Hey Happy!

I saw this really unusual low-budget gay flick called Hey Happy! this weekend. Although I think it would need to fall into the category of guilty pleasures — I really enjoyed. Rather twisted and odd. Came across like a movie made to be a bit of a cross between something Guy Maddin and John Waters would have made.

Also took in My Architect: A Son’s Journey in Cambridge with my brother, Roy. I did not care for the film. I found it rather self-indulgent. I think a documentary film maker needs to be really talented to put himself in his film. This guy was not up to par — if you ask me. I think Roy liked it, tho.

Maurice finally came out on DVD and I picked up my copy today! I am all excited and wanted Karl to watch it, but he seems to be completely uninterested. Oh well. I think that was on of the first movies I saw that dealt with being gay in a romantic way. I remember having such a crush on Rupert Graves — wonder what ever became of him? Wow — I don’t think I’ve seen that movie since I drove in to Houston to see it when I was in college. 1987 or 1986? I will have to check on the DVD package.

I had to go into the office on Saturday to catch up on some work. No big deal, but I know that it is going to feel like I never left the office when I walk in tomorrow.

Oh! So, I think I have already mentioned that I gave up sugar in an attempt to drop some more pounds in prep for the upcoming summer so I will look pretty when I skinny-dip in the PTown waters! Anyway, no more Coke or Pepsi for breakfast — I did not want to deal with the whole caffeine crash thing so I opted to drink a bit of black coffee. At first I hated it, but after my first half of a large cup from Dunkin Donuts it suddenly hit me — this rush of energy. I fucking love coffee — I have been missing out on it for all of these years! I cannot wait to pick up my cup tomorrow morning! Plus the taste of the black coffee is so bitter that the Diet Coke I have with my lunch tastes sweet and good in comparison!

I have been listening to that Kiss Kiss song by Yoko Ono all weekend. Over and over again. Not sure why, but I have been enjoying it. Does anyone have an opinion of that new band, Xiu Xiu (pronounced Shu-Shu)? I rather like that Fabulous Muscles song. However, I think that there sound is a little too Seattle or something.

I have to say I do not have much interest in the Oscars. They just never seem to nominate the movies I like — the only three up that I really loved are Lost in Translation, American Splendor and The Lord of the Rings. How could they have not taken notice of Elephant??? Every year I get less and less interested in the Oscars.

Hope everyone had a kick-ass weekend!!

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Sleep Comfort and Jason Mzraz

Our Sleep Comfort bed arrived today! At long last — a nice mattress and this one is filled with little air chambers which we control! I am all-aglow with excitement!

Ok, so I guess I am still kinda in love with Enrique, but I must confess that Jason Mraz is lookin’ mighty good to me! In addition, I really like his CD. Alas, like Enrique — I do not think that Jason is a member of the “team” so to speak. Oh well.

So, tonight Karl and I are taking in a DVD viewing of Francois Ozon’s first feature, “Sitcom” — should be fun.

Roy got a job!!! Now he has to find an apartment or a room to rent — but we are on the way!

Um, I am trying to think if I’ve anymore exciting news to share. Last night I dreamed that I was riding a bike while holding a large lamp — I was tired in the dream, but no matter how fast I peddled along — I could not escape the crooning of Helen Reddy singing “Delta Dawn” …Now, don’t get me wrong — I love Helen “I Am Woman” Reddy as much as any guy, but it would not be much fun if that is all one hears for a long time. …And that damn song has been in my head all day.

I guess that is all I have to write for now. I will try to think of something more exciting to share with all of you! I am sure that there must be something fantastic brewing in my creative-challenged little gay mind. I just wish it would show up already!

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The House Is Warmed

The house warming party was a lot of fun. I just wish there were a way to host a party and have time to really talk to everyone — instead you have to circulate, introduce and ensure that everyone has beverage/food. Just enough time to get into little chats or join in for a minute and then you have to move to another part of the room. But I had a blast. The last guest left at about 1am this morning.

We had a very nice turn-out. I hadn’t seen our pals, Pete and Duncan, in so long and I also hadn’t seen Bill and Dan in quite a while. Bill turned out to be a really cute drunk! lol! And sexy Tom of Rhode Island graced us with his presence! He is so cute — I teased him a bit and I suspect that pay back with be a true gay bitch! lol! My dear co-worker, Cheryl and her partner, Mal, joined us as well — all the way from New Hampshire! I had never met Mal and it was nice to finally meet him after all of these years! I hadn’t seen Damian’s partner, Charlie in about 2 years —- they brought us DVD’s of a gay tv movie we were unable to see at the time it aired! Jack, the best real estate agent this side of the South End came too! Dave and Heather brought a kick-ass cheese cake and their fun selves to the evening. It was cool to meet Brian’s wife, Eileen. It was also most cool to meet Julie’s hubby, Rob! And Chris and Robert brought much charm and wit to the evening! Jason and Dave came by for a while, but had to leave early to attend a swank “do” with the cast of Showtime’s “Queer As Folk” —– Dave promised to kiss Peter Page for me! The really sad thing is that neither Dave or Jason watch QAF! Not fair! Anyway, we really enjoyed and appreciated everyone coming! It was much fun!

Our friend, Jason, really ran the show for us. He made all of these delicious high-end goodies like one sees on Queer Eye for the Straight Guy — sharing both his chief talents, taste and his tools of the trade! We had proper plates and serving dishes for our party thanks to J! —- and then he stayed and helped us clean up! Such a doll! However, it should be noted that he has yet to come thru on his promise to dance naked for everyone!! …Maybe next time! It should also be noted that Bill revealed he has a tongue of obscene length and demonstrated some amazing abilities to move just the tip in a number of directions! We were impressed!

My best friend, Bethie, finally got to meet my brother — which I was most pleased about. Oh! And a long lost dear friend, Doug, turned up much to my delight! Now that I am back in Boston we have pledged to get together and hang!! I am going to be getting back into Doug’s gay men’s reading group — the next book is entitled “Three Junes” — can’t wait!

Aside from all the dear gifts Jason brought to the party, Bill and Dan brought us some gorgeous Waterford crystal goblets! Karl and I felt so chic! We had asked that no one bring gifts, but so many did! Angie and Carlton brought us some fab-u towel sets, Bethie got us an interesting book of erotica thru the ages, Bryan and Adam brought us home-made candles and soap!, Cayte and Rob brought us a beautiful boutique, Marguerite got us a nice little kitchen witch, some way-cool candles — and a leopard-spotted broom(!) — and everyone brought loads of sweets and bevies!

We all got a bit noisy, but we received no complaints.

Got to bed around 3:30 this morning. Woke up and decided to take in the new Meg Ryan movie, Against the Ropes. Call me a chump, but I rather liked it. However, it should be noted for the record that Meg is no longer cute. Who — we ask, will take her place as the cute actress of the naughts???? One will have to wait and see. Are movie stars really cute anymore? They all seem to be getting more and more synthetic!

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Warming the House

Well, things have been so busy as of late! I haven’t even had time to catch up on my blogging!

In about 3 hours we will be starting our House Warming Party — looks like we’ve got quite a few friends joining us! We’ve purchased much wine/beer and food stuffs — and the place is all freshly-cleaned! The only concern we have is that quite a few of our pals have decided to drive to our place — parking is a nightmare in downtown Boston. Oh well. I guess they will figure it out when they arrive! Disney on Ice is going on next door at the Fleet Centre.

Am trying to think if I have anything really exciting to share — I don’t. However, I discovered a fantastic band! The Scissor Sisters totally rule!!! If you are not familiar –get out there and discover them! I think they are from Jersey, but had to go all the way to the UK to get some notice. …which I think makes them even cooler! Tho, I’ve never been — I just know I would LOVE the UK.

Well, I guess I need to go make myself pretty for my soon-to-arrive guests! Wouldn’t it be a bummer if they arrived and I looked dumpy?!?!?! I have to sparkle, sparkle, sparkle!!!!

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Let’s Talk About Porn

What is it that attracts us to pornography and how does one tell porn from artistic depictions of hot monkey love? These are the thoughts running through my head this morning after a delish brunch in the North End at the Pompey Cafe.

I subscripe to a fun little magazine called “Unzipped” —- a sort of “17” or “Tiger Beat” for gay men in honor of the hot porn idols of the moment. I enjoy it for the fun of finding out how folks like Jeff Stryker and Ryan Idol like to spend a rainy day and other fun tidbits of interest regarding gay porn stars. It is their chance to be treated like movie stars. And, I think it only right that porn stars get to be treated like pop idols as our pop idols seem to want to be treated as porn stars of a sort. However, thus far it is still Madonna who deserves a tip-o-the hat for her porn-turn in that nasty big book she did a decade or so ago. Christina, Janet and Brittney are just sad little wanna-be’s when it comes to really gettin’ down and dirty when one looks at Madonna’s sex book. However, no one has pushed the erotic sound barrier more than little Ms. Peaches.

The movie we saw last night def. tried to push a few limits in the sex scene department. I kept asking myself as I watched that movie, if I were a trained actor in a big budget movie — would I really be willing to lay my head on someone’s pubic area to deliver my lines. Obviously, these actors did not mind. And we’ve all heard about Chloe Sevigney actually giving head to Vincent Gallo in his yet to be released movie. I am really not sure how I feel about all of this.

What with the Super Bowl Boob Incident, Hip Hop videos in general and Showtime movies — when are we to know when we are seeing pornography or just plain old entertainment? And what of all the violence on the TV as of late. Just the other night while I was munching on chicken salad CBS showed a severed limb on an ad for some detective show. …Personally, I would have rather seen a boob. But that is just me.

I guess it all boils down to that old sentiment —- one man’s porn is another man’s art. Just like one man’s shoe is another man’s fetish or one man’s rubber chicken is another man’s sex toy. We humans are a complex bunch. I guess that keeps it interesting.

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Valentine’s Day

Karl and I spent a lovely day together. The weather was great and we visited a new accountant who is doing our taxes! Tonight we wandered through the city in search of a restaurant for a nice dinner — but we had no reservations. Luckily, there was room at a nice Thai place. We then took in the new flick from Bertolucci, The Dreamers. I really liked it, but I am unable to express why. I think I just liked the look of the movie. One week til our house warming party!!!

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Inpeaches Bush!

Ok, so I am not trying to write about politics — nor am I making fun. I am not smart enough and this really isn’t funny. So, I hope I do not offend anyone when I write about what I saw today as I emerged from the subway in downtown Boston late this afternoon.

I guess that there was a rally of sorts today because I saw folks walking about with signs supporting the gay marriage ruling going on here in Massachusetts. As I walked on thru the crowded city street I saw a down syndrome woman coming toward me. She was smiling and holding a small sign which read, “Inpeaches Bush!” in blue magic marker scrawl.

Oh, and I heard on the radio that Courtney Love has been granted the authority to marry two lucky hetrosexuals in Las Vegas. It is a contest for radio listeners. …and the sanctity of matrimony remains safe and holy. Oh, and you also get free tickets to her concert. I feel that Karl and I should have access to this contest just like any hetro-couple in our country. I am tired of being seated in the back of the bus — especially if Courtney Love is going to do the driving!

Perhaps the spelling was off, but I have to say I am in agreement with that happy girl. I do think he needs to be inpeached — or at the very least pelted with peaches.

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Confessions of a Soon-to-be Sleep Number Bed User

Wow — so much going on. We were planning on taking care of Karl’s mother today as she was scheduled for a medical procedure, but the equipment needed to perform the procedure broke — so she has been rescheduled. We will cross that bridge when we come to it. I am confident all will be OK.

We also closed on the sell of our Salem condo today. When you sell in Massachusetts, there are far less papers to sign — but we got to sit with our buyer as he signed all of his. So, it didn’t much matter.

Oh! And we finally broke down and decided to make the big step and replace our bed with one of those Select Comfort beds — you know, the ones that the Bionic Woman sells on late night TV-infomercial? Anyway, we ordered our bed after trying out a number of models. No wonder Karl and I have always disagreed on which bed to purchase. He is a #75 Sleep Member while I am a #35! Actually, he was even comfortable at #100 and I was fine at #25.

The most tragic thing is that we will not receive our special bed for another 3 weeks. Also, Karl drew the line and refused to let me get all the “bells and whistles” — you know, vibration and movement of the bed itself. However, Karl has pledged to start giving me massages. I intend to hold him to this commitment.

We also got the ball rolling on selling the car today. We just have to pay off the Harvard University Credit Union to secure the title and then we sell my wheels back to the dealership from which they originally came. Sigh.

At any rate, Karl’s mother’s canceled procedure allowed us a great deal of extra time to get things done. Tomorrow we finish up the sell of the car and other misc. things.

I feel so complete now that I am a member of the Select Comfort Bed community. I share more than just good looks with David Arquette. …He is also a member! Exciting stuff, kids.

Oh, and I think I may be in love with Andre 3000, but that is a whole other blog.

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Spent the day/evening on the Cape with Karl’s family. Karl’s nephew and niece are 6 and 5 respectively. Actually, today was Katie’s birthday. I love babies and enjoy kids, but have always found it difficult to communicate with toddlers. I just don’t know what to do/say. Anyway, both Katie and Nick have reached the age where I can understand what they say and can now enjoy “hanging” with them.

Today was really fun after Katie opened her bday gifts — she adores Barbie dolls. She is a girl after my own heart. I mean, body politics aside — Barbie totally rules. Anyway, Katie was quite concerned about getting her new Barbies out of their decorative boxes so she asked me if I would help her and not hurt them. I thought this would be simple, but Barbies are now packaged in a most complex manner. These magical dolls are now tied and sewn into the boxes! It is Barbie bondage, but it does protect them — if one is very careful with the cutting of the strings — their hair styles emerge from the packaging in perfect condition!

Anyway, Katie was lucky enough to receive the Swan Lake Odette Barbie with movable and glowing wings! So, I explained Swan Lake to Katie and her bother. It was much fun — we had no Ken to be our Prince, but the Horse-Riding Barbie was suitably butch to serve as the Prince. I simplified the story of the ballet and we acted out a rather violent/cartoon-like version of the sad story — it seems that while Katie is quite concerned with getting her Barbie dolls safely out of packaging — she is not too concerned with throwing them up into the air and banging them about. We had much fun.

Karl has always told me that we need to be the totally cool uncles. So, I think we need to take Katie and Nick for a weekend this coming December and see “The Nutcracker” and go about the city of Boston for a weekend of fun for the under 8 set. It will be a blast.

We close on our Salem condo tomorrow and then sell our car. The closing of the Salem chapter of our lives. On to further adventures in the big city!

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A Chocolate Heart and a Small Glass of Pepsi

…is all that it really takes to make me happy. forget sex. forget money. just give me chocolate and soda.

Tomorrow I’ve got to kick some annoying, immature and stupid ass! I have to say I am actually looking forward to it — which is not like me. But sometimes one has to just kick ass. That is my new motto.

Well, I have to return to my soft chocolate heart and Pepsi.

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