GOLDFRAPP's Head First

Finally! The new Goldfrapp has arrived! While perhaps not as “artistic” as their last release, SEVENTH TREE, this new CD is more the Goldfrapp that I love. Electronica with heart, lust and plenty of magical beats to both make my feet and brain move.

There is a very strong undercurrent of Moroder-ish 80’s vibe and even a bit of Laurie Anderson inspired voice sampling. But, most importantly — there is much musical glitter that makes Goldfrapp shine!

It is a sunny day in a year that, for me, seems to be filled with the darkest of challenges and this music is the perfect pick-me-up. I just got back from the ocean. I sat on the sand watching the waves roll in, letting the sun shine down on me, the cool ocean breeze enveloping me and Goldfrapp spinning musical glitter in my ears. A perfect moment at the beach.

I just wish the new album were longer, but I’m sure more remixes will be on the way! I wait with anticipation!

“oh oh oh i got a rocket
oh oh oh you’re going on it
you’re never coming back…”

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we have two kids — in the form of small shih-tzu and a perfect cat. now, Bagel is our dog. due to circumstances beyond our control she doesn’t get to go out as much as she would like or as much as she should. so, Little Bagel has a pee pad and she is good about using it. the challenge is noticing when Bagel has done her business on the pad because Lola, our cat, thinks it is her job to go to the pee pad and treat it like her litter box. …when that happens Little Bagel makes the mistake that it is time to play and sometimes attempt to eat the pee pad. we are pretty good about catching it in time.

sadly, at some point during thursday, while we were out Little Bagel and Lola did their “Pee Pad Shuffle” act.

by the time i walked into the apartment the pad was in shreds. i cleaned up the mess.

a few hours later i could tell Bagel didn’t feel well. she just wanted to be near me or be held.

this morning Little Bagel took what I can only imagine was a most uncomfortable dump.

now, the interesting thing is that this particular dumpage looked like 4 rather large sized marbles. …and they were quite colorful. streaks of the blue plastic fibers and white/yellow tissue — they really looked like fucked-up marbles.

i almost took a picture, but that seemed to be too out of the limits of taste. so, instead, i decided to share the warmth with lower-case text.

love and kisses,

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Iggy Pop Rules...

Byron suggested that I go to the beach this morning and see if I could find some inspiration for a new blog posting.

I got a small coffee and sat on the sea wall for about twenty minutes. It is still early here so it was just too cold to stay longer this time of the day.

A young woman was jogging toward me. She stopped behind me (I was facing the ocean) and said,


I turned wondering if I knew her, but I didn’t. “Hey”

She pulled some sort of coil that was holding her brown hair in a pony tail and shook her hair free, “Um, do you think I should dye my hair yellow and blue?”

I pondered the somewhat random question. She was quite pretty and probably about 30 years old.

“No. I don’t think you should dye your hair yellow and blue.”

“Why, tho?”

“Well, I’d select one color. And, if the choice is between yellow and blue I’d go with blue. It will match your complexion and eyes better.”

“Oh. Ok. Thanks and have a good one, dude!”

…And, with that she continued her jog down the Ocean Beach boardwalk. I guess it is a boardwalk. It is wide paved sidewalk that runs along the beach, actually.

Lately, I’ve been worrying I’ve been watching too many old episodes of THIRTY SOMETHING. But, I must write. I doubt that any stranger would ask Hope what color she should dye her hair. …Especially such extreme colors.

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