...one of two 'holiday trees' created by matty stanfield

…When one has a cat named Lola who enjoys tossing down items to a tiny dog named Bagel — who then feels the need to eat those items — a traditional tree is simply out of the question. So, this year — with Mr. B’s assistance — I made two flat “trees” which are fully Lola/Bagel proof’d — this is the first tree. I call it The Star of Barbra! …please note the Wild At Heart ornament. …Most proud of that touch!

Star of Streisand Tree Top plus David Lynch's Wild At Heart Ornament!

And, here is the second ‘tree’:

...probably the more artsy of the two trees -- I mean a Goldfrapp ornament!?!?

…please note the way cool Edie and David Bowie ornaments!

Star of Scary Doll Face & Bowie/Edie Sedgwick/Isabelle Huppert Ornaments!

All n all — odd holiday trees — so it is quite fitting for our home. I doubt that there are many trees decorated in this manner and this brings me comfort. However, I suspect it might be a bit worrying for Little Bagel…

...a very sleepy Little Bagel -- this picture was taken at about 5am this morn.

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