Cinematic Torture

Jen and I made our way to the Kendall Cinema in Cambridge with an edge of excitement. After a tough week of work, we were eager to see the new Gus Van Sant film, Gerry. The movie follows the story of 2 verbally-challenged guys named Gerry who take a walk, get lost and wander around Death Valley — until one of the Gerry’s decides to put the other Gerry out of his misery by killing him. After killing the other Gerry, Gerry2 discovers that they were just a few yards away from the highway. This somewhat mirrors the ordeal Jen and I were experiencing as we watched this wretched piece of crap. The difference was we were unable to settle on who would have the mercy of being killed as to avoid watching “Gerry” to the bitter end. Luckily, just before I forced Jen to slam my head against the theatre wall — the movie ended. We had made it to the end and survived! Good thing as we were only a few feet from the exit.

Words just can’t capture how bad this movie was — it was torture.

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Names for Ellen & Chuck’s Baby!

My friends, Ellen & Chuck, are about to welcome their first child to the world. They’ve been very good and have managed to avoid from finding out the sex of the baby. I believe that they are all set with potential names if they should be blessed with a little boy, but they are still trying to come up with the perfect name for the potential blessing of a little girl. If anyone is reading my blog and knows of an awesome name for a little girl, please post it to the comment section for this entry. —- And, be nice! Am looking for good names! Personally, I like Lilly or Sophie.

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Marshmellow Peeps, Hair Violence and Sadness
I was feeling rather lonesome for Karl today. …all day, actually. So, I rushed out of the office, ran to the subway and just barely caught the 5:55 commuter rail. I never make it out of the office this early. I stepped off the commuter train and was so excited to get home, but stopped by CVS first to pick up a pack of Karl’s fave snack of the season, MARSHMALLOW PEEPS!. After scoring the pack of oddly-formed bits of sugar, I walked quickly to our building. I had the Peeps in hand as I stood in the elevator waiting impatiently to get to the 6th floor. I opened the door expecting to see Karl glued to the TV —- only to discover that the house was dark. I had forgotten. Karl is in class at Harvard tonight and won’t be home til sometime after 8:30 PM. I feel really sad.

oh well.

My copy of the new Tosca CD, “Dehli9” came in today. Am listening to it now and am having a mega-chill-out-moment. This is taking an edge off my sadness. Also secured the newly re-packaged/remastered Fischesrspooner CD which contains a bonus DVD. I LOVE this CD and hope that it will be even better in re-mastered form with cool DVD companion. I traded my other copy in for cash in anticipation of this new release. Yes, I am a geek.

No one seemed to notice my new hair cut today. Last night, the lady who cut it did so in a most violent way. She shook my head everywhich way but loose and clipped in a manic manner. I was nervous through the whole of the ordeal, but was pleased with the cut. However, she lost her chance at a really good tip when she said in a rather cruel way, “you know, we can dye this and lose all the gray” …bitch. but when she cut me, it felt like a kiss.

Just started reading THIS BOOK. Am really enjoying it and highly rec.for anyone who loves movies. It is a most fun read! I will need to tell my pal, Damian, about it!

OK, I guess I will go sit sadly in the dark and wait for Karl to come home. …I might go out and try to find food as I am hungry. Oh! Effective Monday, I am no longer eating. That is it. Period. Liquid diet pour moi! I have to stop this sordid expansion or I will not be able to wear my bathing suit when in P’Town this summer — much less go for a nice nude swim!

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Today is Tuesday, but it felt mostly like Monday. Yesterday, Monday, felt somewhat like Wednesday. However, as Sunday felt like a Friday — I figure it all kind of evens out. Let’s hope that tomorrow, Wednesday, does not feel like Friday because that would really suck.

“Turn around, bright eyes. Turn around!” …Bonnie Tyler’s been in my head all day and she just won’t get out. When I close my eyes I see visions of demonic gay choir boys with tiny lights for eyes swirling all around me. I have to say, it is all just a bit creepy.
“…once upon a time there was light in my life — now, there’s only love in the dark.”

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Secrets, A Chili Pepper and Too Many Groceries

I just discovered that my significant other (and single most important person in my world!) created a bit of space on the net without telling me. Am not sure why it was a secret, but I guess I’ll never know because he keeps claiming it never was a secret and that he had just failed to mention it to me. The only reason I found out was because Peter was making fun of his “hobbies and interests” section. He is actually quite interesting — not sure why he opted not to reveal that on his site. Some cute pictures, tho! Oh well. I’ve linked it to my bit-o-space. For the record — I have no secrets. I am an open book filled with loads of pretty pictures, exciting adventures and informative footnotes!

Didn’t do anything today. Left the condo and headed to Cambridge to see “City of God” but managed to miss my exit and ended up in some odd little town headed close to Waltham. I had gotten so wrapped up in my Red Hot Chili Peppers CD that I didn’t think to drive off the proper exit. I was just singin’ away — who would have thought that I sing in the same key as Anthony Kiedis! …too bad I don’t look in the same key as well! It took me a while to find my way back to the general area in which we live because I have no sense of direction.

Anyway, Karl worked on his homework all day. I sat around and took up space. Later in the day we went to the grocery store and purchased lots of food that will probably end up going bad because we will end up eating out all week.

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An Odd Child

I was an odd kid. My childhood home was near railroad tracks — we were so close that the house would shake when the trains rolled past. You get used to it. Our back yard was huge and you could walk up to the ditch that separated the property from the tracks. There was no fencing at that time. Anyway, there was a very small hill near the ditch. I loved to run up and down the hill for hours. I would sing and act out various stories I had seen on TV or at the movies. The trains were quite loud so I would do my strongest singing when they would be rolling past us. Sometimes I would just sit and contemplate. I would dream up these elaborate scenarios for myself.

One such elaboration came up after having viewed “Play it Again, Sam”, “Sleeper” and “Love and Death” on TV. I was convinced that I was the secret love child of Woody Allen and Diane Keaton. I would try to think of ways I could establish contact with them so that they could come get me and bring me home to New York. I used to sit on the hill and try to figure out why Woody and Diane would not want me. I would act out the moment I finally confronted them. Such fun melodrama! Now, it is important to note that I was about 7 or 8 at this time. By the time “Annie Hall” came out I had surrendered my fantasy, but I still loved their movies!

Most of the kids I knew were into HR Puffinstuff or lame cartoons. I, on the other hand, had very different tastes. When I was 5 my parents decided to take me to see “Bambi” which was, I guess, in re-release at the time. I remember this quite vividly. It was playing at the newly-built General Cinema — which had 2 movie screens! Anyway, “Bambi” was sold out, so they decided to see What’s Up Doc? which was playing on the other screen. I entranced when Babs starting singing and my mom later explained she was a singer. I demanded to be taken to K-Mart where I got my first record. I selected the LP that had a picture of a little girl on the cover. It was called My Name Is Barbra. I became a huge Barbra Streisand fan from that moment on. In other words, I was a total flamer at 5. Now, there were some very brief moments in elementary school when I was perceived as cool because of my Babs obsessive behavior. I was the only one at the school who had been allowed to see A Star Is Born. This is a movie that people make fun of now, but it was a pretty big deal back in the 70’s.

Believe it or not, I was not considered a nerd or odd by my fellow classmates. Never really got teased more than anyone else. Kind of amazing considering all of the above and that I was in Texas. Ok, that is my walk down memory lane for the day!

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Up Too Late, the Joys of Tax Refunds and a New Bathroom Issue

Stayed up way too late — or way too early depending upon your point of view.

I started watching The Rules of Attraction and didn’t go to bed til after 2am this morning. I am most sleepy. By the way — this is a great movie, but it is more than a little sick and twisted. There is a great scene involving Faye Dunaway, Swoozie Kurtz, two frat boys and a George Michael song! There are other memorable scenes, but that is my favorite.

This was my favorite film of 2002. It came out in France in 2001, but the US didn’t get it till last September. I love it and have seen it far too many times. I love to looke at Isabelle Huppert. She is super cool! Once again, this is an odd little movie — so it might not appeal to everyone. However, Karl liked it quite a bit!

We are about to head to the dude’s office who is doing our taxes. This is the first time I’ve ever had my taxes done by a professional. However, now that we are homeowners we were not sure how to file. Looks like it was a good thing we turned to a professional as I am getting some $$ back! This will be set aside to pay for my vacation to P-Town this summer!

One of the minor probs with our condo was that those things in the ceiling of bathrooms that suck out the bad air didn’t work. So we recently had new ones installed in both bathrooms. When you flip the switch in one of bathrooms it sounds like an airplane is taking off. They are so loud I’ve taken to using our restrooms in the dark! Ugh! Karl likes them. I just don’t know. Just thought I would share the warmth.

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Ideal for the Standard Obsessive Ken Russell Fan:

At last! I know I am not alone — and the guy who runs the site actually knows Mr. Russell! Cool! And it appears that The Miranda Sex Garden appeared in his most recent film. I don’t guess it will ever find its way to the US.

Flashback to 1975:
Seeing Ann-Margret roll around in beans and chocolate as they poured out of her tv in the movie, Tommy, forever changed my world. I think I was 9. And, MGM is releasing “Women In Love” to DVD in April! LOOK!

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New Shoes, Melting Snow and Penis Manipulation!

I purchased new shoes! 3 pairs of new shoes, actually. They are really cool and make me feel better. I scored a pair of retros by Steve Madden. I believe he is currently in some posh prison serving time for tax evasion or something. I picked up a pair of Sketchers which will provide me with a feeling of “tallness” and I secured my first pair of sensible-age-appropriate shoes by Nunn Bush. The sensible shoes are brown. I’ve never had brown shoes before and have mixed feelings about them. I hope to bond with sensible soon. I really don’t want to wear any of them until the snow and salt go away. I hate those splotchy white marks I get on my shoes this time of year.

All of the snow we’ve gotten is starting to melt. Am sure there will be some flooding. Glad we are on the 6th floor! Am also needing to get my hair cut. …maybe tomorrow.

Oh! It looks like I’ve convinced Karl, Peter and Duncan into seeing the Puppetry Of The Penis in Boston! Looks like Tom might even grace us with his presence! Am all excited to see odd Australian men whip ’em out and do a puppet show! Knowing my luck all of the shows are probably sold out.

Visited Dr.Satan (AKA my pereodontist) again this afternoon. Looks like my mouth is finally healing and I will be ready to roll forward with more gum grafting in April. I am thrilled. Why did I have to shitty gums? Most annoying.

And, for the record, I am sick of hearing about and looking at Michael Jackson. Someone, stop this madness!

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wimps and dummies

I get migraines. They cause a pain that can only be fully appreciated by fellow migraine victims. For various reasons, I am unable to take most of those cool wonder drugs that stop the pain. The best I can get are prescription grade ibuprofen. 800mg of ibuprofen does help, but they knock me out. Not sure why, but I am down and out when I take one. ? Anyway, as of late I’ve tried to toughen it up when it comes to migraines. The last several have not caused me to miss work. I just take Extra Strength Tylenol like candy and function through the day. Am certainly not at my best, but I am able to function. A few weekends ago I had a really bad one, which did prevent me from doing anything other than sleeping with my ibuprofen. Today, I wimped out. I woke up this morning at about 2am in full-tilt-migraine pain. By 6am I had resorted to my beloved prescription strength ibuprofen. I had to miss work. Ugh!!!

I am only just now starting to wake up. The pain still kills, but is no longer nearly as intense. I have to buck-up.

I have a commitment to assist with the roll-out of a motivational program called FISH to some folks at one of our other offices. It may look silly, but it is a beneficial tool for work teams. So, I now need to harness my “energy and potential” so that I can sufficiently sparkle for our presentation! I will also need to get my wimpy fat-ass to my office early in the am to pick up my laptop and then drive to New Hampshire. Let’s hope I can find my way to the New Hampshire office. I have no sense of direction, but I do have a great deal of faith — especially when I am sparkling! Then I will be trying to catch up all day Friday — and maybe this weekend. I can do it! I know I can!

I’ve always had a fear of dummies. Not idiots, but the puppets that bad comics sit on their laps to tell lame jokes. I wonder if anyone out there in blogland can remember the TV ad that was shown back in the late 70’s for the Anthony Hopkins/Ann-Margret thriller, MAGIC. It was an extreme close up of a dummy which spoke a poem about the threat of murder with really scary music in the background —- and, just before the screen faded to black the dummy�s eyes rolled up into the back of his head. Oh my God — I would get so freaked-out by that ad! I’ve tried to watch the movie on video since entering adulthood, but can never get too far into it. I get too creeped out when the dummy starts telling Anthony Hopkins to kill people. Come on, people! This makes The Exorcist look like a walk in the park!

So, you can only imagine the horror that ran through my blood when I saw THIS! Hope it didn’t scare you too much!

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