There were too many “bad” kids at my junior high. I went to the “poor” one in my home town. The nicer one was on Phelan Blvd. Mine was on some creepy side street — the name of which I’ve long since forgotten. Anyway, during my 8th grade year the school faced the challenge of finding a way to fit all of us “bad” kids into detention. Sitting us on the floor wasn’t working. Most of us would nap. So, our lame principal came up with the ever-clever idea of post-modern behavior modification. In his eyes poetry was equal to punishment. So, lesser offenses would actually merit a choice for the offender: for girls, you could choose to memorize a poem or run 8 laps after school — for boys, you could choose between poetry memorization, 10 laps or 10 “licks” from Coach Mendozola. The guys lived in mortal fear of Coach Mendozola spankings or “licks” — Coach Mendozola was stocky but hot Latino guy who probably opted to become a teacher because he could get summers off. He was about 6 foot and 200 pounds of pure hairy muscle. And, he seemed to take a sick sort of pleasure in spanking the boys.

“Mr. Stanfield, we have advised you that smoking is not allowed on campus. Normally, you would be sent straight to detention but now you have to make a choice. What will it be?”

A 4 second pause…

“Um, well, er, I guess I’ll just take the licks.”

Gasps from my fellow students in the principal’s office waiting area.

Fast forward to 3:30pm. I am in Coach Mendozola’s little office located off the side of the stinky boys shower/dressing area. He always managed to leave his “Playboy” magazine sitting out on his desk to taunt the boys. I still don’t know how he avoided getting into trouble. But, this was 1982 and our Junior High Baseball team was always scoring touchdowns or some such. Anyway, it would usually play out like this…

“Stanfield. You again, eh? You better get it together, son or you’re headed for a heap of trouble.”

“Yes, sir.”

My every pore was beating with anticipation.

“Well, son. OK, let’s go.”

I would follow Coach M out into the boys’ dressing area. It smelled of sweat, bleach and that pseudo man-scent. There was the bench we sat on to put on or take off our shoes/socks. Coach M would motion to the bench, his paddle in hand.

“Get down and bend over the bench. You know this drill.”

“Yes, sir”

I got down and layed myself over the bench —

Wham! Wham! Wham! Wham! Wham! Wham! Wham!

“Are you going to smoke anymore, Stanfield?”

…Smiling on the inside in more ways than one, “No, sir!”

Wham! Wham! Wham!

My butt was stinging but I was in love. I stood up.

“You know, Stanfield…” Coach M was cradling his warm paddle and looking at me with those intense brown eyes.

“…You really should just start dippin’ — you won’t get in trouble. I don’t blame you for taking the licks, tho. Who wants to memorize a fuckn’ poem, huh? Dumb shits. They are all pussies. I’d take a lickin’ any day over that crap.”

“Yes, sir.”

“Ok. Get out here. I got some readin’ to do.”

Not that I am into getting spanked or anything — but those were some hot times! Yes, sir!

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  1. snarl71 replied:

    Since when were you into S&M?

    And, I had to tell you but one slight type changes the meaning of a sentence:

    “My butt was stinking …”…I suspect you meant your butt was stinging.

    But I could be wrong.

  2. Jon replied:

    I know they used to have corporal punishment in US schools, but that was when my dad was a kid in the 50s….not in 1982. This is just fictional erotica, right? Right???

  3. matt replied:

    Karl — You know I’m far too lazy and busy to worry with proofing my blog! But, I don’t see where I wrote “stinking” ???? Maybe someone else edited it for me? Anyone?

    And, no, I’m not into S&M — I don’t think I really understood why I enjoyed that except I connected something sexual to it at the time. I was emailing with Meredith and I remembered this. So, I wrote about it.

    Jon — No, um, if it is “erotic” that’s cool — but it was my experience. LOL! I changed the coach’s name, tho. Only Meredith and a few others really know his name. I think he is still teaching somewhere in Texas. I would hate to upset or get him in trouble. This was Texas — the same rules never seem to apply. They were still spanking us till I was in high school. I can remember when I knew that they were not allowed to anymore — but they were givin’ out the licks all the way thru my time in jr high. Actually, I knew someone who got licked by a coach when I was in 11th grade — and that would have been the mid 80’s. I graduated in 1985. Hmmmm…

    …who knew? I was corporal punished by choice!

  4. Matt replied:

    Ha! Did you smoke just so you get beefy coach’s attention? My coach was how I realized I’m gay when I was 10. I paid more attention to his jersey short than his whistle! 🙂

  5. ginab replied:

    ouchy, ouch ouch ouch OUCH!

    I was sent to the dean (in high school) for licks, but I went home instead. I couldn’t muster a well dressed and small boned lady giving me a piece of her paddle. Things died down as only things can, so no licks, but those southern schools have their odd rules and phrases. No wonder you were dizzy with it!


    PS: word verification mintb which reminds me, the misses BeaBea needs to go for a trot.

  6. Karyn replied:

    S & M is one thing… but the high school coaches we had to deal with were not exactly appetizing. Gak. That paddle doesn’t look fun either. I like the pretty padded feathery things from Toys of Eros! But that’s just me.

  7. Dessie replied:

    oh my god.

  8. matt replied:

    Gina — Yeah, I guess it was just that I was in 8th grade and had such a crush on the hot coach — the attention and the intensity of the pain. ???? Who knows.

    You know, I blame Meredith for this post. It is upsetting and worrying people. Bad, Meredith, Bad! Spanking for you!!! LOL!

    Karyn — Well, his paddle had those holes in it, but it was painted the school colors and had his named engraved on it. I think one of the football players made it for him in “shop”. …And, yeah, I always had hot PE coaches. I guess they grew ’em that way back then in Texas.

    Dessie — (in an overtly sappy/sweet voice) “Hug for Matty!”

  9. ing replied:

    Matt, your first paragraph is so well written! This is my favorite part:

    Coach Mendoloza was a stocky but hot Latino guy who probably opted to become a teacher because he could get summers off. He was about 6 foot and 200 pounds of pure hairy muscle. And he seemed to take a sick sort of pleasure in spanking the boys.

    Rythmically these sentences are perfect, and you describe the man so efficiently and vividly. I especially like how you characterize him with the stuff about teaching to get summers off — this is such a sharp bit of commentary and it’s actually very funny. You save the most crucial information for the very end of the paragraph. Matty, this is good stuff. I like the repetition of the “o” sounds in the first sentence (hot, stocky, off); I’m sure this wasn’t intentional on your part, which is what makes it so good — it doesn’t sound contrived. You really conjure up the boys dressing area with the smells and so forth. Love the detail about the Playboy mag.

    Baby, you can write!

  10. ing replied:

    And now you’re going to say something modest about how you can’t, etc. But I thinks what I thinks.

  11. Karen Little replied:

    that’s the best post i’ve read all month! wow… really brilliant..

  12. digitic replied:

    Your breath heavy on my neck hot and moist as a lover’s heat.

    You say it hurts you more than it hurts me but how can you really know?

    I feel the sting and allow the pain to seduce my being; take over my fear, flush my body with with the force of your thrust.

    You know me. I know you. Coach.

    Will you still be there when I open my eyes?

  13. joe replied:

    ooh my. did I just stumbled upon someone’s porn?

  14. matt replied:

    Matt — LOL! Sorry! I missed your comment! I’m with ya, brother! Tho, I don’t think my coach’s knew I was gay. …I don’t think. Hmmmm…

    Ing — I will simply write, thank you. Actually, I know you mean that when you tell/write that. Who knows? Maybe I am a writer! …but, probably not. LOL!

    Karen! Thanks! Awesome profile picture!! I will have to check out your blog!!!

    Oh, Milly — you wrote 2 poems! Color me impressed!

    Joe — I thought you knew. My life IS porn. Just add lube (or Diet Coke)

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