Nice Fancy Dancing

The other day I decided to play an old Olivia Newton-John CD in the car — later that night my brother and I were on our way to see a movie. The song “Physical” came on and it made me think back to when Roy was a toddler and how much he loved to jump around to that song.

In fact, he had 3 favorite dancing songs as a toddler and we all used to love to put them on and watch him bust a baby move! I reminded him that, in addition to “Physical”, he also loved “Heart of Glass” by Blondie and “The Main Event” by Barbra. I asked him how this made him feel — to discover that he boogied to these disco hits as a small child. Roy listens to old-guard punk like Crass and Sex Pistols — so I was expecting some sort of answer along the lines of “horrified”, but all he said was that it made him feel “nice” Not the amusing answer I was wanting.

Wow — we move on Friday. Am starting to get excited and very nervous. I just hope the crappy elevator in this building doesn’t break on the day of our move — and that the snow storm hits and is over before Friday. I can just imagine how much fun it will be to have the movers use the stairs and drive all of our stuff in the snow. Ugh.

Wow– and only a few more rides on the horrid commuter rail! Yeah! Actually, I thought I would be driving all this week, but I have had to face the fact that I was wrong and all of the rest of you were correct. I am a lousy driver. I had another little accident last week and it was my fault. Luckily, it did not hurt our car — but I cracked the other driver’s bumper. So I decided that I will do no more driving as we near the move out of Salem and the sale of our car next week. It would just be my luck to total it or something.

Karl and I finally settled the dispute over my 1975 “Tommy” movie poster which he hates and I love. We had it professionally framed. It looks awesome and it will look even better hanging somewhere in our new home!

By the way, it looks like our access to the internet and email will be down for a few days so I may not be able to make many posts over the next week or so — however, I’ve not been making too many posts this past week anyway. It has been a bit busy.

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another pity party

today was a lot better at work. however, it was a 12 hour day. left the house this morning at 6:30am and didn’t get home til 8:00pm.

…but work was better. now, am going to bed to rest up for another long day at work. this week’s not been much fun.

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bad day

some days just suck —- and this is of them. sometimes it feels that no matter how hard i try or how hard i work, i am unable to come up with resolutions that will make everyone happy. logically, i know that this is the way life is. not everyone is going to be happy with every decision you make. what sucks is when you feel that you don’t have the support you need in your corner and that the trust you thought you had with someone you respect was never very strong anyway.

so, i take a deep breath, smile and accept feedback which was never solicited — and with which i do not agree — and i move on. i move on and do what is expected and follow the policies that have been put into place and i do not question. i just keep moving forward.

days like this leave me drained, frustrated and ready to join the unemployment line.

i am just venting. the day is almost over and tomorrow will most likely be better. at least one can hope. …and, in the grand scheme of things — nothing that has happened today is a big deal. just one more bad day at the office.

keep moving forward. eyes fixed. smile on.

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Really Big Fish Issue

I’ve not had much luck with movies for the last couple of weekends. I am in need a good cinematic fix, but I’ve seen just about everything in release that I would care to see — except for one movie — Big Fish. I really wanted to see it and Jen

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Weekend of Disappointing Movies, but Some Nice Company

Did not do much this weekend. We saw a couple of movies and both were rather blah –“The Company” or Robert Altman makes a film about ballet. A couple of interesting dance sequences, but not much more to offer. We trudged out today and watched Ben Stiller in “Along Came Polly” which was also rather bland.

We had some friends over yesterday evening to watch a DVD. We went to dinner first and then came back here. It was a nice evening — tho, despite all of our attempts — Dan, Bill, Karl and I were unable to convince Jason to strip. Apparently a $20 tip is not enough to get J’s pants off. However, he did perform an interesting dance interpretation of that hit song by Kelis, “Milk Shake” …We enjoyed the way he pranced on our countertop in the kitchen as the chorus kicked in, but that is a whole other blog.

We had planned to get a lot of packing done, but did none. We move very soon. Karl is all excited. As per usual I am just nervous so am not really focused on it so much. Will be happy when we get there! Back in Boston!!!

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Oh, I just thought of something I could share with you — my dream last night. I dreamt that I was tired of all of my things. So, I was about to throw everthing out when I realized that I could just gather all of my stuff together and make a huge pillow. As I pulled the fabric around all of my nick-naks, my CD’s and clothes I began to wonder if the sharp edges of some of the stuff would tear the fabric or hurt me when I tried to sleep on it. In the world of dream logic, I decided that all pillows contained razors and piecse of metal — so my pillow should be perfectly safe. So I continued sewing and couldn’t wait to try our my big pillow.

…odd. I suppose it could mean a lot of things, but it probably means that my pillow has gotten too thin.

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Wild is the Wind

Things are a bit crazed at the moment. We move to our new condo in less than 2 weeks, Roy is searching for a job and work continues to be a challenge. However, quite honestly — things are going well. I think Roy is adapting well to life in New England. He is pursuing all available contacts and then some! Karl is pursuing every possible angle of our upcoming move. I am just kind of watching.

My brother just introduced me to David Bowie’s cover of “Wild is the Wind” — the old Johnny Mathis song. I never new Ziggy sang that one. …A most interesting interpretation of the song. More dramatic than romantic —- almost howling. I kind of liked it, but still prefer Johnny’s version.

I wish I had something really funny to write, but I don’t. Sorry for the dull post.

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Wack or Mack?

Just for the record, no matter what anyone might think — I feel that I am totally, 100% Mack-daddy-booty-licious! Ice cold! …and ultimately, I am just too cool for school. The only problem is that my booty is getting a little too masked — this could ultimately lead to becoming whacked. …like crack. Next week — I am back on SlimFast. It works.

I saw three movies this past weekend:

Monster: Incredible performance from the lead actress with the funny name. Charleeeez Theronze or something. Anyway, she was awesome! Probably most solid work I’ve seen from an actress in some time. The movie was good, though a bit flawed and victim to an occasional bout of TV-movie syndrome. At the same time, it got fairly hard core and was hard to watch due to violence. A very sad story.

Stuck Together: Silly, but funny enough. Cher certainly has a good sense of humor as she played herself …and not in a very good light I should add. Interesting to note that Cher looks like an odd stuffed porcelain doll — with really old lady hands. A bit creepy. I don’t think she can shut her eyes anymore.

The Girl with the Pearl Ear Ring: I was expecting this to be a great film. It was terrible. If I had to see one more scene of that girl holding her hand up to streams of light in glassy-eyed amazement I was going to throw my box of Goobers at the screen. Goobers. Why can’t we just call them chocolate covered peanuts. I hate saying “goobers” … makes me feel whack. Anyway, the movie was filled with bad accents and worse wigs. It was total pretentiousness, but it might be of interest to old ladies. The ones present at the showing seemed to be more than satisfied. I was not. Bad movie.

Tomorrow morning I get to have this spot way up inside my right nostril quartorized (sp?) …it will hurt, but will be fairly quick since the doctor fixed it this past summer. Now they can actually insert the instrument way up there. Essentially they burn some sort of chemical over the veins that bleed and this will prevent me from having gross nose bleeds for another 6 to 8 months. Sort of like nose welding. They can numb the nose, but I think I will try to convince them to just let me grip the chair as I had that numb feeling. …you never know if your nose is running. Yuck.

Last night I had an erotic dream about Eric “CHiPS” Estrada. I don’t wanna talk about it. That would be kind of wack.

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My Brother Arrives

Roy has arrived. He didn’t run back on the plane (if one can call an AirTran a plane). He is staying and his life has now changed forever. He seems to be developing an odd fascination with the mounds of ice/snow left over from the last blizzard. He wanted to run on top of one, but we would not let him. He also seems to be drawn to Lynn and just commented that he suspects Natalie Merchant must have been a fox when 10,000 Maniacs first formed. …I figure this is a result of jet-lag.

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Plans for a Chilly Day

This is a very dull post. sorry. we are about to head out to Boston. Karl is going to the fetish fair held at the Park Plaza — yes, it is very surreal to see bondage gear in this posh hotel. However, I didn’t feel it was worth the price of admission last year. So while Karl explores the kink fest I am going to see “Monster” at the Kendall Square Cinema in Cambridge. …I hear it is the “feel good” film of 2003.

Then I shall try to find the energy to actually clean the condo up a bit. Knowing that it is sold and no longer mine makes it somehow not of cleaning interest to me, but must set a good example for my brother who will be living with us till he lands employment and a place of his own to live.

Salem just hit 0 degrees. It is warming up!

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