Wow — so much has been going on! A hot new boyfriend! Way cool friends! A cool and highly unusual job! A pending law suit settlement! Trying to go off these annoying meds! So, let’s see — where to start. …well, B is seriously rocking my world. My cell phone fell from my hands this morning as I waited for the M train and it has not worked since. This means I am unable to call B. Most frustrating. Good thing it is insured. T-Mobile will be having a visit from me tomorrow while on my lunch break.

My way cool pal, Darren Stein, had his new production of a film by Cam Archer play at SF’s Frameline LGBT Film Festival. Cam Archer is only 24 years old and has created a visually stunning meditation on surviving Junior High School as a gay boy. Surviving middle school is hard enough, but when you add hormones and being queer to the mix it can be a horror movie. Darren produced the film with Gus Van Sant. If you get a chance to see it — check it out. I do believe it will be finding its way to the Sundance Channel soon. Anyway, some of the gang got together and saw the movie on Darren and Cam’s big night. It was a sold out show. Lots of energy. I think Cam Archer was a stand up comedian in his last life as he was so funny on the stage before and after the screening. B and me hung out with Darren and his entourage on Saturday. Darren brought “The Twins” with him. Two very cute and almost identical twins who are producers/screenwriters and rising “stars” within the film industry. They are 20 but look 14 and are very smart and funny. After the movie we did experience a bit of that old Hollywood Shine-Off, but he four of us had a blast at Alan’s fave trash Mexican restaurant in the Mission. B, Ing & Alan freezing in line at Frameline at The Castro!!!

…you can’t really tell, but I am wearing a way cool printed T of a woman with deer antlers. God bless Goldfrapp!!! …and my teeth are way-more-white!!!!

My pal, Mark, gave me his old mountain bike — and was kind enough to give me a pristine copy of the Janis Joplin CD box. …this was actually more of a personal gift that I will always treasure. It would not be cool to blog about it, but I was really very touched. I had this CD box set but UPS had lost it when I moved from Boston to SF last year.

I was able to spend some much needed Ing-time. Ing time is great because I get to laugh so hard my sides hurt and my brain gets stimulated. And, as always, we get far too loud and get looks — which makes me much happy! …I love this picture of Ing. I caught her in mid pose with the way cool auto bio of Candy Darling. This is in one of Ing’s book stores — but this is the one which she assisted in the color design. Cool. Oh, and I got the Candy Darling book! LOL! Tomorrow the evening is to be spent with the wondrous Milford who is taking me to dinner. Thursdays are dinner with Milford night. This translates to fun conversations and Milford taking me to restaurants which I could never afford. I worry that I embarrass him with my hyper-ness at some of these way cool places. And, then comes Friday! My bosses are letting me off early — and I get to be paid, too!!! So, my hope is that B will find a way to get off from work early so we can play in this perfect weather. But, if he can’t — then I shall take in an afternoon movie and pick up when he gets out of work. And the weekend is full of plans. (one of which will be a Saturday evening with Ing, her boy toy and B!!! Yay!!!)

This week started my going off of all of the meds I’ve been on. I am getting off these meds mainly so I can drink wine after dinner and have a Bombay Sapphire on the weekends. My plan is to become an alcoholic before the end of the year. I hear this is going to be the new trend for 2007. So, I want to get the deck clear before New Years hits. No, but I don’t think I need the meds so it will be cool to be rid of them.

Oh! And, kids! New music to be discovered!!!!

…Really awesome. I think of them as Belle & Sebastian’s off-beat little sister.

…you MUST get this right now!!! I mean, you’ve never really heard “Bye Bye Love” till you hear it sung by two girls with washboards as instruments. Wicked cool stuff!

…OK, if you’re not into Matmos — then you need to get into Matmos! I mean, these two cool lovers have made music with Bjork, the sounds of invasive surgery and have now added the sex sounds of the San Francisco club, Blow Buddies, to their mix. Beyond description. However, everyone needs to hear “Steam and Sequins For Harry Levan”!!!!

Well, I hope this post wasn’t too dull. Now, I have to go get the laundry out of the dryer and I hope to catch up on my blog reading!!!

love and kisses from Gay Town USA!!!

June 21, 2006. Uncategorized.


  1. ing replied:

    I can’t believe how thoroughly I’m keeping up with the 2007 trend you mentioned. Though does alcoholism ever go out of style? Or is that just me, justifying my lifestyle again?

    Please let me know. I’m not sure whether to parade around all pleased with myself or whether to check myself in to Betty Ford.

    Though, checking in would be trendy in itself, yeah?

    Oh, help!

  2. matt replied:

    Ing — Face it – you ARE the trend setter! Own it, baby! Tho, I think it best to just stick with the addiction and stumbling thru classy joints while on a bender. To check into Betty Ford for help would be so 2004. Just keep on being fabulous. It comes naturally to you!

  3. k replied:

    This sounds like a very busy social life. Do you ever sleep?

    Oh, one thing I have always meant to ask you, Do you ever wear anything twice? For as long as I have been reading your blog it looks like I have yet to see pictures of you wearing the same outfit on two different occasions? And what do you do with the stuff you no longer wear? Are there ritual burnings?

    Your answer to Ing’s comment just popped up as I was posting my two cents:

    Checking into Betty Ford is so 1984!!

  4. matt replied:

    Kai — Hi!!!! It seems like forever since we “spoke”! I wish I were that much of a fashion plate. I try, but the thrift shop can only do so much. I agree that checking into betty ford was so 1984 about 10 years ago — but then it became chic again. …for a while. …for a fashion. …but no more. But, I think it stopped being so 1984 in 1992 or so. Now, purging – that is so 1989. …still.

    …did you like my antler girrrrl t-shirt?

  5. Me replied:

    Wow, it’s nice to know I haven’t completely gone out of fashion. I’m actually grotesquely ahead of the times apparently. Pass me that bottle will ya!
    Washboards you say? I wonder if their interested in joining my hillbilly jugband?

  6. Mone replied:

    Happy gay pride weekend, Matt.
    It was always the most funky time in SF with everyone being happy. Thats one thing I’ll never forget.
    And I’m still reading the news here


    Have fun with your friends and keep taking pictures, please!

  7. Brooke replied:

    That’s it, I’m blogrolling you. You and Ing both. I can’t stand it anymore. You’re just too cool. I bow to your uber coolness.

  8. Karyn replied:

    Matty, I’m just thrilled you’re blogging again! I was getting worried! πŸ™‚

    Your antler-woman shirt is sweet! I love love love the picture of you and B – you look so freaking happy and fabulous! I wish I could hug you!

    Glad things are rolling smoothly and going well – bout effing time, no???

    I’m not sure about alcoholism in place of meds… I only know that when I start feeling good I think I don’t need the meds and then I stop taking them and then I tank… it took a couple years but I have learned not to do that! Of course that may well not be your situation – I hope it’s not – so good luck with your weaning off!

    Betty Ford… yeah… I don’t know much about that… but you’re just fabulous and I love you!

    (And ing, if you read this – I’m way jealous of you – more so every time I check this blog – and thank you for leaving a comment on mine – I am such a comment junkie.)

  9. ginab replied:

    so much happening in SF and yet everyone looks cold, as in brrr!. Glad everyone’s having fun.

    Gus van Sant makes it around, from Grizzley Man to JHS gay hormonal angst. He’s a live wire!

    But who is this Alan? Or is it, whom. I can never keep up. Probably you want to run out for chips dipped in chocolate. I just have that feeling. Watch out B! Matty’s run-running to the store!


    PS: yeah settlement!

  10. matt replied:

    Lovely Meredith!!! I just got a call from the guy who runs the place where I get my mail and he told me I have a package from this rock!!! Yay!! Will pick it up this weekend! …they are already closed! ugh! Can’t wait!!! So, I think The Ditty Bops would be so lucky to be considered for your forth coming move into disco jug band rock! Phone their agent quick because they are savy.

    Mone! Thank you! I’ll be taking plenty pics this weekend — and, yes this is the place to be for Pride! Pink! Pink! Pink!

    Brooke — YOU are the cool one! I am so excited to be blog roll’d by you!!! Yay!!!

    Karyn! I’m fine — drop me a line sometime! I wish I could get that hug and give one in return! Miss you! Isn’t B awesome? Makes me look good when I stand by him! And, yep, I’m pretty darn happy these days. I think I made the right move. Got my disco groove back. Yeah, I am a wee bit worried about finally getting off these meds, but you know I’ve been on them so long that they have started to lose impact anyway. So, if it turns out that I don’t “do well” then I’ll need some new dolls anyway. Thus far, all is going fine, tho. Fingers crossed so I can start my bout with alcholism.

    Gina! It has been cold, but not right now. It is, like, really hot! I saw perfect people break sweat today! LOL! However, the cold breeze returns this weekend just in time for PRIDE when everyone drops their clothing. Today is more of a chocolate covered cookie kind of day tho I fear the heat will melt ’em. Alan is my roommate and one of my dearest friends. 14 years of being my pal. I hope the settlement will be a “yeah” and not an “oh, no!” …oi.

  11. ing replied:

    Yay, we’ve been blogrolled!

    I can’t keep up with the whole when-Betty-Ford-was-trendy-and-when-it-was-not-thing. I have not been honestly sober since 1984, so these kinds of things just pass me by. So sorry.

    Time for another martini. Waiter?!

  12. Jon replied:

    Did you get that tshirt from Forever 21? It looks familiar, i like it!

    Sounds like you are really happy, so I’m happy for you.

  13. matt replied:

    Ing — Oh dear. You might be gettig a bit too fashionable/trendy. I don’t think you have a waiter in your house unless something has changed of which I am unaware. Hmmmmm… At any rate, isn’t it cool that Brooke blog rolled us. I don’t know what that is, but if Brooke is doing it — it will be cool.

    Can I eat a blog roll?

    No, seriously, I don’t think I know what that means but I am seriously psyched!!!

    Jon — You are such a fash expert! Of course, that is why they sent you to Paris for months! But, yes! That was purchased at Forever 21! A new cheap-O discovery pour moi. Am trying to entice Ing to check it out because ours is mostly for hot women!

  14. Matt replied:

    God your friend Alan is driving me nuts! πŸ™‚

  15. Tim replied:

    Matty, I am SOOOOOO happy to hear how happy you are. I’ve been reading you for years and I you’re obviously just in such a positive place right now, I just wanna give you a big hug! Although, B might beat me up if I did that, so I will politely shake your hand or something. It’s the British way, after all.

  16. joe replied:

    what are you talking about? Your plan is to meet me in France and Berlin next year. We’ll be in Cote du Rhone, and the wine is better there. None of that Mondavi stuff.

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