“…I like lots things, but there are three things I like the most: love, love and love!

…beautiful mess.

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Sometimes I feel like I’m chasing my way down this tunnel to say in a bit of the light that I think I see waiting at the end of it. Yesterday, for a while, I completely lost the sight of light at the end. It was rough. Actually, it was horrible. The absolute worst for me is to just cry. So as I sat in the car coming back from an important but difficult therapy session I leaned my head out of the window and let it happen. I fell apart for the third time that day. And, I remained in a sort of haze for the rest of the night.

And, somehow the fact that I was able to get back into my size 30 jeans this morning didn’t really even lift my spirits. But, then I noticed that little heart of mine sitting on the end table and I felt some relief.

Letting in the air as deep as I can get it, I continue to push forward. Trying to get me back. It is not easy to stay this course, but I will do it. It is just so fucking hard.

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It’s no secret that I love movies. However, the last couple of years have not been so great in terms of interesting film production. Every once in a while I stumble upon one that grabs me. I saw this in the cinema earlier this year and really liked it, but had trouble deciding why. It came out on DVD a few weeks ago and I secured a copy from NetFlix and watched it — several times. I just love this movie. I’ve always loved the director’s work and have always found Asia Argento quite interesting. Imagine if Rambo were an aging, drug-addled, lonely and lost prostitute who gets pissed off about being betrayed by men one too many times and happens to have a gun. Oh, and Rambo is a woman without an interest in war. If you can imagine this — then I think you can sort of get the idea of what this film is about on the surface.

Some of it is a bit difficult to watch and the cheeeeeezy poster certainly didn’t help at the time of the film’s release. Folks walked in expecting a sex-fueled action adventure movie and got this instead. As Ms. Argento trips, wanders and falls across the globe you’re left with far more than a popcorn movie. I really love it. And, the ending… Well, the ending of this film sort of cements the deal for me.

Besides, Kim Gordon is even in it. Once again, I bow to the talents of Olivier Assayas and Asia Argento.

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I’m so sorry! I sort of fell off the blog-sphere, but think I’m almost ready to be back!
Thanks for all the emails/phone calls! We’re all doing fine, but there have been more than a few “adventures” — some good, some bad and lots of slipping on banana peels and the like — but, such is life. …And, it IS grand! One just has to learn to get back up with some grace and dignity. I’ve got that on my “To Do” list!
(me and the glam Ing on the 4th of July!)

Anyway, I was tag’d a while back by Cool Old Cheeser and I will get that written and posted soon! However, I wanted to drop a quick post so no one thinks I have fallen and not been able to get back up! I think the following pictures will pretty much speak for themselves. (or, at least I hope so because I doubt I will be providing much in the way of descriptors) (please note: these two individuals are expressing The Line as originally created by Ms. Joan Crawford. …this is a double line photo — which is illegal in 12 states! don’t try this one at home, kids!)

(pardon the mess — we’re still figuring out the new apartment, but it is taking shape! Love being back in GayTown!)

(me and M. J do a killer line in this photo! …never mess with the line! …simply work around it!)

(B talked me into putting up a few of my collages — these are currently in our bedroom. …don’t make fun of them!)
…and this is Little Bagel and her “best bud” — The Empress Minx! They seem to have really, uh, bonded.

love and kisses,

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