I have more DVD’s than you can shake a stick at! Actually, I have so many that when UPS lost an entire box of them on my move to California I was kind of relieved. I have probably only ever even watched half of them. I can’t sell or trade them in because they are mostly region 2, 3 or 5. But as I was waiting for 2006 to come busting into the morning I decided to watch a few that I’ve had for a long while but have just never gotten ’round to watching.

The above picture is from the first film I watched. The DVD of 1980’s infamously campy film of FLASH GORDON featuring a musical score by Queen, a bad accent from Max Von Sydow, Richard “Riff Raff” O’Brien blowing on a flute and really bad but hot actor as our hero with barely a stich of clothing! You know, I was totally stoned when I saw this a kid. I remembered thinking it was bad, but funny. Well, as an adult pushing 40 I can tell you it is quite bad but one probably needs to be stoned to find anything funny about it. However, it is soooooo homo-fied! Flash in mini leather shorts, Flash in chains with no shirt, Flash doing a sort of homo fight scene with a very young Timothy Dalton — and lots of “warriors” in leather with wings, but it is the wires one can see that are giving them flight.

This movie is so gay! And, Alan Carr had nothing to do with this production. Oddly, Topol (yeah, that old Fiddler on the roof) plays the mad but loveable scientist in a wonderously 70’s kind of jump suit with his chest hair on display for all the world to see! He seems to be totally “coked-up” throughtout the film. A sort of manic energy. Oh, Topol. And such an unfortunate name!

As you see — the producers were threatening us with a sequel. Luckily, that never happened!

And, what better way to see 2005 out than to watch a very young Sondra Locke and Colleen Camp (circa 1976) seduce, torture and ruin the life of Seymour Cassel only to get mowed down by a wreckless van (which comes out of nowhere) as the two dance down a suburban street in bizarre glam make-up to the really odd score created for this B movie from Hell! — and, yes, Sissy Spacek did the make-up and costume work while her hubby helped David Lynch film some of Eraserhead in their garage. And Bill Paxton assisted her with the set dressing! And it was all filmed here in our wonderful city of San Francisco! Fun movie trivia! Anyway, there are so many classic moments in this sexplosion exploitation drive in flick!

…Like Sondra deep throating a banana or the odd way both women eat food in general …and other oddness too creepy to mention here! See it! 70’s mayhem was never this much fun! My dad took me to see this when it came out and Sondra Locke scared me! And, she still makes me a-scared!

All the more fun is the “warning” that appears as the movie starts. I guess someone was trying to defend the general sleazy fun of the movie by presenting it as cautionary tale for the ages. That makes me love this movie all the more! All hail the creators of DEATH GAME!!!

There is no way in hell this movie could ever be made today. A tip of the hat to Ms. Locke and Ms. Camp. No tip for Mr. Cassel — you just know he was having too much fun in that tub and getting all tied up by those wacky bi-chicks! So, kids, next time your wife leaves you alone for the weekend — don’t let Sondra Locke and Colleen Camp into your home! Sure, they look like cute, wet, sweet free love hippie chicks, but they are actually perverted maniacs hellbent on destroying you for kicks! Actually, go ahead and let ’em in! Take a walk on the wild side.

The Final iPod Shuffle of 2005:
“Push It” by Garbage
“Hope There’s Someone” by Antony & The Johnsons
“Moanin’ Low by Babs Streisand
“Goodbye Cruel World” by Shakespear’s Sister
“One Way Or Another” by Blondie
“Cry” by Godley & Creme
“Fucking on the Dance Floor” by Dirty Sanchez
“Hot Burrito” by Emmylou Harris

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so, a friend emailed this picture to me as a joke but I rather like it! to me, it seems to be full of life, hope and fun! A good picture for the last day of 2005!

It has been an interesting year filled with some incredible lows but far more incredible highs! So many questions that need to be answered and journeys which need to be made! So much more life to live and explore. I felt a few desperate moments only to see the year end with one of the most thrilling experiences of my life at Christmas. Am still soaring from those 3 days of bliss — even if they do turn out to be of the “well, we’ll always have Paris” moments. I guess the point is, we did. And it was fucking awesome!

This was a year of major changes for me and it looks like the changes are continuing. It’s a great ride and I can’t wait to see what’s waiting ’round the corner! Fingers crossed that two of the things waiting are love and a good job!

I am living in a place that often seems magical to me. And, sometimes seems kind of cruel. But, hey — wasn’t it like that over the rainbow? I mean the scarecrow was great but those flying monkeys were such a pain in the ass! Still, one must be true to the heart and fight the power! Hmmmm… Well, I didn’t mean for that to come out quite so gay, but I hope you understand what I am trying to write/say.

Happy New Year — and live it for all it’s worth!

2006! Bring it on, baby!

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Ok, so I am obsessed with

  • Dirty Sanchez. Not the ‘act’ of doing a dirty sanchez which we shall not discuss on this blog. That might be a bit much, but the new band. This band seems like a more up-to-date version of one of my old fave club bands of the 90’s — the Lords of Acid. …with more than a little bit of DJ Hell and Miss Kittin influence. They totally rock!

    Check out their site and their vid clips! Awesome band. Can’t wait for the full lenght CD!!! …their maxi CD is out now and it is well worth the money if you like this type of music.

    If you’re reading this on “my space” you will have to go to my blog space for the link and the pictures. I am not smart enough to figure out how to do that sort of thing on “my space”

    Oh, and I have to share my frustration with the homophobe or mean-spirted jerk who defaced the new KNOW HIV AIDS education campagin posters hanging up at the MUNI Church and Castro stations. Now, I am a little indifferent about this current educational poster. However, we live in a world that worships celebrity so maybe these will make some at risk folks think a bit and others think a bit, too. I think it is great that these performers/activists/celebs are donating their time and faces to this attempt at reaching people. Liz Taylor, Tom Hanks, Sharon Stone, et al — rock!

    So, 2 weeks ago when I first noticed that someone had defaced a couple of these posters with arrows indicating that these celebs are going to Hell — it pissed me off. …but, now, 2 weeks later – the defaced posters are still hanging. Last week I thought to myself, “Well, I guess it’s good that people can see the level of stupidity that is still walking around — even in a city like ours where so many people are dealing with this horrific disease” ….but this week I am just annoyed that MUNI has not even bothered to either take the defaced posters down or replace them.

    So, tonight I spoke with one of the MUNI people in the glass cage and inquired about the fact that they are keeping homophobic grafiti up in stations where a good percentage of their customers are gay and liberal. I advised that it was not only a slap in the face to those of us who have lost friends/family to AIDS, but to those who are trying to help prevent further spread. Why haven’t they been removed or replaced and when would someting be done about it.

    I got a minimal response which I could barely understand. A sort of disinterested mumble from the dude who makes $60K to sit in a glass cage. So, I offered to take them down for him to which I was told that this would be an illegal act. I then asked if it wasn’t also illegal to deface MUNI posters. He stumbled but told me that this was also illegal.

    I ended up apologizing to the poor guy. It isn’t his fault. He is just doing his job (and I can only imagine the horrors with which he must deal — the MUNI workers earn their money) — and it isn’t his job to take down posters which have been ruined/mocked by idiot vandals.

    However, he told me I could send an email to MUNI. Yeah, that’ll work.

    I told him I thought it might be better for me to write to the Chronicle and the Mayor’s office. He then told me that he was going to call “the command center” to report it and to let them know he had received a complaint. I thanked him. …but I still want to just rip the defaced posters down. Anarchy! Let’s take it back!

    I mean, it is one thing for stupid kids to draw gross things on the poster for the new Jennifer Aniston movie — but these posters are something all together different. They matter. They mean something and they are trying to reach people for the good of us all. I don’t know. It just pisses me off.

    Ok, soap box is being pushed back into the corners of my mind and I am going to crank up some Dirty Sanchez!

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  • 113583873431379474


    Well, my adventure came to a close this evening. It was a grande adventure and one that I will treasure always. Letting yourself go and just enjoying something that you would not normally even think of doing is liberating, exciting and worthy of self-examination. It was magic. I hope that this magic didn’t end tonight, but I will always treasure the bit of magic I experiend. But, now it is time to re-focus, move forward, find a new job and continue on this wacky journey of life that continues to lead me to wonderful, odd, mysterious, sometimes horrible and more-often-than-not great places.

    …and, remember, — Taking a risk isn’t scary, but quite often the failure to take the risk is horrific. Live it for all it’s worth, kids. It might only be coming around once!

    Master D, thank you!

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    Oh, yeah — now, don’t make too much fun of me but it was only recently upon listening to WinterWonderLand by Cocteau Twins that I realized that “parson brown” was not a color — but a minister. …and I still don’t understand what “upsot” means from JingleBells. Maybe if Cocteau Twins had covered that one the meaning would have come to me.

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    I took that Meyers-Briggs test once. I don’t remember the exact results or my personality type or band or grouping or whatever, but the “bottom line” was that I am not the sort of person who is afraid to take chances. It put me in the “leader” role for whatever lame corporate excercise in which I was having to participate. But, I think the results were sort of accuate. I know that I can be a creature of habit — but, I am never afraid of change or taking risks. The way I see it, life is too damn short to ever let insecurity or fear prevent you from doing somehing. Life’s journey is an inexplicable one. And, really, that is the great thing about life. You don’t want to be stupid and destructive, but you don’t want to be too grounded or you’ll never fly!

    Later this evening I am embarking on an adventure of sorts that I’ve been thinking about for quite a while! I am excited, nervous and more than a little restless. I just can’t wait!!! No matter where this little adventure might lead — I know I am going to have fun and am creating a memory that I will cherish. Not sure if I will ever really “blog” about it. But, if you’re reading this and there is something you dream of doing or wanting — don’t let too much time slip before you go for it. Sure, you might trip up but so what? If you worry too much about what others think about you how will you ever know who you really are?

    Well, there must be some intelligence in what I just wrote. I’m just not articulate enough to get put it down right.

    Anyway, my roommate had a party last night and it was great! The kind of party I enjoy most. Just nice people (I don’t like mean ones), some drinking/some not, mellow, laughing, talking and just kicking back and enjoying the moment. The last of the guests left a little after 1am. So, between trying to chill out and my excitement about this afternoon — I don’t think I got to sleep till well after 2:30am or later. Anyway, I sort of fell out of bed at 10am and then back into it at 11am. Just had some lunch, but my plans for the day need to be changed. I had figured I would take in a movie to kill some time, but now that it is close to 1:30pm I am worried I would be late getting to the airport.

    …so, I just decided I would watch a DVD. And, I began to think — what is the perfect Christmas Day movie? Mary Poppins? National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation? Bad Santa? Mommie Dearest? Valley of the Dolls? Beyond the Valley of the Dolls? Wizard of Oz? Funny Girl? Rocky Horror? 8 Femmes?

    …no, I’ve decided it is the extraordinary Russ Meyer flick, FASTER, PUSSYCAT! KILL!…KILL! flimed in glorious black and blue!

    I am about to get comfortable in my baseball jersey and pj bottoms and watch Ms. Tura Satana kick some major ass. Local celeb and artist, Peaches Christ, was showing this brilliant film this past summer. I wanted to go, but was too new to the city to figure out the night owl bus schedules. So, the DVD will have to do!

    Then, I shall take a shower and run off to my adventure!

    …and, I hope that everyone is having a great day and an adventure of some sort! …not too much time! 2005 will be over soon!

    And playing on my iPod Shuffle when I first tried to get up this morning:

    “Angel” by Eurythmics
    “It’s Late” by Stevie Nicks
    “Don’t Be Light” by AIR
    “Love Will Tear Us Apart” by Joy Division
    “Satellite of Love” by Lou Reed
    “Disney Girls” by Captain & Tennille
    “The Man I Love” by Arthur H.

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    Happy Christmas!

    …or Happy Holidays — whatever floats your respective boat.

    This what my iPod shuffle played for me as I got caught up with all my fave blogs!

    “French Rock and Roll” by Black Box Recorder
    “Who Will Take Your Dreams Away” by Marianne Faithfull
    “Delicate” by Damien Rice
    “You Wanna Get Me High” by The Donnas
    “Her Lucille” by Helicopter Girl
    “Seven Years Ago” by Extra Fancy
    “Les Remparts” by Daho
    “Silent Night” by Stevie Nicks

    …whatever happened to Extra Fancy? I always thought the lead singer would make for a great porn star. Just my opinion.

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    CHRISTMAS 2006

    …There’s a bit of a romantic adventure coming my way for Christmas. I will not be blogging about it, but it is really making me look forward to the day — which is really quite nice. There have also a major challenge headed my way as I will be unemployed again as of January 13th. But, it’s OK. I am not worried. I’ve got a good feeling about it. Things happen for a reason and all will be falling into place.

    Anyway, I had a nice evening hanging out with my pal, Milford. We went high end and shopped at Target in San Bruno. I picked up the new Mary J. Blige CD for $9! …and a bottle of Diet Coke, a can of soup and some socks. Milford bought a lot! Then we had our almost ritual weekly dinner at Red Robyns where I ate waaaaaaay too much and still feel kind of ill. But, it was fun!

    So, here this is the time of year where my mind always turns to my Grandmother. I miss her. I always wonder what she would think of me and where I am at now almost 10 years since she passed on. I often miss her advice, her sense of humor and her odd comments.

    …my favorite photo of my Grandmother

    This is also that time of the year when we all send holiday cards to each other. I didn’t receive as many as usual, but I have found 21 in my mail box thus far and that has filled up my shelves. I love all of the cards which were sent to me, but these two really got me — made me homesick for Boston… I’m going to blink and these beautiful kids are going to be in college!

    Have ya ever seen sweeter kids?!?!?

    Same for this little one — and doesn’t his mom give great xmas card!?!?!

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    My Life. My Card.

    Imagine me in a black and white photo in which I am either looking out the San Francisco sky line or slouched over in an oversized sweater brushing my teeth… Meanwhile, this picture of me standing in the Stonestown Cinema mirror will have to do.

    My Name: Matt

    Childhood Ambition: To find a way to live in Jeanie’s way cool bottle!

    Fondest Memory: As a child, lying with my head in my Grandmother’s lap as we listened to records on her “Victrola” as she liked to call her stereo.

    Soundtrack: Simply Barbra!

    Retreat: In the sacred darkness of the cinema with my popcorn and Diet Coke

    Wildest Dream; To fall into love and know that the person is just as in love with me as I am in him.

    Proudest Moment: The day I got out of Texas for good!

    Biggest Challenge; Hmmmm… Either over coming the trauma of much of my childhood or sitting through that movie Mel Gibson made about Jesus getting tortured for 3 hours.

    Alarm Clock; Space age looking Dream Machine by Sony.

    Perfect Day: Being lazy on a Sunday in bed with my lover kissing for hours while Nina Simone or Billie Holiday CD’s play. Quiet sighs and moans… Perfect,

    First Job: Working at a donut shop which turned out to be a cover for major drug dealing operation. I felt so cool.

    Indulgence: Movies, music, —- in the form of going to the cinema and owning far too many CD’s/DVD’s. That, or chocolate.

    Last Purchase: DVD of a great documentary called PUT THE CAMERA ON ME.

    Favorite Movie: Toss up between Altman’s NASHVILLE, 3 WOMEN and Allen’s MANHATTAN. All 3 are perfect in my book.

    Inspiration; love, love, love and even more love

    My Life: …is an open book waiting for more chapters of adventure.

    My Card: Well, it was AmEx but they made me cut it in half. Oh well.

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    …one of the best bad movies of all time!


    Well, that’s when his head really started to ache

    “I’m God,”
    she said.
    “Now, what can I do ya?”
    Her voice both warm and shril.

    Fighting the urge for redemption,
    Bob placed his order.

    “Would ya care for fries or a baked spud?”

    Longing for starches,
    Bob mumured, “Both.”

    “That’ll cost ya extra, but it can be done,”
    God replied with a smile.

    “And, if isn’t too much trouble, please make my steak
    for he liked the taste of blood.

    “And to drink?”

    “I’ll have a Coke,” Bob answered.

    The angel at the grill heaved a heavy sigh.

    God blushed, swallowed her pride and asked
    “Is Pepsi OK?”

    by matt

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