This is what I am perfecting right now. I am determined to become the corporate darling of my world. …or, I guess that would be their world. I just kiss ass in it. ugh. I just keep reminding mysel, “I am getting paid” —- it is my mantra.

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Confessions of a Corporate Whore

Well, I kissed lots of ass today and did so while wearing freshly ironed shirt and tie. I was the walking example of corporate efficiency. I worked at getting in those leaders’ heads and had a bit of success. However, my big challenging task is still only half done. This is not my fault and I have my ass covered. Hope to finish this task tomorrow if the corporate machine works.

I had to bring work home with me tonight after visiting my boss in the hospital. I hate bringing work home.

But as Jaymaster advised in his comment to yesterday’s post, I am not going to let this get me down. I am Office Manager — Hear me roar!

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