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I don’t think there is a human alive who doesn’t understand that photos which come to us via print media are not re-touched. The smart celebrities ensure that their images are retouched in obvious ways like the one above. Yet, my thinking is off. There are people who actually believe that this is how Madonna looks. Yes, glowing like a sort of neon ghost.

Remember all those glossy posters from the 80’s of Marlene D which were paint-brushed neon? They looked so unique to us at the time. Glam and cool. Then, in the 90’s they became sort of old news. But, now I see them at work again by use of digital tricks. Confusing many with reality.

Now, to me, the sad thing here is that Madonna is a very beautiful woman. As you will note — she looks damn good for a 51 year old woman. …Especially given the stress and milage that she must have endured in the last 25 years or so. So, I found it somehow interesting to see these photos unretouched. If Madonna is about empowerment — then, these photos are far more empowering.

No digital tricks here and she looks great!

This is a beautiful woman (in a silly outfit), but beautiful. Why re-touch?

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…from his last art showing, I got this small rock with a sculpted person lying in the crevice of the formation. I love it.

man on a rock, May, 2010 by Byron B. Kim

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