I have no regrets about my weekend! Tho, I do believe my doctor feels I did a bit more than he would like to see me doing at this time regarding physical activity. Oh, your minds are so dirty! By physical activity I mean walking too much and too far from home. He might be OK with that once we meet in his office. At this time, it looks like I will not be seeing him until next week, but I see the other doctor on Wednesday.

I will follow his guidance, because whenever I decide that he is being overly cautious it bites me in the ass!

Jon made a comment regarding Almodovar’s latest film, BAD EDUCATION, to my post from yesterday. And, I agree with him. However, I have to say that the farther I remove myself from having watched the film — the more I am appreciatiing it. As I was watching it, I found the plot twists and turns to be a bit annoying. I guess I was wanting to see him explore the more political side of the story as it is so very close to the current horrors we keep hearing about a number of wayward priests. That, however, was not Almodovar’s concern or focus —- he had an interesting cinematic story to tell and he crafted a unique way of “telling” that story with an unusual choice of cast. Now, I find myself wanting to watch it again. I guess I will be plugging in the DVD again tonight!!!

Once again, I am puzzled as to how the OSCARS could have ignored this film. There is such a great lack of interest in new ideas of expression or unusal perspectives from off the well worn path of the mainstream. If he had made a sweet and sentimental film about a wholesome relationship between a priest and a sad little boy — and had cast someone like Mel Gibson in the role of an unconventional priest and that child who saw dead people as the sad boy — we’d be looking at the big OSCAR winner. …pathetic.

…if you ask me.

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A Happy Weekend Comes to a Close

I have not discussed it much on my blog, but I have been put out of work on a leave by my doctors as they work to adjust some medication that I should have never been on in the first place. Most of the time I am just fine — but then I can’t sleep
well and have rather “drugged” moments that prevent me from being able to work and as they continue to taper me off the med I continue to have fun little withdrawl symptoms. In a perfect world, insurance would cover putting me in the hospital for 10 days while they just got me off of it — but, instead, I have to do it at home with the “on-line” and twice a week office checks with the doctors. Not much fun. A complex and stress filled time.

A dandy time to meet someone.

Well, life is funny that way. I think I may have met a nice guy. It all just feels right as of now. I hesitated to discuss it on my blog for fear of jinxing it, but we had such a nice time — I had to put it down in my blog.

Interestingly, his name is Matthew.

If it should not work out — It doesn’t matter. The moments of joy that Matthew has brought into my life will never fade from my heart or mind. Hopeless romantic? You bet your ass! And, I am loving every single minute of it!

Also, in answer to all the emails I have received, please also look for the on line photo album devoted to the horrific Burt Reynolds Cosmo Pocket Mirror! Just think — back in 1974 this was considered to be the hotest man on the planet. Go figure.

Finally watched my Aldomovar DVD of BAD EDUCATION. Beautiful and interesting film — not as strong as his last two, in my opinion, but quite effective and experimental. …and arriving to us as a rather fitting time considering the mess that the Catholic Church is having to work thru due to some sick priets.

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Oh, how the dangerous combination of medicine withdrawl, lack of sleep and EBay can add up to such horrors continues to
shock me. Just when I think all of the wacked out bidding I did is done and over — something else arrives in the mail. Several items have arrived which I have no memory of purchasing (from a couple of weeks ago when I was having more troubles than now)

Today, a small package arrived. It was very cautiously packaged as if within the contents of the tiny box would be the Holy Grail. Before I discovered what was in the tiny box I pulled out a small piece of paper with girlish script which read, “I hope you enjoy as much as I did at one time! What a man, eh?” …her name was signed along with bubble-drawn heart. I pulled out a flat sort of object wrapped tightly in old newspaper.

What could it be? A stone? A scary belt buckle? Well, it was something far more strange than anything I have yet to order. I am now the proud owner of a 3″ x 2″ inch ladies pocket/purse mirror — featuring Burt Reynolds in all the nude glory of his infamous early 70’s pose for Cosmo. He is lying on a what appears to be a bear skin rug, candle burning, penis just covered by his arm and huge handle bar-like mustache — his grin seems to be saying, “You’ve come a long way, baby! Now, come over here and plant a kiss on me!”


I have sat in on my desk by my PC. A reminder of the darker days that I have now past!

Something really wonderful happended to me over the course of the past 24 hours. I want to write about is so badly, but it is all so unbelievable and dream-like, I am worried that I will curst the magic if I write about. But for the first time, in a very long time, somethig really good has happened to me. Despit being bored out of my mind and not feeling so good due to the drawn out process of changing meds —- I find myself smiling. …Kind of like Burt Reynolds minus the sad pelt and the tacky 70’s Villiage People stache!

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I was recently talking with a friend about which decade produced the most interesting, challenging, innovative and artistic film work. I feel that the two that gave the world the most were between 1938 and 1948 and, if you ask me — the most
interesting decade of film making, 1968 thru 1978. As a kid I would watch the Academy Awards with such devotion. And, looking back at many of the films that were nominated and honored in the 70’s — the nominators had balls and seemed to care about cinema. As I grew up and, now, as I am approaching the big 40 — just 2 years away!!! — I have come to loathe the OSCARS. The thing that amuses me about myself is that I can still feel my annoyance when I see what they have nominated and what they have ignored.

Now the following are just my opinions. Art is totally subjective and what each of us looks for in art is different. Actually, there are number of folks who refuse to accept film as art. And, to be honest, when I take a look at what is playing in the US movie theatres most of the time — I would understand their objection. However, it is art. It is quite possibly the most collabrotive of all art forms.

For the past 6 to 7 years, the most interesting and multi-layered film work has come from Asia. The emerging strength as a world power, the many cultural and societal struggles are reflected in much of the work being produced in those countries. At this time, it is my opinion that Korea has been producing some of the most entertaining and challenging work going. Far too many to mention, but OLDBOY may be the most unique and entertaining film to come our way since PULP FICTION.

France is emerging from the slumber of the 80’s and much of the 90’s with some fine filmmaking. The fact that SWIMMING POOL, FAT GIRL, UNDER THE SAND and THE PIANO TEACHER have all been ignored by the Academy is just offensive to me.

And, a look at American and British cinema of late has been a bit dismal — but there have been some amazing films. It is my opinion that the most powerful and brave performance provided by an actress for 2004 was Anne Reid in the equally brilliant film, THE MOTHER. THE ETERNAL SUNSHINE OF THE SPOTLESS MIND was probably the most inventive and powerful film produced by an American cinema since Gus Van Sant’s ELEPHANT. …another great film ignored. It should be noted, however, that the genius behind the camera is from France! America was just lucky enough to have him make his feature film debut in our country. And, for the first time that I am aware, Jim Carrey actually gave an honest and touching performance. The other film that blew me away this year was the low budget comedy, NAPOLEON DYNAMITE. A really great film.

Several years ago when the OSCARS ignored FIGHT CLUB, a brilliant satire working on so many levels! I decided that I just simply was not going to pay attention to them anymore. However, every year I cringe and take a look at what Hollywood feels is the best that cinema has to offer. This year, to see that it feels that COLLATERAL, A VERY LONG ENGAGEMENT, THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA and LEMONY SNICKET’S A SERIES OF UNFORTUNATE EVENTS deserve to be mentioned in any category is sad to me.

…and now “they” are re-making WILLY WONKA AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY. …the original is far from perfect and filled with flaws, but the sweet balance of evil/love provided by Gene Wilder’s performance will never be bested. Particularly when it is Johnny Depp who looks like a drag queen in a suit. And, don’t even get me going on anyone other than the child actress in the 1971 origninal film playing Veruca Salt! The very idea hurts my heart!

At least Kate Winslet and SIDEWAYS got a couple of nods. I seriously doubt that they will “win” — but I guess you never know.

To use a word that my pal, Jen, likes to use to register her annoyance/disgust — bleh!

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Well, with far too much time on my hands while out on this doctor-mandated medical leave I have fallen prey to the temptations of that consumer harlot, Ebay! Yes, I seem to have become an Ebay junkie!

My name is Matt and I am an Ebay addict.

Luckily — my pal, Karl, came to my aid and served as my sponsor to get me thru the challenges of Ebay addiction. Major props out to Karl!

While it is my nature to reveal a great deal about myself on this site, I am not going into specifics, but beware of the dangers hidden within the seeminly innocent charms of an auction website. …I thik it might be evil! And, we all know that the little side business of PayPal is evil — so it would only make sense that Ebay wears the black hat in this western!

Oh, and we got a lot of snow. Now, let’s move on to a new topic! LOL!

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Several of you have contacted me — I forgot to make my new online photo album “public”

The issue has been corrected. Just scroll down to the link on the left of this page and you will be able to access and see all of the new and exciting things which have been added to my home! I know you’ve all been waiting so patiently!!!

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You know, EBay Addiction is not a pretty thing. It results in unrequired clutter of items that causes one to pause to ask such
questions as, “Do you REALLY need that Burt Reynolds Nude Cosmo Pocekt Mirror?” or even worse, “Matt, why do you have a set of coffee mugs covered in images of Mickey Rourke?” …and, the most obvious of all, “This is a Sanrio watch for a 8 year old girl. You can’t wear this!” …and, then of course everyone seems to be worried about my Mrs. Beasely doll.

In addition to the clutter which is created — while one might be winning items for great prices – those little purchases added up quick!

Of course, you can fight it. You can avoid the site, but like a smack addict desperate for a fix — you should have to check and see if the Shelley Duvall Glitter Clock got any bids! And, as I am sure you are all aware — everyone should at least try to find a Shelley Duvall Glitter Clock!

My certified autographed copy of the 1977 classic record album, STREISAND SUPERMAN, came in today and it is now hanging proudly in the kitchen! If you want to see it — and this way funky Diesel watch I got for $4 — just scroll down to the link to my online photo albums and you can check it all out!

I guess the snow blizzzard will be starting any minute now. I heard we may get as much as 30 inches. Find that hard to believe, but we shall see!

With Cabin Fever Regrets,

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I have added a new photo album featuring pix of new aquisitions to the Pad-O-Matt. Just scroll down and
look for the link on the lowere left side of my blog page! …I know that you’re all DYING to see my wonderous
additions to my home! I need to be very cautious — the place already looks like a warped cinema lobby, but if I am not careful, I am going to have a Barbra Shrine in my home. Not cool and likely to scare visitors. Already, the kitchen has most
definitely taken on a sort of Barbra corner!

Snow is on the way! Bundle up with a cup of tea and watch movies on DVD! Well, if you’re living in the north east anyway, A friend told me earlier this evening that we are to get 24 inches starting tomorrow afterrnoon!

It is 2 degrees outside right now according to Yahoo. The heat is on!

No real news. Actually, that is not true. But I do not feel it approriate to blog about it. Yes, I am sometimes a private person.
Believe it or not. Well, I am supposed to be lying down and trying to fall asleep. So, am on my way to do so.

Oh, I FINALLY obtained a DVD copy of Catherine Breillat film that was banned all over the place last year, ANATOMY OF HELL. I will need to watch it again. It was interesting, well filmed and acted — but I am not sure what she was trying to say from an intellectual level. Her ideas seemed somehow jumbled and confused. Of course she was trying to detail the issues between men women — and, in the cast of this film, between a woman and a bi-sexual man whom the female character believes is living a gay lifestyle because he, “like all men”, hates women. However, that is a very simplistic view of the work and I need to watch it again. It is funny. I am in no way a prude — but I find her graphic depictions of sex and genialia rather off-putting. And, in the film, her close up’s were so extreme it was almost like a medical book on the pussy. It should be noted that the French porn star she has been using, Rocco Siffredi, has developed into quite an actor. He was actually quite movng in the lead male role. At least I am fairly sure he is French porn star. If someone out there knows and I am making a mistake, please correct me. He certainly has no trouble “performing” when required! Brillat has become somewhat infamous for having her actors actually have sex for her films. I know that this sounds like a cheap shock tactic —- and, in some ways, I guess it is. However, it does seem to genterate more powerful performances from the actors. Intersting film maker and even more interesting in that she presents a fairly radical and aggresive viw of female sexuality that we are not used to seeing in film.

OK — off to try and fall asleep!


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You may be prone to say a number of things about. And, sure, I am incredibly sexy with a smile that can launch a thousand gay cruises — but I am more than just another porn-ready boy waiting for his “big” break — I have heart and I do like to share.

The following are artistes new to me who I am really enjoying!

  • Moloko
    This band is not really new to me. They recored a fairly decent album a few years back called “Statues” but “Do You Like Tight Sweater” is a fantastic CD!!! A real must-have. This CD makes me think a bit of Morcheeba, but less mellow and not as near mainstream! Check it out!

  • Maplebee

    I do not remember how I came across this performer or her CD, “Chasing Eva” — but am glad I did. Think Kate Bush crossed with Joni Mitchell. …maybe. I love it!!! And I really like the CD art!

  • Songeseunghun

    His first msical relase has come out in Korea and it a massvie hit the. ..and I just love the cover shot. He si so cute. I really like it, but ti wihout quesion — Pop in the first degree!!!

    Am also develping a joy around the music of Dimitri Shostakovich — Just got a CD of his Symphony No 4 by the Kirov Orchestr. There is something abou his mucis that touches. me. …In the same way that Mitsuko Uchida plays Schubert or when Babs sings. Just makes me feel good and alive!

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    I am sharing because I think the world needs to know and understand. Some times, even the

  • BEST THINGS in life must come to an end.

    Makes you want to cry. Just imagine how Dear Daniel must feel.

    signed sleepless in boston

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