…I only just forced “B” into watching Barbra in her first non-musical film from 1971 called THE OWL & THE PUSSYCAT — this was before she became obsessed with lighting/angles/perfection and full control. You know, when she was still taking chances, being funny and acting. Anyway, this was a racy film for its day. One of the first mainstream films to feature the word “fuck” It now carries a PG rating because Sony Entertainment edited it down to secure an R for the folks over at Blockbusters.

Anyway, Babs filmed a nude scene which she later decided she didn’t want included in the film. Interestingly, those who saw the “sneak previews” in NYC/LA back in 1971 saw Barbra’s boobies in the third reel. However, when it was released a few weeks later Barbra required Columbia and Herb Ross to delete the scenes. So when you see the movie now you can see where the screen has been “fogged” and even clipped. Several years later HIGH SOCIETY magazine found the “discarded” footage and published it — Babs and her lawyers tore them apart and store owners were required to rip the pages from the magazine and send back to High Society or face penalty. Oddly, most agreed. Now, they would have been on Ebay. Funny thing is that Streisand sued and stopped release of the pictures because a fake porno was being hawked at about the same time claiming to feature Babs in ‘the early days” — problem is that it is clearly a fake porno. Fingers are short, and the 3 girl is a tad over-weight and her hair is so 1975 vs. 1961 which is the year the silly pornographers. Babs had also just filmed a semi nude scene for A STAR IS BORN and opted to delete that one as well because she was concerned about her mother and her child’s reactions. Just a nice Jewish girl.

Well, this cool guy from Italy who reads my blog sent me this multiple scanned photo from that “infamous” never seen scene! Not sure why, but I’ve always been curious.

…I don’t really see why she wanted to prevented us from seeing her boobs. They look perfectly nice. Perky, pink and cute.
Anyway, I felt Barbra needed the exposure with her upcoming concert tour and all. So, I am sharing with you. I hope I don’t get sued. Or, maybe it would be cool to be sued by Babs! I’d be so thrilled!

I feel all dirty and ashamed. …but, then again, not really.


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Ok, so there is most definitely a fashion thing going on with antlers. I now own 5 shirts covered in antlers of one sort or another — and frequently these antlers are attached to people. What is up with this? Of course I joke that this was inspired by Goldfrapp who incorporated this look in their vidclips as early as 2003 but they have yet “to break” to cause a fashion culture shift. So, what gives? …and, why do I like it?
…I really like this shirt! This was the “look” I worked the other day and it seemed to inspire many of the “Cool — where did you get that?” sort of questioning.
…and, this young man had antlers tat’d on to his back. Hmmmmm… I chased him down at PRIDE to capture this picture.

What is up with the antlers?!?!?

Fash Mag Slag — do you know? Is this your doing?

Jungle Jane — did you start this fad?

Ing — did you get an antler shirt yet? hurry!!!!

Speaking of Goldfrapp — I’ve written of the inspiration for their neat-O song, “Ride A White Horse” but this is an actual photograph of The White Horse and his original rider!!! This is a 1977 photo of “Lady Godiva” riding out on the white horse at Studio 54! Neat! This was taken by Allan Tannenbaum and was recently used as the cover for “Deep Disco Culture Volume One” — a fantastic 2 CD set out of the UK which features some of the coolest classic disco tracks you will EVER hear!!! I highly recommend it!

Now take me dancing
At the Disco
Where you buy your
I wanna ride on a white horse
I want to ride on a white horse

When the light turns into darkness
Will he turn up to explain us?
I wanna ride on a white horse
I want to ride on a white horse

Lend me a whole new world
All night
Feel life
When is there ever sense
To love
This world

In the whirlpool
We’ll go deeper
In this world that’s
Getting cheaper

I wanna ride on a white horse
I want to ride on a white horse

I like dancing
At the disco
I want blisters
You’re my leader
I wanna ride on a white horse
I want to ride on a white horse

Oh I love this feeling
Feels like forever
Oh I love this feeling
Feels like real

Goldfrapp, 2005

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Sometimes pictures speak louder than words. Especially when I am tired and can’t think of much to write. Here are some pix I captured after that pink triangle was fully formed on Twin Peaks…

Isn’t he cute?!?!!?

Chi Chi LaRue Gay Porn Stars A Plenty!
…cute girl started her own undies bizness!!! support her!!! she was so sweet and cute!
go go gay bois @ american boy!
pretty hot go go dyke in the gay hip hop section of the fair!
…who are these two????
…and The Ark was there!!!! Yay!!!!
…it looks like your basic plush pussy toy — but go closer and look inside!!!
…this is way neater than inside Jeanie’s bottle!!! well, maybe not — but still pretty damn cool and oddly cute!
…this little lady was not only making sure that gay SF kept it clean, but recycled as well!!!

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I was given a “free” half day today by my fab employers — they rock in the most disco way possible. Anyway, as I was walking I made note of my iPod’s selection when I selected “shuffle” and my walk from Powell to the Castro began as follows:

“Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” by Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell
“Beautiful” by Goldfrapp
“Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” by Diana Ross

…and, as I heard Miss Ross’ cover of the Ashford/Simpson tune I caught a glimpse of Twin Peaks and noticed the infamous pink triangle is still only partially formed. I guess they add a side every day till the Big Day. It was interesting because this moment sort of captured how I feel. Over the years I’ve become somewhat bored (jaded?) regarding PRIDE. I mean, it is always the same. However, once it arrives the energy does grab me. Right now, tho — my PRIDE is only partially formed, but the weather is perfect and there is a lovely breeze blowing. And, as much as I do love Mr. Gaye and Ms. Terrell’s passionate (and original reading) of the song —- there is just something about the cold and the mistakenly insincere delivery of Miss Ross. I can just see Diana perched in the splendor of a pink spot while the Supremes are hidden in the shadows — and as she reaches the chorus, her painfully thin arms reach out to her audience with a mixture of disdain, boredom and glitter. Well, that is the beauty and magic that is Diana Ross. Partially formed but Full Throttle Diva. And, for a few minutes I imagined Miss Ross standing at that one streak of pink singing “I’m Coming Out” with that same effective ineffectiveness with which she sings. Sigh.

Being SF PRIDE, the Castro gyms have put aside the protein shakes and have broken out the really important stuff.
…for those creamy moments.

And as I continued my walk I decided to take a shot of what I consider to be the best diner in all of San Francisco. Yes, Top’s! True, it is wicked expensive but the pancakes can’t be beat and the ambiance is spot on. Can’t be beat!

Then I came upon my fave clothing store. This is where I get most of my stuff. I love this store!

However, if I had the money — this is where I would get ALL my clothing! I love this store — but from a distance. I guess I partially love it. I wonder if the Fash Mag Slag knows of Solis.

It is so nice outside right now. The heat has given way to a perfect San Francisco afternoon. Perfect and fully formed.

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Wow — so much has been going on! A hot new boyfriend! Way cool friends! A cool and highly unusual job! A pending law suit settlement! Trying to go off these annoying meds! So, let’s see — where to start. …well, B is seriously rocking my world. My cell phone fell from my hands this morning as I waited for the M train and it has not worked since. This means I am unable to call B. Most frustrating. Good thing it is insured. T-Mobile will be having a visit from me tomorrow while on my lunch break.

My way cool pal, Darren Stein, had his new production of a film by Cam Archer play at SF’s Frameline LGBT Film Festival. Cam Archer is only 24 years old and has created a visually stunning meditation on surviving Junior High School as a gay boy. Surviving middle school is hard enough, but when you add hormones and being queer to the mix it can be a horror movie. Darren produced the film with Gus Van Sant. If you get a chance to see it — check it out. I do believe it will be finding its way to the Sundance Channel soon. Anyway, some of the gang got together and saw the movie on Darren and Cam’s big night. It was a sold out show. Lots of energy. I think Cam Archer was a stand up comedian in his last life as he was so funny on the stage before and after the screening. B and me hung out with Darren and his entourage on Saturday. Darren brought “The Twins” with him. Two very cute and almost identical twins who are producers/screenwriters and rising “stars” within the film industry. They are 20 but look 14 and are very smart and funny. After the movie we did experience a bit of that old Hollywood Shine-Off, but he four of us had a blast at Alan’s fave trash Mexican restaurant in the Mission. B, Ing & Alan freezing in line at Frameline at The Castro!!!

…you can’t really tell, but I am wearing a way cool printed T of a woman with deer antlers. God bless Goldfrapp!!! …and my teeth are way-more-white!!!!

My pal, Mark, gave me his old mountain bike — and was kind enough to give me a pristine copy of the Janis Joplin CD box. …this was actually more of a personal gift that I will always treasure. It would not be cool to blog about it, but I was really very touched. I had this CD box set but UPS had lost it when I moved from Boston to SF last year.

I was able to spend some much needed Ing-time. Ing time is great because I get to laugh so hard my sides hurt and my brain gets stimulated. And, as always, we get far too loud and get looks — which makes me much happy! …I love this picture of Ing. I caught her in mid pose with the way cool auto bio of Candy Darling. This is in one of Ing’s book stores — but this is the one which she assisted in the color design. Cool. Oh, and I got the Candy Darling book! LOL! Tomorrow the evening is to be spent with the wondrous Milford who is taking me to dinner. Thursdays are dinner with Milford night. This translates to fun conversations and Milford taking me to restaurants which I could never afford. I worry that I embarrass him with my hyper-ness at some of these way cool places. And, then comes Friday! My bosses are letting me off early — and I get to be paid, too!!! So, my hope is that B will find a way to get off from work early so we can play in this perfect weather. But, if he can’t — then I shall take in an afternoon movie and pick up when he gets out of work. And the weekend is full of plans. (one of which will be a Saturday evening with Ing, her boy toy and B!!! Yay!!!)

This week started my going off of all of the meds I’ve been on. I am getting off these meds mainly so I can drink wine after dinner and have a Bombay Sapphire on the weekends. My plan is to become an alcoholic before the end of the year. I hear this is going to be the new trend for 2007. So, I want to get the deck clear before New Years hits. No, but I don’t think I need the meds so it will be cool to be rid of them.

Oh! And, kids! New music to be discovered!!!!

…Really awesome. I think of them as Belle & Sebastian’s off-beat little sister.

…you MUST get this right now!!! I mean, you’ve never really heard “Bye Bye Love” till you hear it sung by two girls with washboards as instruments. Wicked cool stuff!

…OK, if you’re not into Matmos — then you need to get into Matmos! I mean, these two cool lovers have made music with Bjork, the sounds of invasive surgery and have now added the sex sounds of the San Francisco club, Blow Buddies, to their mix. Beyond description. However, everyone needs to hear “Steam and Sequins For Harry Levan”!!!!

Well, I hope this post wasn’t too dull. Now, I have to go get the laundry out of the dryer and I hope to catch up on my blog reading!!!

love and kisses from Gay Town USA!!!

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This has been a big weekend! After over two years my dear friend, Milford, was announced as an official master of the hula! This was a moment he had been working so hard toward. It was an honor for us to watch and share in this very important day. I could see true bliss in Milford’s face after the performance. In the next several days you will be able to see more of his day on his site! Check it out! Follow the link on the far left called “Digitic” —- but here are a few pix from the day. The fog took over, but it didn’t spoil the beauty of the dancing.

NOTE — Milford has asked me to state that he is not a “master” of hula. My opinions are my own. But, I do think he was awesome!!!!
…work it, Milly!
…the gang on Milford’s big day!
alan and me watching hula flash dancing!
…i’m in love with alan’s shoes which he bought in Canada. i like to touch them. it makes him quite uncomfortable. which makes me like to touch them even more. i’m just that kind of guy. yeah. i’m edgy.
ing and milford bringing sunshine to a day that had none… (ing is so good at that!)

Then, we left Milford to hang out with his Hula pals and we headed for a few drinks at The Wild Side West in Bernal Heights. A super cool/mellow lesbian (but friendly to mix) bar!
…isn’t B cute?
…i promise. i am not stoned. i just look that way.

As we sat around we ended up talking about the things that really matter in life — you know, global warming, politics, Janis Joplin, and blow jobs. Actually, we mostly discussed blow jobs. This, of course, is the most important topic one can discuss. I hope you all realize this. Anyway, Ing confessed to this group of gay men that she has never felt too confident in the fine art of pleasuring a man and desperately wants to so that she can please this really hot guy she has been dating. Let’s call him Cute ScreenWriter Guy. Anyway, we all gave her a few pointers. I found a beer bottle and gave a quick demonstration about the importance of breathing at the right time and in the right way. Alan, the resident expert of the bunch, gave the most helpful hint — but that was whispered to Ing so only she knows what he told her. Anyway, I captured the moment of Ing trying to master the art on the beer bottle here —

…OK, let’s just say that Ing is a fast learner and I think that beer bottle even felt something. Anyway, I think Cute ScreenWriter Guy is in for a really nice evening. …And, I wanna know what Alan whispered! Damn it!!!!

I think we might be seeing the new version of THE OMEN today. I guess it will be neat to see the Son of Satan mow down Mia Farrow with a tri-cycle. I mean, we all have wanted to mow her down with one from time to time, right? Speaking of cycles, Mark is giving me his old bike! Whoo hoo!

“…rant and rave to manipulate me. From the nipple to the bottle never satisfied. From the nipple to the bottle now the cow must die” …wise words from Miss Grace Jones — the Ultimate Slave to the Rhythm.

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I am not old enough to remember this for myself, but I’ve read quite a bit about it. So, in 1972 when Berry Gordy and Motown Records branched out into the wonderful world of cinema he decided to bring the story of Billie Holiday to the screen. That would be a challenge for the finest of filmmakers. Poor Berry was way over his head. Now, I saw LADY SINGS THE BLUES when I was in college. Despite Gordy’s TV-Movie-Like approach to the life of Ms. Holiday and his insistence to create something of a hero out of the character played by Billy Dee Williams and the Cliff Notes edition of a life filled with passion, sadness, desperation, happiness, adventure and the blues — Diana Ross gives a very good performance. She is believable and brings the horrid script and film to life. She does quite well in the role until she has to sing. I avoided Billie Holiday for years because I had this sad idea that she sang like Diana Ross. My loss. Anyway, the film was fairly panned by critics except for Miss Ross’ performance — for which she received the OSCAR nomination. If she hadn’t sung, she might have won.

Ross, in my opinion, has never been a great singer. She can carry a tune — but it has always been more about the attitude, the look and all those pretty dresses! There is no soul in that voice. Her vocals rendered the songs made famous by Billie Holiday to pop trash.

For years, Miss Ross has claimed that Mr. Gordy ignored her original recordings and take on the Billie Holiday/Jazz/Blues sound and co-opted it for that infamous Motown Sound. About a decade after the film came out, Mr. Gordy hinted that he had made the decision to toss out Ross’ original vocal work and had her work with the producers and mixers who brought The Supremes to life. Hmmmm… Of course, this is also the same woman who hired Chic to produce an LP for her which she quickly shelved and re-recorded and produced by the same folks who “destroyed” her jazz work. Hmmmm… The re-issue of the DIANA lp to DVD which features both the Motown version and the original Chic version shows us that Miss. Ross made an error. Chic created a cutting edge sound that would have taken the Diva in a new direction but she opted out on that. Her loss. …of course, that LP was a big hit and her vocals are just fine for the disco-lite she re-fashioned after the new-wave-ish sound that Chic attempted to establish for her. The same is not true for the music in LADY SINGS THE BLUES. …Billie Holiday gone the way of pop/Doris Day/glam/pink lighting…

With the recent release of LADY SINGS THE BLUES to DVD, this debate has started again. Diana Ross trying to deflect the negative reviews of her horrible vocals to the blame of the film’s producer/director and her creator — Berry Gordy. Blah, blah, blah.

Well, kids — Miss. Ross may refuse us the pleasure of MAHOGANY on DVD (somewhere sits a cargo of over one million copies of that film on DVD just waiting to be released to us. But, alas, Miss Ross has nailed down that cargo. BUT — she has finally whipped Gordy to submission and the original tapes which Ross made with some of the finest jazz musicians still living in the early 70’s have re-surfaced. Miss Ross has reportedly “put a great deal of effort” into the restoration of these recordings and they will be finding their way to our record stores later this month in a collection called, “Blue” — yes, this is the Diva’s last chance to show us that she can get down and jazzy. This, so says Miss Ross, is what we should have heard in the film before silly ol’ Berry got his hands on her and her jazz band. The interesting thing is that “inside word” is saying that the recordings are quite good and they could have very well saved the film much of its embarrassment. Hmmmm… Well, I shall be picking it up because I have deep respect for anyone who had the nerve to record a disco song about the decor of a house and make it a Top 10 hit.

“Every-bod-ie wants ME! I am MA-HAH-GANYYYYY!” …did she really know where she was going to?

Meanwhile, the new issue of that joyish Netherlands magazine “for homosexuals” is out. …BUTT is a post modern gay porn/poetry/lit/socio-political rag for the ages. The men are not “model” perfect. The porn is perverse, but proud. The writing is solid and there are thoughts and ideas being challenged that we’ve not seen the likes of since the beginning of ADVOCATE (which has become a glossy gay version of PEOPLE) ….Actually, I think that BUTT and BITCH are the two best magazines going at this time. The new issue of BUTT features Julian Ganio as the cover boy. A bit over-weight and a chaser of portly men over 60 — Julian is also an up and coming fashion designer. He poses in a kitchen and his bedroom. The pictures, like all in BUTT are meant to look low-fi and funny. It rocks. Now, if only it could get as smart as BITCH. It is trying. So, if you are homosexual — check it out. If you are not, check out BITCH. It rules. And, if you are a straight male — and issue of BITCH would do you good.

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(stumbling with my cell phone and balancing the gift I got in honor Milford’s hula achievement. I dial “B”)

“Hey, it’s me! Matty. Um, I just wanted to say ‘hi’ — Actually, I just wanted to hear your voice. And, I have via your voice message. I know it is retarded but I miss you. But, I’ll see you tomorrow and hope to be with you all weekend. But only if you want. Don’t feel bad if you have other plans or if you don’t want to. Just tell me. I am such a geek. I keep waiting for you to pick up but this is your cell phone and not an answering machine. Duh. Well, it is just me. I think I am rambling. I tend to ramble. Ok. Well, I guess I will stop rambling now before you think I am too much of geek. I figure I will go home later tonight, sit in the corner of the living room and turn the lamp on and off for a few hours. That’s what I do when I think of you. Hope that doesn’t freak you out or anything. But, I won’t be ignored. Just kidding. OK. Well, I will talk to you later. Milford is picking me up in a few minutes. OK. Well, bye.”

(I then realize that some gay guy is watching/listening to me as he sits on his moped — I look at him. He smiles and — says –)

“Ah, love.” …then he starts up his scooter and off he goes.

Remarkably, “B” thought my vmail was funny and didn’t dump me or anything.

…but earlier that same day after my Mini refused to play anything other than “Yes, Sir” by Goldfrapp and then just sort of stopped playing all together — I ran to the Apple Store.

“My pink Mini iPod just totally broke after a day of torturing me by only playing corporate era Heart! I want to know what you can do about it!”

“Well, let’s take a look.”

(pulls my pink mini apart and attaches it to some cord)

“Wow! You play your iPod a lot! It’s gone, my friend. Why don’t we upgrade you to a Nano or an iPod!”

“No! I can’t spend that kind of money and a nano will not hold enough music!”

(much of me complaining, whine, frustration, annoyance, defiance, pouting, etc…)

fast forward about 30 minutes…

“OK, I’ll sale you the 3 gig Nano for $150 and we’ll allow a 15% recycle discount on your Mini. That is a good deal, my friend.”

“But, the Nano is going to scratch and break!”

“You can buy a carrying case for $25.”

“I am NOT going to spend $25 on a carrying case that should be coming with the Nano in the first place.”

(just wanting me to leave him alone, he turns to the girl at the register…)

“Just give him the carrying case.”

…The Santana song you see displayed is not mine. This is a picture I downloaded. I do not care much for Santana. Right now you would see The Eagles Hotel California album. I do like the way you can see the album art, but it just doesn’t hold enough music. Still, the guy promised me I could get a 15% recycle discount later this fall when I upgrade to a proper iPod. I can’t wait!!!!

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