CHECKING IN (and out for a week or so…)

Hey Kids! Not that I’ve been very good with my blogging lately, but me and B are headed to Florida for a week or so. Initially, B had to go there to take care of some family business, but we decided it would be cool for us both to just get away from everything for a little while.

Little Bagel passed her evaluation with flying colors and is going to a fun doggie boarding kennel while we’re gone. A little worried for her, but I know she will end up having fun, too. However, Little Bagel has never been a way from me at all so that is a bit upsetting to me. But, Auntie Ing is serving as Bagel’s emergency contact while we are gone.

Still, we will be staying in an unfurnished condo right on the beach in a part of Miami. South Beach, I think. Plus, we will have a pool! However, we’ll be sleeping on the floor!

We hope to meet up with A while we are there as he will be visiting his family in Fort Lauderdale at the same time.

And, I’ve lost enough weight that I had to purchase small size bathing suit! The downside is that my “girth” has not gone “down” with my waist just yet. I liked the way I looked in the medium size trunks better, but they would not stay up. And, I don’t think that they like nude sunbathing in Florida. Oh, well.

Anyway, I will return. Sorry I’ve been so crap about posting and keeping up to date on all my fave blogs! I do hope that my life will soon start to return to more like it was before all this crap hit the fan. I’m getting there, but slowly. God bless my therapist!

love and kisses,

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Cool Old Cheeser tag’d me a couple of months ago to list my fave albums. It seemed easier to me when I first thought of the task, but I tend to think in terms of song vs. the whole concept of an album. So after some thought the following are my fave LP’s! (sorry for delay Mr. Cool Old Cheeser!) — oh, and I’ve sort of clump’d them together in little groups…

Of course you know that Ms. Streisand would make some of my all time fave LP’s! So, I shall call this the Simply Barbra Section! Her voice got me through a very difficult childhood. My Grandmother used to tell me that she could feel the presence of a God when she looked up at trees. For me, it is when I hear this voice sing.
My Barbra faves are:

MY NAME IS BARBRA (the first record I ever bought!)
now, we move to some other LP’s that get me through life…

classic rock section:

TUSK by Fleetwood Mac — sort of like 3 solo projects strung together to form this mess of a beautiful experimental music. I think it is perfect. “…but never have I been a blue calm sea. I have always been a storm…” Amen. Sisters of the moon unite!

LED ZEPPELIN IV — backwards, forwards and all around, this one rocks to the core of it all.

TOMMY by The Who. Nothing need be written. Either one gets Townsend’s concept or one doesn’t. I do so wish I could sing like Roger Daltrey — and look like him circa 1975 in the Ken Russell vision of this album! Alas, I don’t.

SOME GIRLS by Rolling Stones — I find individuals suspect when they claim to not like this LP. I can’t help. I find these people most worrying. I mean, come on. It’s the Stones when they were so fucking cool!!!!

dance, dance, dance section!

SUPERNATURE by Goldfrapp — the absolute best glitter disco music this side of the universe!…now, where is that white horse? i wanna ride!

OVERPOWERED by Roisin Murphy — Oh, just surrender and dance! Work it, baby! Work it!

KOO-KOO by Debbie Harry — I just love this record! Highly under-rated at the time of its release, it holds up! Chic plus Ms. Harry equals Ultimate Cool!…and, a really cool record cover!!!!

BAD GIRLS/LOVE TRILOGY by Donna Summer — The Queen of Disco at her very best!(pssst. I think love trilogy is her best! Just ask Ing!)

THE BOSS by Diana Ross — It was 1979 and Miss. Ross was feeling the heat of Donna Summer on her skinny ass — so she shook it up good on this record! I play it constantly. And, yes, I AM in this world, too!!! …I ain’t been licked yet! Now, dance!

Absolute Cool section:

LADY IN SATIN by Billie Holiday — with every exceptional bit of phrasing and with each note, she seems to rip into the psyche. Romantic and so very sad. …and beautiful. There will never be another LP quite so stunning. …this might be my favorite LP of all time, but it must be taken as a whole and not in fragments. If you’ve not heard it, be sure to do so!!!

SEVENTH TREE by Goldfrapp —
The latest from my fave band! It hasn’t sold well because we all really wanted more glitter disco, but what a great CD to play as you lay under a tree or on the beach. It soars and heals.

WHO’S THAT BITCH, ANYWAY? by Marlena Shaw — A singer who has never gotten her due. A voice with attitude. And, the cover of this LP is one of the best I’ve ever seen! Fierce!

HOUNDS OF LOVE by Kate Bush — I love all of Kate’s records, but this one just seems to play out the best. Completely unique and crazy original! I wonder if she made a deal with God?

THE BEEKEEPER by Tori Amos — I can feel Dessie’s blood burn as I list this two albums by Tori Amos. We both love Tori, but I think he really dislikes THE BEEKEEPER. Anyway, these are my two fave Tori’s. Pele was a Goddess who required the sacrifice of virgin men. …That sort of sets the pace for one of the angriest records I’ve ever heard. At times so quiet you can barely hear it and then so loud you want to hide. Don’t put Tori in a corner, man! I love this record! Beekeeper is an opposite sort of record. …a quasi feminist collection of songs meditating on everything from love to magik.

THE LETTING GO by Bonnie Prince Billy — somehow filled with both hope and dread, this is a great rainy day record.
“Love Comes to Me” always manages to make me feel warm and happy to be alive.

PEARL by Janis Joplin — I always have to fight myself from thinking too much about how sad it is that she gave it all up before this rock masterpiece was released. What would this talented artist have gone on to do had she lived? But, I simply stop myself and get lost in this blues-infused rock that blisters and funks it up! There will never be another Janis Joplin. RIP. (if you don’t have this record, you should do yourself a favor and get it!) “…freedom is just another word for nothing left to lose.” Kris Kristofferson might have written the music and the words, but Joplin made them her own.


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Doing the most fundamental or “easy” actions can cause me the most woe. This is something that continues to puzzle me. I spent three months building up the nerve to just walk into a hair salon — any place where they could cut my hair cut.

About two months ago, after several pills and more than a few cigarettes I managed to walk into a place. My hair had gotten so long it was embarrassing for me. I did it, but it was beyond difficult. As silly as that sounds. I got dizzy, started to pass out several times and finally ended up tossing my cookies (fat free!) on the poor stylist. Luckily, all the ladies there were extremely sweet. They gave me tea, a back massage and got my hair cut. I’m still not sure how much I tipped them, but it certainly could not have been enough.

But, I did do it! I got my hair cut! I remember, as I stumbled out into the sunshine, I promised myself that I would never return to that place again.

Well, it has been time to get a trim for over a week now.

Yesterday I was determined to face this odd fear of mine and just do it.

Now, I normally go by the rule that one should never have their hair done at any establishment which spells “cut” with a “k” or a “z” at the end of that word. In addition, one should always avoid salons with when any of the following words are involved in the name of the place: “nice” “super” or “happy” — I feel that these are always signs of bad “do’s” to come. But, these days I’m on a budget, I don’t have much hair anyway and I can barely get up the courage to go in — so my rules have fallen to the side to make way for my anxieties.

It was only after the woman put the plastic cape over my person that I realized I had somehow managed to return to the same place where I vomited my insecurities all over the place. Ugh! But, it was too late. Besides, when I looked around I only recognized one person from before and she was at the counter.

I took a deep breath and decided to put the cards on the curling table and rambled through what had happened to me the last time I had been there.

Leaning into my face, “I tell ya what, you just warn me if you’re going to get sick so I can get the hell out of your way!”

We both laughed. She insisted on washing my hair (and face) with cold water before she started and then the same after. As the cold water poured over my face and hair in an attempt to help me not sweat she joked, “Girl, if I had this much cold water pouring on me I’d get a head rush!”

As she shaved and clipped away she explained that she was not yet officially a “she” and was in transition. I told her she looked great. She stopped cutting and struck a pose giving me a thanks. She kept talking to me the whole time — the horrors of dating, the stupid questions people ask her and the challenge of finding shoes that fit. She had worked the streets before getting into a beauty school program so she could have a “respectful” job. She was in the middle of discussing her dress size when she stopped and announced: “Baby, you are done!”

She made me promise I would return when I was ready for another trim.

She saved me.

Funny how we save each other when we need saving the most. …And, the need for saving can be more desperate than anyone can really understand. One needs to be in the shoes of another before passing by the needs of the two.

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