Civic Duty

Well, it is confirmed. I called the number on my little card and I am on jury duty tomorrow. I know it is my civic duty, but I don’t wanna. What does one wear to jury duty these days? Can I wear jeans? Can I bring my Walkman? Should I mutter incoherently to myself a lot in hopes of getting sent home? Perhaps I can create a major twitch for my mouth and left eye. Hmmmmmm…

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Little Brother Relocation!

I am all excited! My little bro is moving to New England! Actually, he is not really so little —- he just turned 25 and is a lot taller than me. But, to me, he will always be my baby brother!

This will be a temporary stop for him as he plans to move to the Big Apple to fully pursue his career in art. Right now the plan is for him to come to Boston in mid-December unless we can locate a job quicker. He will live with us in Salem till he lands a job and a place to live.

His girlfriend lives in upstate New York and goes to school twice a week in Manhattan so I smell a lot of visits to NYC coming up! Check out some of his work at the above link or to the right in my link for Roy Stanfield.

Roy was 12 and I was 24 when I left Texas and moved to Boston to pursue a life of my own. We have stayed in touch, but this will give us a chance to be closer. I left the house before he became his own person. I know he feels that I don’t know him on many levels and I am sure he doesn’t know me on more than a few. So, this will be our chance to really get to know one another!

That is my big news for now! As Stevie Nicks once sang, I just can’t wait! Of course she sang that to a cheezzzzy drum machine — I am singing it in the more current cutting edge electronica sound!

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Good Times!

Well, I am off with Karl to visit his brother, sister-in-law, their children and his parents for the day. Will the fun ever stop?

Oh, and my pal Jennifer found Margaret Cho’s blog! I’ve added it to my favorites at the side of my page!

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Sulking in Luxury

Am all bathed and wearing my comfortable pj’s with over size shirt. I look delicious and smell like a fresh summer’s morning! I’ve a glass of sparkling water and have been luxuriating on the big warm sofa listening to Diana Krall. I was in the middle of contemplating the fact that she is now married to Elvis Costello and one can almost taste a joint venture coming on —-

…and, then, the phone rings. I decide to let the call go to voicemail. Nothing surprising about that.

I finish my water and glide toward the phone only to discover it was my mother calling. So, I call into voicemail and she sounds apocalyptically serious. In a flat tone my mother asks me to call her tonight as she needs to discuss something with me. Then, she says, “Thank you” as if making a business call. Hmmmmmm….

No way else to cut it — this doesn’t sound like a good conversation ahead. So, in an attempt to get back to my lovely moment, I call her right back. I go to her voicemail and she has apparently already left the house. Sigh.

I shall be calling her back later tonight after dinner. One can only wonder what waits for me in this phone call to Texas. So, now I sulk on the big warm sofa looking pretty.

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Diana Ross Moments…

Don’t you sometimes find the urge to just drop everything and have a Diana Ross kind of day? Just to inhabit her celebrity skin for a while. You know, making sure that you’re ready for a camera shot at any moment with your moist lips just opened enough to reveal your pearly whites and your head tilted slightly up at all times.

And, you just refuse to answer or acknowledge anyone if they fail to address you as Ms. Ross —- NO, you must refuse to answer to plain old Diana!

Or, if you’re in a bad mood — fire someone. It doesn’t matter if you have the actual authority to fire them — just do it and move on with glamorous dignity. If you’re feeling desperate for attention go to a restaurant and have just a bit too much to drink and greet everyone at their tables. Tell them you are just reaching out to touch them and then be sure to catch your blouse on fire as you lean into the table over the candle. Then you can fire the restaurant staff — but you must be sure to slap at least one waiter.

If feeling particularly desperate — drink even more, “borrow” a car, drive recklessly to the nearest Blockbuster. If the police fail to show up — just ream a new asshole for the kid behind the counter for not having “Mahogany” on DVD.

If all else fails you could call the kids in Switzerland and tell them that times are hard and you will no longer be sending them any money. You could also stop by the nearest projects and get real with the people for a minute — they can even call you Diana, but the second one touches you — you must leave.

Or, if you should be hitting rock bottom — go visit Liza. You will feel better.

Don’t you ever just wanna be Diana Ross?

“Reach out and touch somebody’s hand. Make this world a better place —- if you can!”

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…And Then The Guts Of The Song Just All Fall Out

Just heard Rufus Wainwright use this phrase to explain the ending to one of his new songs and it struck some sort of chord with me. I like the way that phrase sounds. And, you know what? The ending of the song does sound like that. It’s like Rufus disembowled the music.

Does anyone understand why Peaches is sporting a beard on her new CD? I am at a loss. Ah, yes — The teaches of Peaches.

Obviously, I have a lot to say tonight! …not.

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Thoughts of a Fallen Brat Packer…

So, when I was in high school and college I took great joy in making fun of the Brat Pack and how bad they were. They were so bad I loved them. I’ve probably seen “St. Elmo’s Fire” 50 times. I know all of the lines — particularly those of my favorite member of the Brat Pack, Judd Nelson. I used to make fun of his huge nostrils and constant sneer and silly hair. �and the way he always seems to yell his lines as if he must pronounce every word louder than the last.

But, then, years later — “Suddenly Susan” aired on network television and there was our sad little Brat Packer Judd whose film career never quite took off playing in a sitcom with Brooke Shields. …and he was soooooo cute! Middle age just agreed with Mr. Nelson.

I often stay up late on a Friday or Saturday night just to watch one of his really bad straight-to-cable movies which have him playing some crazed killer or nerdy victim. I watch just to see a glimpse of how cute he has become. I turn into an 8th grade girl!

Anyway, he is going to be in Boston in a stage play and I am dying to go.

That is all. Just thought I would share my unresolved feelings for the Brat Packer who never quite could.

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Karl is taking French so that he will be able to better communicate when we return to Montreal this Christmas. Anyway, he has to listen to tapes for the course and this somehow pulled him to an old box which we keep in the bottom of the guestroom closet. The box full of his childhood cassette tapes.

He has rediscovered one of his favorite bands from his innocent youth. The band is called Fuzzbox. I guess they were from the UK. The name of their tape is “We’ve got Fuzzbox…And We’re Gonna Use It!!” Karl assured me that Fuzzbox were the Go Go’s on acid. …More like the Go Go’s without melody or a decent sound engineer. Anyway, to show you how innocent my significant partner is —- all of the songs are fairly sexual in nature. It seems obvious to me to what the name of the band refers, but poor Karl is positive that it only refers to the instrument. Meanwhile the big busted girls sing songs like “XX Sex” —- I hate this music, but he forced me to listen to it on our way to and from the market today. Torture!

Is anyone out there familiar with Fuzzbox — I gather they are a relic from the 80’s.

We saw the new Woody Allen film. You know how hit songwriters like Barry Manilow or Rod Stewart who performed such chart-topping hits in the 70’s seem to be unable to reproduce the same glory in current recordings? Well, I think the same thing has happened to poor Woody. He continues to sing the same old song, but he is no longer charting. And no matter how hard she may try, Christina Ricci is no Diane Keaton. And Jason Biggs is no Woody. “Annie Hall” and “Manhattan” are classic films, but maybe it is time to do something new.

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Where were you when you first heard Stevie Nicks?

I was in my cousin’s bedroom, but that is a whole other blog that I would rather not get into at this time.

However, Scott has asked when we first realized we were gay. I am not sure of the date or year, but it was during the whole Anita Bryant stuff in the 70�s. I was pretty young. I was at the grocery store with my mother and these two men approached my mother in what seemed like identical powder blue suits. My mother worked with one of them and they were both very effeminate. My mother seemed a bit embarrassed when they walked away and I remember thinking I am like them and Anita Bryant hated me.

I guess that really dates me. And, you know, I saw �Cabin Fever� today and realized that I am really crossing the line to the aged as all the movies I am seeing are about people my brother�s age. Like all of the character�s are between 22 and 25. Even the new Woody Allen movie is going to be about characters falling into this generation. Speaking of which, have you noticed how the film company is trying to hide the fact that the movie is written, produced and directed by Woody Allen. The poster is all colorful and the ads on TV make it look like one of those naughty teen sex comedies. �which it probably is? I will be seeing it tomorrow with Karl.

I�ve purchased new cologne. It is called 212 for men. Am trying to decide if I like it. I love wearing cologne. I know this bothers many in the gay community who have eschewed the joys of scented ointments for manly musk odors, but I like to smell pretty dammit!

The more I think about it, the more I�ve decided I LOVED the new Bill Murray film, �Lost in Translation� —– and I really want to see Japan. I�ve really got to convince Karl. We�re planning on going to Hawaii for next year, but maybe we can hit Japan for 2005!

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Hunky Sales Rep and Party Monster

I was asked to stay a bit longer at work for a demonstration of some equipment. A sales rep was coming in to provide the demonstration. The sales rep was one of the hottest men I’ve ever seen. I am talking absolute perfection. He was so perfect I decided I hated him. His product was kick-ass as well.

Saw Party Monster tonight. Laughed and laughed, but then became self-conscious when I realized that no one else was laughing but me. Anyway, I really enjoyed it. Seth Green played gay very well. …a little too well, actually.

The weight is continuing to drop so I’ve decided to stick with the Atkin’s Diet Induction Phase for another week to see how much more I can drop. I am just so tired of meat and eggs.

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