It all started innocent enough. Met up with Ing, S and Suave Alan. Ing had promised a live sex show which turned out to be several women playing fiddles amongst a bunch of those things we call books. However, it was much fun and Alan finally found that Judy Garland LP box set he had been dreaming of! Then it was off to dinner at one of our great little hole-in-the-wall Mexican restaurants!

I talked mostly about how fat I seem to be becoming. Ing, S and Alan listened patiently but everyone was keen to get me out of the place and off to the cool little bar down the street. Ing, S and Alan got sloppy drunk while I sipped a chill’d Diet Coke and advised them upon proper public behavior. Well, someone has to provide assistance. We sat out on the back porch in the cool SF breeze which mingled with the joints being sucked down by the others lounging about.

Anyway, S was quite interesting and I feel she may have a great career ahead of her as a standup comic! …because we don’t have enough of those! Anyway, she was most cool and shared all sorts of valuable information about her life. …Her Second Life. As Ing, Alan and I convinced her to drink more and more — she told us more and more about her Other World. Apparently, in Second Life, S is quite a dapper gay man who likes suits, horses that fly, giving oral pleasure to walls, furries and getting fisted by attractive daddies in the Second Life world. However, she explained that her Avatar never removes his suit. ….which I think would make that whole fisting adventure a bit more painful than required.

But, what happens in Second Life stays in Second Life. Unless you tell me about it over drinks. Anyway, I felt inspired and most 2nd L Curious! Alan gave me a lift home in his sporty little car. (Ing and S stayed behind getting into much trouble in This Life) …However, I scanned the paper and no major mishaps happened in that part of SF last night. So, I think that they must have kept it under control.

So, I was up till 3am “creating” my second life. Actually, that is not true. I was up till 2:30am creating my Avatar. That’s him in the picture above. Or, is it me? Hmmmm… Anyway, I’m so very lost in Second Life. …I don’t know how to walk, move or touch things correctly — and only odd people seem to want to talk with me. Oh, but I can fly!

…Actually, my Second Life is turning out to be a lot like my real life. EXCEPT — my Avatar has no penis. I can’t figure out how to purchase one. Hell, I can barely find my way to the gay sex mall. But, I have gotten there. I have stood in front of the penis selections. I’m ready to fork over some Linden dollars to secure my cock. But, I don’t know how. I’m just stuck. In real life I do have a penis.

Well, enough Second Life for now. Now, I must fly down Castro Street, find some form of food, Diet Coke and a few shirts that will make me look sim! …I mean, “slim”!

kisses from GayTown where it is gorgeous today and 64 degrees! Is that the beach calling?

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…or the 10 most played songs on my iPod. Every once in a while I will be walking about with my iPod and think to myself: “Self, I think you just played the same song over and over again for most of the day!”

Luckily, I never actually respond to myself. Just a silent thought.
(paint it white!)

And, then, I take a look at the play count on my iTunes and come to the realization that I listen to a lot of music — and much of it over and over and over again.

But, with the exception of a few songs, I do seem to change around a bit on the tunes. Anyway, I think I did this several months back. So, I feel it is time for me to post the 10 Most Played Songs On My iPod/iTunes! Hey, it’s my blog! So, I can if I want to!

1. Evergreen (Love Theme for A STAR IS BORN) by Babs Streisand. I believe this track was the second most played song on my iPod last time I did this. Now, it is the most played at 483 plays as of today. Can you tell it is my favorite song? So pretty. So romantic. So sexy. …and, it really is soft as an easy chair!

2. Ride A White Horse by Goldfrapp at 420 plays as of today. …and, this was the most played song last time. I think only played it once today, tho.

3. Boys Will Be Boys by Goldfrapp at 255 plays. This is a new one for the top 10. I’m really into this song at the moment. I do so love my Goldfrapp! Is that not the coolest cover work for a single you’ve seen in about a zillion years!?!?!

4. Sleeps With Butterfiles by Tori Amos at 234 plays. This song makes me sad in a good way. I know my pal, Dessie, dislikes the LP from which it comes, but I love it.

5. Love Is Thicker Than Water by Andy Gibb at 225 plays. Why-O-Why did he have to die?!?!? I love this song and I really love that guitar solo at the end by Joe Walsh.

6. The Main Event (single version) by Barbra at 223 plays. Wow. …Babs is in a dead disco heat race with Andy. I think I played this song a lot today. Very high 70’s energy song. Just makes one want to dance and punch at the air.

7. If I’m Lucky I Might Get Picked by Betty Davis at 207 plays. Ah, Betty Davis. The woman who married Miles Davis for a year and introduced him to funk. Sadly, rumor has it that Ms. Davis enjoyed the boys a bit too much (Sly Stone and Jimmi Hendrix among them!) so I guess the union didn’t work out. I had heard this song when I was a kid and never forgot it. It was just re-issued to iTunes and I LOVE it! …but, this is my fave song! I love the sauve 1974 dude trying to talk to her as she growls her way thru the funk of 1974! “…I can dig it!” …I am playing this song A LOT right now! If you enjoy classic funk — then you MUST rush out and find a copy!!!!!

8. Love Will Keep Us Together by Captain & Tennille at 204 plays. I do so love this song! However, I think it is starting to slip. According to iTunes I’ve not played since this past Sunday. …love will keep us together. …whatever.

9. Repeat to Fade by The Shortwave Set at 203 plays. Wow! This is about to kick Toni’s ass! This is actually the only new piece of music to find its way to my Top 10 Most Played. …As I’ve only had it for a couple of weeks I’ve been listening to it quite a bit! Odd mix of electronica, 60’s psychadelic and generally sort of odd — it works really well!!! And, the vid clip for this is cool, too! I downloaded it from YouTube and put it on my iPod so I guess I’ve listened to it more than the 203 admits. Sometimes I like to watch it while I’m on the bus! And, it doesn’t hurt that the female lead singer is so beautiful and the male lead guitar is so hot! Sometimes you just want to watch pretty people singing odd music. You know?

10. Garbo by Stevie Nicks at 202 plays. Classic flip side to the Stand Back single. I play this quite a bit as well. However, it would appear that I’ve not played it since our road trip to LA! Hmmmmm…

Am I the only one who obsessively watches how many times he has listened to a song?!?!?

I guess I’ve always had the problem of getting into a groove where I had to just listen to the same song(s) over and over again for extended periods of time. And, I really can’t remember a time when music wasn’t playing around me. And, I guess the one that continues to get repeated playings is from the soundtrack to A STAR IS BORN. Back in the days of my single digit years and vinyl — I can remember playing my LP of A STAR IS BORN so much that my Grandmother worried that we’d be able to see through it if I didn’t give it a break from the record needle.

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This was a very different sort of PRIDE. We made it to the dyke march — to lend our support. But, mostly we chilled and sat at the nude beach. The breeze was cold, but the sun was warm.

the fingers followed his breath
turning the skin to a map of tiny bumps
sensory over load

we know we’re being watched
that danger makes it even more fun

but, the sweetness of the drop
you know, when the world swirls so fast
all one can do is let the pressure hold you up

holding tight
this embrace
this moment
this magic
this love

Somehow, I didn’t mind that the sunblock failed me. Nor did I mind the icy water as I jumped into the Pacific.

Sand in my hair.

I know happiness.

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It wasn’t like I wanted all that much. I was in Paris. I just wanted to stalk Isabellee Huppert for a brief while. You know, just follow her around for an hour or twelve. Spend a bit of quality time watching her shop, drink tea, sulk about the stores and finish off a glam day at her favorite bar!

It should have been great!

But, instead — it was, well, kind of awkward.

…it all started here. there she was at a premiere! luckily, i had my handy Hello Kitty Look It’s Me, Isabelle! Signage. She was amused in that sexy bored kind of way, but ignored me just enough to cause me to sleep on the hard pavement outside her exclusive chateau. It was a bit cold but worth it because as she emerged from the gated area in her stylish Marc Jacobs jacket she casually glanced in my general direction and said, “Silly American, you repulse yet interest me. No! Don’t look at me!”
…so of course I followed her to the park.

“Stop following me, silly man!”

So, I picked up a stylish disguise as I followed her to a hot place that reminded me of Buddha Bar but was more expensive. They actually made her wait. Or, it might have been the fact that I acted like I was with her. I didn’t exactly pass the dress code, but being with Ms. Huppert gets one places! Tho, if one isn’t dressed appropriately you might still have to wait.

I was so happy! Well, I decided to just take the reigns and asked her if I could buy her a drink. Annoyed, she snapped — “If you must.”

We talked a about everything! Actually, I did most of the talking. I was really entertaining her with my wit and charm! She ended up tossing her wine on in my face. Before she stormed out of the bar she slapped me.

But, I think that was a good thing. So, I decided to hide behind the shrub outside the gate to her chateau. I didn’t really break in as much as I sort of let myself in. Anyway, she told me to leave. I told her I would be right out if she could just slap me again.
…Then she started breaking her husband’s rare vase collection. She explained that this wasn’t so much because I had violated her privacy as it was due to the fact that she had grown weary of the way he swallowed his coffee. Isabelle is world weary and wanted to buy new shoes. But, first, all of her husband’s vases had to be shattered. Besides, the maids needed something to clean.

Over all, it was a great adventure. She gave me her cell number but when I dial it I get some pizza joint in Paris. Must be some sort of mistake. Hate it when that happens.

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Sure, it is all but practically abandoned and there is just far too much salt. So much salt, in fact, that fish are dying by the thousands and rotting in the desert sun. And, then there is the sad plight of the rare birds who migrate there only to be killed by the ever escalating situation.

As Sonny Bono noted, shortly before he decided to go free-fall skiing, it is an ecological and environmental disaster that must be corrected! And, after his tragic death funds were raised by Congress. Sadly, most of those funds failed to make it to solve the real problem. …all that damn salt!

And, no, the sewage in the water is a myth. It is just too damned much salt. And, too many fish. And, far too many rotting fish. It was meant to be the perfect place for the wealthy to play. It was meant to be a bit of paradise in the desert. It was meant to be a man-made ocean full of happy, healthy fish — and free from the danger of sharks. It was meant to be a better and more beautiful version of Palm Springs. However, fate had other plans.

Cool hotels, resorts, ocean view homes and fun things went up! …but, then it all went terribly wrong. Water got diverted, too much salt, too many fish and then the stench began. As that stench and poverty began to sink The Salton Sea — the big money built up Palm Springs. And the spings of palm took over.

Hopes were lost, people gave up and left. A few still hang on. Are still hanging on, but they are getting quite old. It is all documented in the film, PLAGUES & PLEASURES ON THE SALTON SEA. The film traces the interesting history of this odd place. We meet the people who have remained and discover a quirky group of people who are determined to not give up. Nudist, a handsome barkeep with big dreams, some tough broads who refuse to go anywhere, an artiste on a mission from God to create a man made mountain near a man made ocean and a self-styled Russian who still seems to think that the American Dream might be real. …and all those dead fish melting into the soil. …and the smell. …and all that land abandoned, for sale and waiting for a solution which could be so easy.

The film exists in several versions. I found out about it because the organization for which I work helped to get it edited and made. It was originally a 56 minute documentary. Then it became an hour and forty-six minute film and now it is traveling the festival circuit with a new score, a new narration by John Waters and a shorter running time of an hour and twenty six minutes. It is an amazing, fun, sad and rather twisted tale of enduring hope and the sad state of things when money people get too involved.

Of course it is a real gamble, but…

At this very moment one can buy almost a full city block of land for less than $8K. And, one can also purchase a beautiful plot of ocean view property for under $20K. …and, at this point, it can be had with even bad credit.

San Diego is trying to take away most of the water claiming the Salton Sea to be a lost cause. However, if that happens and if the US government fails to finally fix the salt issue (which is totally “fix-able” —- then two things will happen which will cause some major problems for the nation’s major playas: That horrible stench will soon blow over to Palm Springs. And, it won’t go away. And, once the water is taken the stench filled dirt storms will begin. And, guess where they will be headed? Yep. Palm Springs.

I suspect that the issue of the Salton Sea will get resolved in the near future. And, once it is resolved — those $8K city blocks will be worth a couple of million. And, don’t even think about securing one of those ocean view lots for less than a cool million.

Just imagine. (or not)

But, I’m a bit of dreamer who loves the ocean and people who live on the fringe.

I’m dreaming. …and, it is an 8 hour drive away.

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Is it her interesting-Dusty Springfield-Come-Lately vocal delivery? Her uncomfortable mix of trailer trash and 60’s kitsch fashion sense? Her stripper-like poses? Her keen Valley Of The Dolls-like hair stylings?Her romances with rich old men, Glenn Campbell and Jim Stafford?
Her affiliation with Beverley Hill-billie, Jethro’s film version of her big hit song? Her virtual self-imposed disappearance from public life and musical career?
Or, could it be her music — which is actually quite well written and produced — when she wrote and had a hand in its production? …I’m just not sure, but whatever the case — I am obsessed with one, Miss Bobbie Gentry!

…and what was it that got she and Billie Joe tossed off the bridge?!?!? I don’t buy the whole Hollywood idea of a doll to symbolize the girl’s growing into a woman. Nope. I don’t buy it. I think that girl and Billie Joe were up to NO GOOD! …and, that had to be why he jumped off the Tallehasse Bridge.

Oh, Ms. Gentry. Where have you gone? Where?!?!?!

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As I walked her I had to wonder if she was really sight-impaired or just having fun. Sick fun, but judging from the look on her tiny face — this old woman was having an evil sort of fun that made me laugh and shake my head.

Tiny and at least 80, this little lady bustled down the subway platform swatting her vision-impaired cane at just about every set of feet she could catch. Not hard enough to hurt and certainly not hard enough to knock anyone down — but it was enough to startle and make people jump out of her way.

I suspected she wasn’t blind because she never touched a child or an elderly person. No. This little lady seemed to have her sights set on yuppies and people who just seem to want to mow others to be first in the que for the trains. And, she had a sly and quiet little smile on her face when she made it to the platform.

One of the yuppie dudes called out, “Whoa there, Nelly or we’re gonna have to toss ya to the rails!” He laughed. She turned and laughed revealing a mouth with only a couple of teeth.

Somehow, the whole thing struck me as oddly cute and funny.

I related this to someone. They, too, laughed. And then the person started the following conversation with me:

“Matty, only you!”

“It was just so off the wall I had to laugh!”

“So, what was she?”


“What was she?”

“Well, I really don’t think she was blind…”

“No. Was she black, Chinese or Mexican?”


“I was just curious about her ethnicity. Sounds Chinese or Mexican to me.”

Quite honestly I had not noticed, but I answered by saying:

“She was white and I don’t see how race matters.”

“Of course it matters. I can’t believe a white person would do such a thing!”

“Are you for real?!?!”

The person became very embarrassed and tried to change the subject. I excused myself. I will never think of this person the same again.

…I found myself in want of a cane at that exact moment.

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“Hey, you ok?”

Her voice yanked me out of my thoughts. Far too many. So many, in fact, that they really didn’t make much sense or add up to anything.

“I’m fine, thanks.”

And, she gave me another Diet Coke ‘on the house’

Her smile gave away a sense of pity and worry with which I am not comfortable. So, I turned my gaze back out the window.

I pulled at that wrist chain. The one given me by the odd little art student who had wanted me to pose nude. I remember he had no luck getting anyone to pose because of the odd things he wanted his subjects to do. Nothing perverted, really. Just odd. As I left the large apartment he was using for that weekend, he gave me this little beaded bracelet hand-crafted by his sister.

I guess this feeling brought on by the waitress’ glance had brought me back to the feeling of that moment from over a year ago.

I had refused to drop my clothing and pose for that kid, but I felt more naked at that awkward moment of gifting than I would feel a few days later when I would actually pose without clothing.

My last year in my thirties and I shed it all for art — and to preserve a moment in time of my body which was back in shape after being out of shape for so long. I remember the talented photographer working on his computer as I put my clothes back on. The art student’s bracelet was on me. I realized I had left it on during the “photo shoot”

I remember that made me smile and feel a bit guilty.

Well over a year later I sat there looking out the window, my fingers running around the feeling of the art student’s sister’s craft’d handi-work and I watched all the people walking by lost in their own personal stories. All of which were forming a sort of collective personal history.

The Diet Coke was flat. I was tired. Time to head home.

I left a tip — and a bracelet.

listening to The Shortwave Set. Why is it that everything that comes out of Europe sounds and looks better to me?

wasted time
i got my head to fill
i got some time to kill
to fill
I got something
Don’t want nothing
Can you keep it for a while?
We can leave it in a certain kind of style…”

(pick this CD up — or download it. you’ll be glad you did. trust me.)

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YET ANOTHER LOSS FOR GayTown & Meditation Envy

B’s not feeling well. Tooth infection. He’s taking antibiotics and Vicodin. Not that I doubted it, but I really know he is not well as he declined a trip to Nordstrom’s last night, fell into deep sleep at about 8pm and asked me to cancel my plans with Ing to stay in with him tonight. Poor guy.

Anyway, this morning he thought he was feeling a little better. We had an afternoon party and then I had plans with Ing — but we walked to my fave place in The Castro for brunch, Welcome Home. An awesome diner-like establishment that has been serving queers for over 30 years! My fave seat is the one in the back corner above which hangs a painting done by some local artist — an interesting piece of SF Queer Culture — the water color (which appears to have been done sometime in the late 70’s) features a sort of snapshot of Welcome Home when it was still new and there was no such horror as AIDS yet on the horizon. Happy, thin, muscular and bearded men in tight jeans are eating in the painting. And, the decor seems to have only changed a bit since then. Welcome Home is almost always busy. With a wide range of diners. Old, young, gay, str8t, lesbian, tourists, daddies, club kids still twitching from the night before and me observing them all. When I was unemployed or when I’ve felt sad — it is to Welcome Home I would go to have a large Diet Coke and just soak it all in.

When you walk into Welcome Home you’re normally greeted by a way cool hostess who is both funny and kind. “kind” + “funny” is not so easy a mix to find in a world full of ironic hip-ness. If you know and enjoy Welcome Home — you know I’m writing of “L” who totally rocks!!! Well, today L, the hostess with the most, told us that tomorrow is the last day of life for Welcome Home. The doors to the restaurant close forever tomorrow.

It made me feel so very sad. This was one of the first places I ever ate in SF. This is my fave place for brunch. This is where Ing and I shared a great holiday meal and poured over our (many but always attractive!) insecurities. This is where B and I have had a few romantic moments and few arguments. This place always felt, well, like a “home” to me. And, after tomorrow it is no more. B left L a big tip. We promised the sweet guy at the register we would be there tomorrow. But, I won’t be there. It would be too sad to me.

Word on the street is that the landlord’s kids have gotten greedy and doubled the lease so to get them out. It sounds like they had already leased it out before Welcome Home new the lease was even going up. Interestingly, the landlord’s kids refuse to say who has bought or who is moving in. I hope it isn’t Starbucks or some other lame chain. It probably is. This, to me, is even more sad than when The Cove took down their years of cool SF Queer History photos! At least The Cove still grooves on and you can see the pictures which were all scanned and are now projected to plasma screens. …but it is just no longer the same. The Cove’s magic left with the actual photographs.

…this is why everywhere in the US (and the world) is starting to look the same. We are owned by the corporate world. The Castro has changed so much in less than 10 years. I was last here in 1998. We had bagels at this cute little place which, upon my perm return in 2005, had become a Diesel. Now, I like Diesel as much as anyone but I do miss the bagels. We have another bagel source down the street. And we still have Orphan Andy’s which has, I believe, a longer history than Welcome Home. But, Orphan Andy’s — as cool as it is — is no Welcome Home.

If B were not sick. I might have tried to convince he and Ing into going to the Sing A Long Grease before The Castro turns into a Sony Megaplex. We could possibly even grab a drink after the show at the Twin Peaks Bar (aka The Glass Coffin) …which is likely to become a Fridays any minute now.

Now, as B sleeps I’ve slipped out to my balcony. I call it mine because B never comes out here. I love to feel the breeze and listen to all the odd things one can hear at our place. …like the couple (one of whom we suspect is a hustler) who are always “experimenting” — we’ve heard more than a few crash/booms/ahhhh’s/ohhhhh’s/harder! harder! harder!’s/Whip me, baby!’s/Who’s your daddy, pig?!?’s/Get the fuck out!’s over the last year, the folks to the right who are forever gardening and discussing local politics, and the random Castro Street noises one hears from time to time. …and the sweet scent of pot that wafts up to greet me from one set of the neighbors below who seem to always be moving furniture.

I like these sounds.

But, when I look to my left and I become envious of the cute gay couple who live behind us. They have this gorgeous little patio which they keep clean but never use. Can you see it in my lame attempt to photograph it? I’m quite jealous of it. I bet their apartment is incredible, too. But, I also bet they don’t get the cool sounds we get. Nor, do they get the pleasure of my music blaring! (or maybe they do. …maybe that’s why they’re never there. Hmmmm…) …and when it comes to my music blaring you never know if you might be hearing a bit of Babs, Led Zep or NIN. You just never know. Anyway, if this little patio were ours — I would use it. I would most definitely meditate my Castro ass off!

…I might even be inspired to do some of those paper lattes yoga things that Ing and Madonna do.

And, this is the view from our dining room windows. …looking down, that is. …Ing sat outside these windows and sang a Beck song while carefully decorating Christmas cookies. Anyway, our downstairs neighbors get a patio. Both set of neighbors share this patio. I would not enjoy it much as the sunlight is limited and everyone in the building looks in and down at them. I often see this naked guy doing dishes. …and, not too long ago, I’m fairly certain our upstairs neighbors were having a bit too much with another boy and someone tossed their cookies upon their potted plants. Either that, or they scooped out some gross meaty concoction from above. Not too nice. Yet, I do so love our building.

I love our apartment, tho we can’t seem to get the wall in the dining room done. We try. Or, I should say B continues to try/play with the frames while I play/try with the images posted within their boundaries. I recently picked up some way cool stuff to go in them. However, I got the thumbs down on this neat Iggy Pop picture. Oh well. …I should probably find a new/better place to keep my bike. And, we still need some chairs for the table. We want to have a dinner party but we have no chairs. oy.

It is a gorgeous day. B sleeps soundly. And, I’m listening to this: …big surprise, right?

The cover to this LP was taken in 1975 in Babs’ living room. I wish I had a living room just like it. It looks so groovy and comfortable. I wonder if one was required to wear turbans and scarves to chill there in the presence of Barbra? I’d like to think it would be required.

But, it is a lazy afternoon. I’m bored, but that’s ok. I’m going to go lounge on my balcony… I wish there were no such thing as lung cancer. I’d like a ciggie right about now.

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Yes, B and I flew out to Denver for my family reunion! Yes, B met my mom. My mom met B. B met my brother and my brother met my B. And, I reunited with my Aunts, Uncles and cousins — some of whom I hadn’t seen in close to 20 some odd years. And, I met some cousins who I had only heard of. Cute babies! speaking of cute babies — this is my mom holding one of them!!! So cute! I don’t have many pix of my mother as she ended up being quite sick and we only got to hang with her for a couple of hours. …and, this is another cousin posing with my brother — so cute!!!! This is my little cousin’s “Spiderman” face and he does on cue! Classic! …me and my cousin and one of her precious children! We wanted to take them home, but she said no and B wasn’t up for kidnapping.

…i’m not sure i’ve ever looked gayer than i do in this picture. not sure what i was pondering, but it must have had me puzzle’d in a most gay way!

We visited the hotel which Stanley Kubrick used as the template for the Overlook Hotel in THE SHINING.
It was kind of cool because we drove the same route that the characters drive in the film. I guess that segment was directed by Stanley’s AD. As Mr. Kubrick never left the UK once he landed there from NYC in the 60’s. And, tho smaller in scale, you could tell it was the hotel which inspired the set design back in London. Still, I was a bit annoyed by all the blood pouring out of the elevator and those creepy twins who wanted me to play with them forever and ever. Fucking brats…

Of course, we all had lunch with Madonna who was hanging out with Demi, Bruce and That Dude who lost his car. Bruce made advances and B set the old man straight! It was so cool! Oh! And, for kicks me and my brother held up a 7-11! No one was harmed, but I did make the cashier do a happy dance as we shot at his feet. The cops tried to put us away but I got Paris on the phone and she got us off. Tho, it looks like that might end up being void. So, I think we’ll have to stay out of Colorado for a while.


That last paragraph was not true. I just can’t think of anything witty or exciting to share with you! Maybe I should just let the pix speak for themselves! …making a scene down below this ski left thing begging B, my brother and cousins from avoiding certain death. I do so love to make a scene.

Me and my gorgeous cousin dancing! …well, she was dancing. I posed. She looked so cool in this salsa style dress!!!

this is me, my brother, my cousin and my mom’s sister. family picture. My cousin is so pretty and is a kick ass dancer! B is showing me something, but I don’t remember what. He is so fucking cute!!!!

And, these are The Hip Hop Brothas striking a pose! Most worrying!

…madonna would not shut up about the challenges of being rich and famous! Ugh!

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