Well, Bagel appears to be recovering quite well from her “spaying” spa session. Poor baby. We spent the whole weekend in with her. We opted to not leave her overnight with the vet since they were not going to have anyone on all night duty watching the boarded pets.

Our little princess demands attention! Also, what ever there were — God forbid — a fire! Worse yet, I kept thinking that Bagel would have to need some form of pain medication during the night. And, I was correct on that score!

I don’t think it really fair to cut out someone’s girlie parts, sew her up and leave her in a cage for 12 hours. Just seemed wrong to me.

So, we made a huge bed on the living room floor and waited on Bagel all the weekend long! Turns out Bagel really enjoys being hand fed. Who knew? Seriously, tho. The poor baby was confused, uncomfortable, afraid, jumpy and in need of lots of TLC!

So jumpy was Poor Little Bagel that I had to cancel a scheduled karaoke competition with Ing and Miss S! I phoned them to let them know that I had to cancel. They didn’t seem appropriately upset or bummed-out. I informed them and then they both told me that this last minute cancellation not only ruined their weekend but was threatening to ruin their entire year! I felt really bad. But my singing is known to send Bagel running round in circles — I dare to think what might happen when Ing and Miss S. perform a duet of “Material Girl”!

Anyway, the real trouble for Bagel started yesterday. She was in her cone and started yelping something fierce. It took us a while to figure it out, but it would appear that Bagel is having some major irritation with her diddle — or, vagine in medical terms.

We were afraid to remove her cone for fear that she might paw at her spay incision. And, then it struck us that Poor Little Bagel had not really urinated all day! After much discussion, it was decided that one of us was required to give Bagel a hand.

Yes, I massaged my dog’s vagina.

It was as if I had given her a dog treat direct from God. And, within about a minute of my stopping — she pee’d up a storm on her wee pad!

However, nothing will ever remove the stigma of dirty that I still feel. A few minutes later, she began making a horrible screeching noise and writhing about on the bed we had made her — I am queasy even writing it but Poor Little Bagel was spread eagle and begging for more relief. It took no discussion at that point — off came the cone — and, Poor Little Bagel was free to provide her own form of relief. Not wanting Bagel to be in any danger, pain, discomfort or to become a doggie porn star — I phoned the vet this morning. Seems that a vaginal infection does sometime happen. We are to watch her thru tomorrow and if it hasn’t taken care of it itself we are to bring her in tomorrow afternoon for the vet to take a look and most likely prescribe some form of anti-biotic.

It does seem to be getting better. But, I find that Bagel and I are still a little uncomfortable around each other. I will be so happy when she is back to her bouncy puppy self. She is still crying from time-to-time. I’m not sure if it is from her confusion over her discomfort or the fact that I skidled with her tiny diddle.

I just don’t know. …but, I do love my dog. …Just not in that way.

This is what I was playing — the vinyl version — as I wrote my post of shame.

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