OK, so if you’ve not yet watched the final episode of “Six Feet Under” — and you plan to do so — skip this post because I am about to provide a couple of spoilers.

I have to be honest. I was not that impressed with the closing show. Somehow it all got wrapped up too easily. All of these horribly disfunctional people suddenly came together and seemed to resolve all of their issues. It was too easy. Suddenly with an offer to change career/life plans for her mother the daughter managed to turn 60+ years of sour frigidness into an easy-going pseudo-hippie full of love and life. A dream changed a deeply disturbed and angry woman into a mother at peace with her dead husband, her frail children and her life. A trauma victim skips what most would feel requires some hospitalization by a simple dream and pulls himself together. And, suddenly, a self-absorbed brat turns into a caring daughter, sister, friend and lover. All in 65 minutes. What gives? It just seemd to simple and tidy for a show that was so filled with angst, anger and turmoil. Granted, I’ve only ever seen the final season — but this one unhappy group of people!

However, I have to tell you that the 10 minute wrap-up where we see as far as 80 years into the future and watch all of the major characters as they pass away into death — despite bad old age make-up (where did the budget go?!?!?) and why-O-why does the future always look like one of those “mod” 1972 homes. Kids, that look is never going to happen. It’s too white and plastic-looking — but anyway, that 10 minute ending got to me. In fact, it gave me nightmares. I woke up in a cold sweat this morning at 3am. I guess I was already disturbed by the death of the older brother who, I believe was to have been born the year before me. So, my age — and with the same blood disorder that I inherited from my father. And, the character ends up dying from it — AVM in the brain equals stroke. So, that sort of bothered me. But, then seeing the younger brother who was to have been born a year after me die. It must have freaked me out more than I realized.

I am-a-scared of dying. However, I would much rather die at a picnic table imagining my deceased life partner playing football than to be gunned down while carrying money out of a Brinks truck. That death would suck. Actually, I guess I would prefer the death of the really little but cute mortician who just sort of falls down while on some sort of solar cruise. Oh, and was it just me or did anyone else notice that his wife just stayed in the lounger and watched him fall. …she didn’t get up. Or did I miss it.

However, despite my fear of death — I don’t want to live to be 105. No, that is a bit too long I should think. However, the way my luck seems to work — and, trust me, I don’t think I have bad luck. I just have odd luck. I bet I end up living to be 108, incontinent and in some crap senior home — and, of course, some large weatherman/morning news anchor will show up to film me failing to blow out the candles on some horror cake made by the Salvation Army. He will ask me if I have any advice for living such a full life and I will respond in an inaudible manner. He will chuckle. Pat me on the back and say, “Thank you! A very happy birthday to you, my friend! Back to you Darcie!” …I will try to slap him, but he will think I am trying to touch/connect with him and he will hug me. Yeah, this is probably how it will play out.

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  1. adrock2xander replied:

    Wow…hey Matty beware of these ppl who claim your blog is ‘great’ n ‘wonderful’…some have a tendency to spam ya blog…

    Just watchin out for ya buddy…

    Oh btw…NOOOOOOOoooooo…spoilers!!! You just spoiled it for me (pardon the pun)…

  2. matt replied:

    Aw, I am so sorry — I warned ya not to read if you hadn’t seen it!

    These blog comment spammers are so annoying. I need to figure out how to install the word verification option. I think, for now, that is the only way to stop them.

  3. digitic replied:

    Matt — Go to the Comments tab on Blogger and scroll down. There should be a section to activate the Word Verification option there.

    I started to get spammed, too, and this seemed to do the trick — for now anyways.

    Remember — Happy Dreams! Remind yourself at night just before you nod off to have happy dreams.

  4. Underling replied:

    The word verification feature stopped them on my blog…so it seems like a good route to take.

    I’ve been thinking about this subject lately too. My uncle recently passed away and it seemed like it happened much too soon. Then we have my grandmother, who is basically a hollow shell of herself who just can’t seem to die.

    Somewhere between the two is a death that I can be unafraid of…but I don’t wanna leave to early or stay too long.

    Oh, and I’ll e-mail you all the sordid details about the new man tonight. 🙂

  5. laurenbove replied:

    I will always fear death. It is just a given. I don’t watch the show but my bet is they aren’t happy it’s over and didn’t want to waste too much energy over it. Just sort of gave up.

    I love the way you wrote out your end with the weather man. That was priceless. Well done.

  6. laurenbove replied:

    This post has been removed by the author.

  7. Jon replied:

    I thought the ending was a bit too forced- but, while I agree that things all of a sudden seemed to ‘work out’ for the characters, life (and death) did indeed go on. And could you believe Claire lived to be 102 years old??? She seemed to be blind by the time she died, though.

  8. matt replied:

    Jon — Yeah, she had oddly-colored eyes. …but wasn’t she looking at a picture of her husband that she took in 2005? Alan and I could not come to agree. So, I guess you are correct she was blind.

    Lauren — Yes. I agree. I only ended up watching because Alan told me I had to. LOL! …not really, he just suggested that I watch and I did. Good show.

    Underling — am about to check my email! I don’t think that there is a death that with which I will be unafraid. …it isn’t pain or anything. It is the fear that I “might” be wrong and will end up just “ending” instead of going on to the next step on this journey. I believe in A Creator, but none of us can be sure. And it freaks me out when I lose someone and they are just gone. Like my Dad. I never sensed he was there. He was just gone. Like a light bulb going out. That terrifies me! Oh my God! I”m having a panic attack! LOL!

    Milford — Will you help me put the word verification on my site if I give you my passwords? i can’t seem to do it. …i’m limited. You looked Fab-ooo this afternoon, by the way! Liked that shirt!

  9. snarl71 replied:

    I love the ending to your blog posting. Very funny, very Matt.

    As for me, I don’t fear death at all. I fear pain and suffering. But being dead or dying doesn’t bother me at all (maybe it’s because I’m atheist?).

    I’m going to need to rent Six Feet Under.

  10. joe replied:

    oooh, scary dream! I wouldn’t want to live forever, unless forever means forever happy.

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