Adventures in Montreal, A Flirt from a Stranger and a Painting of a Pear!

Hey! Happy New Year! As we move into 2004 we are preparing to move to our new condo in Boston, awaiting the arrival of my brother — and my mom later in the spring! This will be a year of change and cool things!

We had a great time in Montreal
! You will note that we have not quite mastered the use of the digital camera I got Karl for Christmas, but those are our first attempts. We did a lot of shopping and eating! I suspect that we’ve both put on some pounds — Karl can afford to do that. I can’t! Ugh!

As we aren’t really club people and Karl had no interest in even checking out the bars we visited in the past — we saw a couple of movies in the evenings as I refused to go back to the hotel room before 10pm! We saw “Mona Lisa Smile” …don’t ask. And we saw “The Triplets of Belleville” at one of the English speaking cinemas, tho I am not sure why one needs an English version of that film — very limited speaking moments. A most interesting film.

Karl really wanted to just chill out one night so I went out on my own. I headed to this cool cinema that was showing an Australian film called “Alexandra’s Project” — a very effective thriller. If it makes it to the US — you gotta see it! Anyway, a French-Canadien hit on me! I seem to be getting hit on a lot as of late. As I was in a different country I was more open and allowed this individual to sit with me to watch the movie. I explained that I was in a LTR and he was cool about it — tho, he continued to pursue the idea of a few drinks after the film — which I declined. His name was Stefan. I made a point of walking away in the opposite direction once we walked out of the cinema —- luckily for me, that direction did lead me back to our hotel! I am always so damned lost! It is really sad.

Discovered a lot of great French music and was even able to pick up the latest from Kylie which has yet to find its way to the US! Ugh! Actually, it was kind of like a dream come true for me. I ran through Quebec’s largest CD store and spent $300 (Canadian dollars) on CD’s!!! Karl was most annoyed, but I had a blast!

Karl purchased a way cool leather jacket! He looks most hot in it.

We made a point of visiting the Montreal Museum of Fine Art so that we could take in this show about the 1960’s. The coolest part of the exhibit was Janis Joplin’s porche which is covered with way-cool paintings! I am so glad that her family didn’t give it to her home town in Texas. They never appreciated her. The folks at this museum were loving her car — as were we!

Now, for some reason I have become obsessed with finding a painting of a pear for our new condo. Not sure why, but I knew we must find one. I considered asking my brother to paint one for us, but I worried that this request might compromise his artistic integrity. Anyway, while we were roaming the beautiful old section of Montreal we came across the perfect painting of a pear! …the only way we could legitimize the purchase was to cut our hotel stay short by a day. We decided it was worth it. So, our pear is ready to be hung. Looks like we may get to close on the new place before the beginning of February!!! Yeah!

I saw the sequel to “The Decline of the American Empire” today. It is called “The Barbarian Invasions” — I loved it, but would not have cared much for it had I not seen the first film. I am not even sure if most folks realize that it is a sequel. Anyway, it is quite good and filled with scenes of Montreal!

Well, happy new year! Here’s to 2004! Much love and peace to you all!

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We Got the Condo of Our Dreams!!!!

We delayed our trip to Canada by one day so that we could put in an offer on that condo that was $50K out of our league…

And They
accepted our offer!!!! We have a closing date and are all set to roll! The only possible snag we could encounter is if our buyer should back out for some reason. That would suck — so am not going to think about it! I am just so pleased —- dude, we are movin’ on up!!!!

Happy New Year! I’ll be back to blogging when we return from Montreal on the 1st!

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Ho! Ho! Ho!

Happy Christmas! We had a nice one. Karl’s mom prepared a great holiday meal and our friends, Ellen and Chuck, stopped by with their cute son, Will. Lots of holiday cheer. The day got off to a great start as I purchased 2 $10 scratch tickets and won $100! Karl got me lots of cool DVDS such “Belle de Jour” and “The Anna Nicole Smith Show” DVD collection! He seems quite pleased with the digital camera I got for him.

…and — OUR CONDO SOLD!!!! Yeah! We made a nice profit! We close on 2/16. So, tomorrow we return to the condo in Boston we seem to like the most and are going to reserve it and make an offer. We shall see how that goes. Please keep your fingers crossed for us because we REALLY like this unit! It will be cool to be back in Boston again.

We leave for Montreal early Saturday morning —- we will be there for 5 days. So I won’t be able to blog for a little while, but I shall return with tales of our adventures in eating and shopping in Canada!!

Hope everyone is enjoying the holiday season!

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A Sexy Birthday

Ralph Fiennes (pronounced “Rafe” to those of us in the know) turns 41 years of age today and is still lookin’ mighty good. Sigh. I think Karl’s profile is very similar to Ralph’s — most sexy. I even thought Ralph Fiennes was hot in “Schindler’s List” …which I think is rather sick on my part — but I can’t help it!

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Sad Sweater

My assistant gave me a really sweet Christmas gift. It is a beautiful Nautica sweater. I wore it on Friday and took several new hires to lunch. When I returned to the office I realized I had spilled sauce on it. I washed it and made the mistake of putting it in the dryer. It is half the size it was before.

this saddens me a great deal. I really loved that sweater and only got to wear it twice. I was also going to wear it tonight to see the Chorus perform. Sadness.

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Random Thoughts…

So I saw “Calendar Girls” Friday night with my pal, Jen. I enjoyed the movie, but really had a much better time just catching up with Jen who I’ve not had the ability to hang with in quite some time. The movie was cute.

Against the advice of Jen I saw “21 Grams” this afternoon (Saturday – I think it may already be Sunday morning. ?) — mainly because Sean Penn looked so hot in the commercials I had seen. All brooding and naked! Little did I know we were supposed to believe he was suffering from, like, totally severe heart probs and had been on a waiting list for a new heart for over a year and then got a heart transplant — yet he was able to maintain exceptional body tone and a tight ass. …So much for realism, but I thought the acting in the movie was decent.

However, it was over 2 hours of misery without any big pay-off other than the fact that every human loses 21 grams at the time of death. It did not, however, answer the more profound question of how many of the 21 grams were actually fat loss vs. soul exit. This frustrated me. At any rate — if this little theory is actually true (I suspect it is not) — then we all get to lose a bit of weight at the time of death. And, I figure that should count for something! “Go ahead — go toward the light — You’re getting thinner! Yes!!”

As I sat with my tub of popcorn and vat of soda in the cinema this afternoon, I thought about my love of going to the movies. Why do I enjoy it so? I know I find it relaxing — the only time I am aware that I totally stop thinking about a zillion things and just concentrate on the story being projected on the screen infront of me. I also really just enjoy the escape of it. Not to imply that I enjoy “happy/fluffy” movies — because I usually do not — but I do like getting lost in a story and just escape being me for a while. It is a form of escape I can’t seem to get from books, music or TV. Gee, that sounds kind of sad — but it really isn’t. Actually, I supect that sitting in the dark eating lots of popcorn and drinking loads of soda while watching Sean Penn get it on with Naomi Watts is a healthy experience. Right?

We also saw about 7 condos today. I fell in what I would call slo-love with one. A great space with all new fixtures — in fact, no one has yet lived in it! But it seems to be a bit out of our league price wise. It should be noted that this little problem has never stopped me before. Karl really liked it too — so we are thinking about trying to pursue it and offer a really low price and see how much bargaining room we might have. Of course the lady who is buying our place really needs to sell her house so we can get rolling here! Someone else wants to look at our place for the third time — if she decides to make an offer we want to accept we just have to give our current buyer 24 hours to move to close. So, please keep your fingers crossed!

We’re seeing the Boston Gay Men’s Chorus perform their annual holiday show Sunday night. Our pal, Jason, is joining us for the musical fun! Am looking forward to it! But first we have to go to the North Shore Mall and Karl has to find a gift for his mother. This part of the day will not be much fun. Karl is not a very solid shopper and never takes my advice first time around — so we amble about for several hours throughout the mall but always end up back in the first store purchasing the item I originally suggested. Ah, fun at the holidays!

Oh, and a confession here — a few weeks ago I secretly purchased the new Enrique Iglesias CD and I, like, totally love it. I think Enrique really brings out the inner-8th grade girl who dwells inside of me. That little girl has been searching for a replacement for Andy Gibb since the day Andy passed away. I thought for a while the replacement was going to be Robbie Williams, but he let me down and got way too many tatoos. Enrique could be the one! I have kept the CD in our car for quite sometime — I finally brought it in tonight. I was worried Karl would make fun of me — however he just read this over my shoulder and only commented that I was spelling Enrique’s name wrong. I corrected it.

Well, I should get to bed as it is after 1am, but I am just not sleepy.

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Oh! A big thank you to my pal, Jen
, for helping me out big time with my blog site this morning. I was no longer able to post and it was driving me crazy — but she came to my rescue and took care of the problem and even cleaned up my site for me! If you’ve never visited her site, be sure to stop by and say hello and check out the further adventures of her bunny!!

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blogging woes…

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Friend of Dorothy?

I’ve no reason to believe this is not real, but even if it isn’t — I am just going to pretend it is because it makes me laugh —–

“Transported to a surreal landscape, a young girl kills the first woman she meets and then teams up with three complete strangers to kill again.”— Marin County newspaper’s TV listing for “The Wizard of Oz”

…this was not written by any friend of Dorothy I know!

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OK — so I’ve been dealing with an odd, and most annoying, problem with my nipples. Yes, it seems awkward to even write that down, but it is true. The doctors thought it was related to some meds I had been on this past summer. So I went thru a lot of blood work. All of it came back as normal with no hormonal issues.

The doctors were a bit stumped.

So, the next thing to do was to make sure it was not this Pagets Disease of the Nipple (male breast cancer) Went in to have the mamogram done this afternoon. I’ve had the appointment for about a week. I’ve been having nightmares, panic attacks and was generally terrified. I felt like such an idiot at the clinic today because my hands and knees would not stop shaking. Anyway my “former” pleasure bumps and breast areas hurt — and being that I do not have boobs I was warned that the mamogram process would be quite painful.

They were not lying.

The whole process seems rather barbaric and mean if you ask me. There has just got to be a better way to do these things. You know, it is like Alice Cooper used to sing, “Only women bleed” …Oh my God — it kills!!!! On top of that the technician didn’t get a good picture out of one of the four so we had to do one again! She would position me as close as she could to these flat plates and then she had to push/pull my nipples and skin on to the plates, press a button and the plates shut down onto my nipple/skin mass. …then she took the picture. I just bit my lower lip and tried not to cry.

However, there is a good ending. I was asked to wait in the examination room and a doctor came in and told me that all four pictures revealed that there was no sign of cancer! Yeah! I was so relieved.

The doctor told me that although this is not cancer-related — something is wrong. The breast tissue on my right side is inflamed and, of course, the nipples just don’t look right. I feel so attractive. Anyway, I guess it is back to the doctor again. I keep wondering if it some kind of alergic reaction to something or derm related. …but no more cancer worries!

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