So, It Has Come To This…

…a blog posting about Starbucks. Yes, I have nothing of more importance to say than to let you know that Starbucks pissed me off today — unitl I had an epithany on the elevator on my way up to the 8th floor to see my therapist.

You see, it took longer than usual for me to run out of the office. I was going to be late — and this particular mental technician is a real stickler for staying on schedule. …Perfect for my current bout of OCD. Anyway, I digress. I was in a hurry, but realized I needed some water so I would be able to keep my mouth and throat moist for better speaking. My only options were a health club for women only —and, I don’t think the fact that I am gay would have mattered to them. So I had to run into Starbucks and grab a plastic bottle of water. The caffeine-energized Starbucks counter person rang up my ordinary small plastic bottle of water. It came to $2.45. I had no choice. I had to pay. I was pissed off.

I got on the elevator fuming and then it hit me. Starbucks has earned that $2.45. For there is nothing better on a really cold New England day than a nice cup of steamed milk with a shot of almond! In addition, it was about 3 or 4 summers ago that they turned me on to the gentle, but rhythmic song stylings of bebel gilberto (do any of you know why she only uses lower case letters?) — Anyway, not too long ago I was in Brookline and in dire need of coffee so I rushed into Starbucks, got a large cup of coffee. Then I noticed some beautiful music, but it was not bebel gilberto. So, I asked the really hyper counter person if that was Macy Gray — this question stopped her in her tracks and she said, “Oh, no! May the jazz and blues gods forgive you! That is Billie Holiday” —- with one simple gesture she pointed me toward a compilation of The Lady’s best hits. Sure, it cost out the ass — but it was worth it.

And, you know — so was the water. Thank you, Starbucks!

I hope I have something of more importance to share with you tomorrow. You never know!

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The Unappreciated Art of Dancing Tampons!

Doug made a comment to my post from yesterday that really got me to thinking. He suggested that I get away from the dangers of one, Ms. Bernadette Peters, and try Betty Buckley. Yes, that would be the Betty Buckley of “8 Is Enough” fame! As it turns out, I’ve adored her singing voice since she slipped into that sad old cat costume in the very early 80’s at the Winter Garden Theatre. Even tho I was in Texas — I was up with the Broadway scene.

However, I must say that I first heard the big CATS number, “Memory” by Babs and I still prefer her cover of it to Betty’s. However, the original cast recording does carry a certain “oomph” when Betty hits that high note!

Anyway, I love Betty Buckley and have several of her CD’s. My favorite one is the one that has “Meadowlark” on it. Anyway, what I found interesting is that Tony mentioned Betty —- and, just a couple of days ago David and Chad were sitting with us in our living room talking about the fact that we all wished we had seen the Broadway version of “Carrie” — choreography by Debbie Allen. Betty was in it! …tho, I think it only played the Great White Way (why is B’Way called that???? Someone tell me! Tony? Charlie? Doug?) for 3 performances before they pulled the plug. It stands as the biggest Broadway musical flop of all time. It even beat out “Wind in the Willows” for that title! …And, really, that says a lot.

Anyway, in truth I am not sure that Karl or David were particularly upset that they couldn’t see it — but Chad and I would have loved the chance. In fact, Chad is the first person I have ever known to tell me that he still has his ticket to see it. For some sad and lame reason he missed one of the very few performances because he had to study or something. Bad, Chad, Bad! Anyway, I figure he could make a small mint if he put that unused ticket on E-Bay. …or better yet, if he gave it to me and I could frame it along with the faux poster my bestest pal made for me the day after the show closed.

The music that I’ve heard from Carrie is quite good. One can find it on a couple of Ms. Buckley’s CD’s. Wouldn’t it be cool if they re-created it and put out a recording. I remember reading a particularly cruel review in New York Magazine. That critic thought it really odd that they chose to have Betty play the mother in barefeet. However, as Chad and I both agreed — the very concept of turning the whole first period in the gym shower into a musical number complete with dancing tampons may have been a bit much.

Still, wouldn’t you just love to see a musical version of Brian DePalma’s masterpiece? Plus, wouldn’t it be kind of cool to see a chorus of girls in towels dancing about with tampons to the beat of the samba while poor Carrie cries? Ah, yes, one can but dream.

If anyone out there actually used their ticket and saw the show — please post all you know in the comments section below!!!

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Why Does Bernadette Peters Want to Hurt Me?

You may remember that I sliced my thumb with a very sharp steak knife while trying to get that annoying strip of sticker the US record labels put on CD jewel boxes. …It was a Bernadette Peters CD. Tonight I put the very same CD into the player. The volume was too high and Ms. Peter’s voice was frightening our little puppy — so I got up to turn it down. On my way to the stereo I slipped in puppy piss and hurt my toe! I could blame Dusty. I could blame myself for rushing too quickly. However, it is just easier to blame Bernadette. If this keeps up I will have to stop listening to her.

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I Love Michael Moore!

We saw “Fahrenheit 9/11” this afternoon. Granted, it was like having I was a member of the choir being preached to for a full 2 hours, but there was some really startling revelations regarding some unsavory ties to the Bush family.

I left the film feeling worried and frustrated. I mean, I am worried that we might not get this dude out of office. I am also frustrated because I am unable to imagine how we are going to get out of the mess our country has created in Iraq.

…Ya say ya want a revolution. It could happen. God help us all — none of us seem to know what we are doing — or what we are going to do!

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Dusty Comes Home!

I am all excited today! In just a few minutes we leave to save Dusty from Doggie College, which I am fairly certain Dusty would consider Doggie Hell! I have missed her so much. I think Karl has not missed her. Sadly, I do believe Dusty loves Karl more than me. …Now, that only goes to show you how the intelligence factor between dogs and cats is so variable! Cats just love me!

I did see the movie all alone last night. No one even tried to come on to me. Actually, the cinema was filled with old people. Who knew? The movie was fantastic! Not what I was expecting from the director of “The Piano Teacher” and “Funny Games” — but it was a great film! It even ended on a note of hope! I think that might be a new concept for Michael Haneke. My favorite movie star, Isabelle Huppert, seemed to be in the film more as a favor for the director. Her part was rather secondary compared to the actors who played her children. However, the film was so good I did not mind.

Our new pals, David and Chad, are coming over tonight for dinner and a DVD. We felt bad because we were originally going to see them, but with the return of Dusty — we couldn’t leave her alone this weekend. So, they have been really cool about it and are coming into Boston to hang with us!

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Me, A Bucket-o-Popcorn and Isabelle

Well, Friday is fast upon me and it looks like it is going to be another lonely night at the movies pour moi.

Michael Haneke’s new film, The Hour of the Wolf, opens in Cambridge tomorrow at The Brattle Cinema. I loved his last film to hit US shores, The Piano Teacher! Now, The Piano Teacher was about a woman’s decent into madness via a sick/twisted S&M relationship with a pupil or was it a sly representation about the horrific rise of fascism in Europe? As Mike Myers would say — “Discuss”

Anyway, I am all excited — and, as I have mentioned on several occasions, I really like to look at Isabelle Huppert. I find her face and movements really interesting. I think she is probably my favorite movie star. I could just watch her in anything and watch her for hours on end. Now, please do not misunderstand! Barbra is in a universe all to herself so don’t think I rate Ms. Huppert above Babs. That is just a whole other ballgame.

Anyway, no one wants to go with me. Everyone is worried it will be twisted as French film often is — that is why I enjoy it. I also find that people look more “real” in French films. …They just tend to do unreal things.

Anyway, if anyone out there is going to be in Cambridge and wants to see the movie with me, let me know. I think it starts at 7:20. I dread going alone because it always seems I get hit on at The Brattle when I am alone. …And, while somewhat flattering — these men at The Brattle who hit on me tend to be on the creepy side. …Maybe it is the movies I am seeing.

Oh well. I will have my popcorn and Isabelle will be on the screen. I guess it is OK that I will be all alone. …Don’t cry for me, Blog City! …for I am ordinary, unimportant and undeserving of such attention — unless we all are. Yes, I think we all are!

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My 3 Favorite Songs and A Sandwich Called ‘Joan’

In case anyone cares, I shall list my 3 favorite songs of all time. The order is intentional and does indicate that I prefer the first song to the second and third. Here they are:

1. Evergreen (Love Theme for A Star Is Born) by God, uh, I mean Barbra
2. Sara by Fleetwood Mac
3. Total Eclipse of the Heart by Bonnie Tyler

Now I must add that I do have a 4th favorite song, but I don’t feel like listing it. However, it is a beautiful piece of popera.

Ah, Evergreen. So sublime and pretty. If only love could be like an easy chair! This song is all about romance and sex on big fluffy pillows for me. I experienced my first erection watching Kris Kristofferson doing Babs in that bathtub surrounded by candles in beer cans. Ah, that is romantic and hot! However, the erection surprised me. This resulted in my asking my Mom about sex. I think this was my second or third time I asked her about it. She decided to explain the act of sexual intercourse using my poster of Captain and Tennille as the guiding example. “First the Captain gets an erection like you did, and then he inserts his erect penis into Tennille’s vagina…”

I had to take down my poster that night. It still kind of disturbs me. I mean watching Kris without his shirt doing Babs is one thing, but having to imagine the Captain poking Tennille is really more than a 9 year old can handle.

Then of course is the witchy 1979 Stevie Nicks twirling about a stage singing of that poet of her heart! …And there was a heartbeat and it never really died. Oh, I just love that song! I saw her perform it in 1981 during the Tusk tour in Houston. …Don’t tell my mother. She doesn’t know. I actually only remember the part of the show where Stevie got on her knees and banged her tambourine. The rest is all a sort of drug-induced fog. Blame it on my wild heart. …or this freaky girl I hung out with for years.

And, how can one resist the song stylings of Jim Steinman (sp?) — I mean Total Eclipse of the Heart is like this all time great white trash rock opera piece! One has to love it and no one could sing it better than Ms. Bonnie Tyler. Of course, one does have to worry about all of those scary choir boys floating about in the video. I think they were meant to be demons representing Bonnie’s pent up sexual attraction young boys. …or maybe that was the video director’s issue? Hmmmmm…

Oh, my administrative assistant’s mother-in-law made this really interesting sandwich for her the other day. It was like a big leaf wrapped up in string. When Jane (not her real name!) cut the strings, I discovered that the leaf was protecting a dish of sweet rice, peanuts and pork! It looked so good! However, she is pregnant I felt it would be cruel to steal her lunch. Anyway, she was kind enough to have her mother-in-law make one for me! I asked her what this delicious sandwich was called and she said “Joan”. I asked her how to spell it, but she wasn’t sure. Anyway, I love eating “Joan” — the sandwich. …And, ‘Jane’ advised me that it wasn’t really a sandwich. However, she could not explain what it was — nor was she really sure how it was prepared. Like me, she doesn’t cook. However she explained that most people of her generation do not understand the cooking ways of their elders. I thought this was sad. I mean, to think that ‘Jane’ will not know how to teach or share the dish of “Joan” with her children — or, more importantly me, is quite sad. She told me to get a grip. I guess “Joan” is available at most Dim-Sum’s — tho, I don’t think I have ever noticed it. ?

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Take Heart and an added Twist to Trust Fund Boys!

So, I am so loving the new novel, TRUST FUND BOYS by the divine Rob Byrnes! If you have not yet picked up a copy, I highly recommend it as a great and fun summer read! I do not want to provide any spoilers, but there is a connection between Rob’s first novel, THE NIGHT WE MET, and this new one! Only problem is, he really needs to get something new published soon because I am almost finished with this one and have nothing of fiction to read! If anyone has any suggestions for a good gay read, please let me know!

Oh, and as I was wandering without aim through my favorite store, Newbury Comix, I noticed that one of my all time favorite 70’s bands, Heart, has returned with a new CD! It is called “Jupitier’s Darling” and it is actually pretty damned good! However, you would have to be a fan of their 1970’s Led Zeppelin-light rock to enjoy this new offering. This is not at all connected to their 1980’s corporate cheeeez rock. I know many of you just love 80’s music, but I lost all respect for most popular music makers after the summer of 1983. In fact, rock music didn’t particularly interest me again until I found Bongwater, NIN and Nirvana in the very late 80’s and early 90’s.

You know, I wrote to Kramer, the male founding member of Bongwater and owner of the NYC record label — Shimmy Disc. In that letter sent in the summer of 1991, I offered myself to him as his personal slave. I wrote that I could either be his loyal assistant Boi Friday or his 24/7 sex doll — he would just have to provide me with a nice place to sleep and food to eat. Interestingly enough he did take the time to personally write back. He thanked me for the offer but explained that his administrative and sexual needs were being met — however, he did send me a free blue sweatshirt that I wore till it feel apart. I have lost his letter. Ann Magnuson got pissed at him and Bongwater broke up, Ween left his label to join the Warner Corporation and Shimmy Disc went out of business. He should have taken me up on my offer! I wish I still had the letter. I do have a picture of the shirt being worn by my best friend, Beth. …but the shirt is long gone.

The rock world needs more Heart and Bongwater. …And, the world at large would benefit from a new Cleo Laine CD! I am so pleased to discover that she is alive and well!

We are picking Dusty up from doggie college this coming Saturday! I am all excited! I miss her so!!!

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Yes, but is it art?

Well, it certainly carries a high camp factor, but as I listened to it I came to the realization that having Bette Davis sing/recite with a full orchestra and choir has a certain uptown performance art feel to it. God bless the two gay guys who produced this album back in 1976! However, I have to say that Jimmy James does Bette Davis better than Bette Davis ever did. It is just a fact.

At any rate, this is art. A few years ago I would have shunned it away for the poor cover art alone, but this music is amazing. I still find it hard to believe that I have been missing such great music for so many years. Is Cleo Laine still alive? Seems like I remember reading that she had died. Not sure.

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Bernadette Peters Sliced My Thumb!!!

Well, I guess I am unable to technically blame her for the deep slice that slashed across my thumb — but it never would have happened if I could have more easily removed the shrink wrap and annoying little sticker thing on the top of the CD. I used a really sharp knife. Karl leaves in fear that I will harm myself due to the way I use knives. Today, his fears were fully realized. I have my thumb wrapped in gauze and multiple bandaids. It really hurts, but the bleeding stopped. Damn that Bernadette!

Last night into early this morning I watched this classic John Schlesinger film. It was fantastic and strange! I think we forget that Karen Black could ever act, but then you see her in something like this or “Nashville” and you remember that she could. Anyway, this film will require a few repeated viewings to catch everything. I highly recommend it. It was just released to DVD. The late and true Disco Queen, Paul Jabara was featured in the film as fantastic drag queen! …just a few years later he would go on to pen so many hits for the likes of Donna Summer and Babs! You know, I think he was also one of the creators of the Red Ribbon for AIDS. If anyone out there reads this and can confirm — I would appreciate it! I might be wrong — just seems like he did that shortly before he died.

I really need to update my movie blog. I will get to it later this weekend, perhaps! Now, I am off to nurse my thumb!

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