Come Back to the Five and Dime, David Ashfield, David Ashfield — or Paul Morgan if David isn’t Available

Who cares about Jimmy Dean —- send me my fave 80’s gay porn idol, David Ashfield. He was so cute and hot. Whatever happened to him? Does anyone know? I worry that he is one of the many fallen, but I like to think that he is just retired somewhere in California. Perhaps he is sipping a glass of ice tea watching boys on surf boards.

Does anyone know? Send a call out to William Higgins!

And what happened to Paul Morgan? He just sort of fell of the gay porn radar. Did he tweak off one too many times at a circuit party? Where is Anthony Gallo? What happened to him?

You know, we do not do a very good job of keeping up with our gay porn idols once they make one too many videos and the industry discards them —- or they just get sick of the biz and quit. Don’t they deserve a star on Hollywood Blvd? Don’t they deserve more?

Sigh. Ode to the forgotten gay porn stars.

…And why does Jeff Stryker continue on? He and his silly doll bore me.

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My Inner-Eighth Grade Girl, Eunice

As many of you know, I often fall victim to the urges of an 8th grade girl. It is the inner-13 year old girl in me that craves every bit of Hello Kitty merchandise available (excepting the Hello Kitty Vibrating Dildo — Like, Grrrrrrrrrosss!) It is also the inner-8th grade girl that causes me to swoon over Enrique and Freddie P, Jr. —- or the urge to purchase the new Hanson CD. She shows up at the oddest times. Like when I am watching TV and start to weep as Ross tries to express his love to Rachel, but she just doesn’t see it!

Anyway, I have decided, that, after many years — it is time to give this inner girl of mine a name. Her name is Eunice. She is a bit awkward, has acne, freckles on her nose, braces and tries to hide her face with her brown hair that is just a little too thin. She is too thin and has to wear glasses her Mom picked out. They are brown-framed glasses from the era of Bay City Rollers — even tho it is 2004. Mom got them on sale at Wal-Mart. She likes horses, but is obsessed with Ricky Martin.

And, you should know — it is Eunice who is FORCING me to see Mean Girls at the Boston Common Cinema tomorrow night. I suspect I will be the only adult male in the audience, but Eunice will feel better. And, really, don’t we all have an inner-8th grade girl in us? Come on …Admit it.

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Fassbinder Obsession Continues!

I am just am unable to stop thinking about, reading about, researching about and watching Fassbinder films. Both he and his films just fascinate me. However, I am unable to locate anyone who shares this interest and it is most frustrating. There is a professor at Harvard University who is considered a Fassbinder scholar. Maybe I should get Karl to find his email address for me and I can start bothering him. When I think about it, I’ve always like German film —- and French film. Actually, I just like film.

The new Patti Smith CD is a bit of a disappointment for me. I just want the 1970’s Patti Smith Group style — now it is more, oh, preachy or something. …and, really, if you are listening to a Patti Smith CD —- any preaching is going directly to the choir. However, her boyfriend is quite hot and young enough to be her son. Cool. Good for Patti. As The White Stripes produced the new Loretta Lynn CD —- I picked it up. I guess I was anticipating it to be somehow similar to what Rick Rubin did with Johnny Cash. However, it is not nearly as cool — but I do like it. It is straight-ahead hillbilly country, but with a bit of an edge and I like it. Kind of pure. Never thought I would see the day when I would enjoy a Loretta Lynn CD better than one by Patti Smith. Go figure.

I think my boss thinks I am slipping into a depression again. It is a pain and I think a deflector for her to not think about her own health issues. But I really do not enjoy the projections upon me. Work has sucked for a number of reasons. Just had to eliminate some positions and let a few people go. That so totally sucks. It is just hard to do. I have no issue with terminating someone for poor performance, but having to lay folks off just sucks. I hope it is all over. Also, right now there is just so much corporate politicking going on — which I do not enjoy at all. And, obviously, morale for my staff and the office as a whole is low. So, I think I made a mistake to discuss it with my boss because now she seems to be convinced that I am slipping back into a depression. Ugh! …at least I know she cares. Oy.

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Do you say “N.E.R.D.” or just “Nerd”? I Just Don’t Know How to Say They’re Name!

While I do love hippity hoppity music with all the words spelled funny — I do not know how to pronounce the name of this band. I do love their new CD tho! Well, if you’ve read my better-half’s Blog posting you know that we are just a therapy-bustin’ couple of fools! I just met with a new shrink today. I liked her, but find the first two sessions with a shrink so difficult. I guess I am still depressed and she has concerns — so I left the appointment feeling kind of down. I was fairly useless at work today after that.

Mental health. Do you have it?

Got Psychosis?

I felt so good when I walked in this afternoon to Dusty. I love our puppy. …Karl just mocks her, but I think he loves her too.

Well, this is an exciting post. Not. So I will bring it to an end. I need to get to bed early as the new Patti Smith CD comes out tomorrow and I need to get my beauty rest tonight!

OH!, by the way? Did you catch “Queer As Folk” last night? Why in the hell didn’t Ted take that cute-tightly-skinned-rehab boy to bed???? …and, at the very least, why didn’t Ted offer to take the couch so that the boy could sleep in the bed???? Ugh. Annoyed me.

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And, Then, The Artist Tries to Satisfy Everyone

Nice, lazy Sunday. I did venture to a movie. I saw THE GIRL NEXT DOOR. Now, this should probably go on my movie blog page —- but I just do not have the patience to worry with it. Anyway, the main reason I saw it was to look at Timothy Olyphant who is most “do-able” The movie wanted to be really good, but in the end the director seemed unable to commit to a RISKY BUSINESS-like comedy or a reflective film on the porn industry and the pains of growing up. The film contains some great acting and a part of the story is really interesting, but it is hard to focus on that due to the bathroom humor that keeps coming in and out. Now, RISKY BUSINESS was really a very good movie. However, it just didn’t have the solid script of the 80’s comedy. So, in their attempt to make two different audiences happy — they created a movie that just does not work. Too bad.

2nd new episode of Queer As Folk tonight! I am all excited.

This coming week promises to be most challenging at work. It will be a very difficult 5 days. At least I know it headed in — so, I guess that makes it a bit easier.

I gave Dusty a bath tonight. She freaked and Karl accused me of being mean. However, I just am unable to deal with a dog who smells like a dog. Dusty needs to smell like a princess!

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A Brush With Death!

Dusty, The Amazing Stupid Puppy, managed to choke on her dog food this morning — luckily Karl noticed in time and pushed on her puppy chest a couple of times and out came a HUGE clump of puppy food. Oh course, Dusty wanted down immediately and tried to take the same clump back in her mouth! OY! I was asleep — so I didn’t have to witness the horror. Karl saved Dusty’s life! He is a hero!

On my way home last night around 10pm I saw a kid bitch-slap a cop, then put his hands out seeming to eagerly await being hand-cuffed and arrested. And, that is just what happened. The cop actually seemed more amused than pissed. Oh, those kids!

Saw Ewan McGreggor (I don’t how to spell his name and am far too lazy to check on it, but I am sure you know to whom I refer) take off his clothes …a lot in this really bad film called YOUNG ADAM. Still don’t know why it was called YOUNG ADAM when there was no one in the cast or story named Adam — nor was there anyone who was young. Watched Fassbinder’s Veronika Voss last night. It was amazing. I am really excited about seeing the new Guy Martin movie, THE SADDEST MUSIC IN THE WORLD! It looks really interesting and rather amusing.

Karl is out exploring the Bunker Hill Monument with our pals, Dan and Bill. I’ve seen it — so I opted to take a lovely walk with my walkman listening to early 60’s vintage Barbra — it was like butta! Beautiful day — sunny and in the high 50’s. Now, I am back home blogging and playing with the puppy. Sorry, not a very exciting blogging entry. Will try to do better tomorrow or later tonight.

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Ben Kweller

After reading Under_Ling’s comments regarding the new CD by Ben Kweller, I decided to check it out —- especially as it was on sale for $8.99 at Newbury Comix! I love it! Mr. Kweller rocks — he looks like a child, tho. However, he sounds like a man! Awesome CD —- Pick it up!

I really have nothing else to share except I am concerned that Karl is slowly turning into a puppy abuser. I think he is mean to Dusty. …who is the cutest puppy on the planet! Why? Just because I sense that she is!

Oh, and I hate work right now. I just hate it. I think they are out to kill me. It is a Kafka-esque situation to which there is no solution! Most worrying!

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This is just scary. Created by my “friends” in Graphics where I work.

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A Rather Sick Observation Re: A Cherished B’Way Musical

So, at the heart of most musicals is tragedy. We know this. In many ways musicals can be kind of mean. Basically, I think that is what Lars Von Treir was doing with DANCER IN THE DARK — perverting the Hollywood musical for what it really is. Even something like CATS — sure, you can tell yourself it is about re-birth — but the truth is that when that cat gets taken up in that tire — she is basically dead meat. Anyway, while I am writing of that “beloved” musical built around one song and a bunch of chorus kids dressed up as kitties —- I was thinking of JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR. ….In my opinion, this, while quite dated, is the much better musical. Like EVITA — it actually presents a story.

Now, my sick observation is that my favorite musical number is the one where all the Romans chant “Crucify him!” while that Pontious Pilot Dude sings things to Jesus — I love to sing along with that song. “Die! If you want to! You misguided martyr!” Yep, that is the song I seem to enjoy the most. Does this make me sick? Or is it the best number in the show?

Well, it is food for thought. And, that whole PASSION OF THE CHRIST movie is a 3 hour version of that one 10 minute song. And the movie is a big hit. Does that mean that a lot of people are just as sick as me? Maybe the only difference is that I am singing!

Oh, and I also enjoy that musical number where Herod teases Christ. It is a dandy song. Maybe, truth be told — I really don’t know how to love him.

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…all by myself

Did no one agree with me regarding the need for Sony to put LIZA WITH A Z to DVD????? No one commented. I really think that the camp potential is high and the time is right. Plus with the US at war, the economy in question, the deficit going up and politicians obsessed with keeping the gay community as second class citizens without equal rights —- letting people see Liza dance around to early 70’s Broadway/rock/jazz might just be the answer we’ve all been looking for!

Am I wrong?

No one seems interested enough to even comment. This must be how Eric Carmen felt when he wrote that really long, sad song. …Celine never fully committed to the lyric — she was never alone.

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