Yesterday, my best pal — A — wanted to shoot some pix of the Sutro Baths which are just a short walk from our apartment. B snap’d a few pictures with his newest iPhone. I look so serious/grim in this one shot, but I like the way it is framed. Neither me or A knew he was taking pictures. I hope I don’t look this grim all the time as I am not a grim or overtly serious person.


Really. And, I don’t think I normally look like a priest.

As bad as I look, I really do like the picture.

Oh, and B shot his first vid-clip with his iPhone! I shall attempt to post it here!  I like to think of the Sutro Bath Ruins as our backyard.

I love the sound of the ocean crashing into the rocks. Not bad for a camera phone, really. Too bad it was so foggy in the mirco-environment of The Richmond yesterday. It is so very pretty when the sun is out. I’m also bummed that I can’t hear the seals barking.

Let’s see if this works:

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