sanfran20071194041820cliff-house-at-ocean-beachIt is officially “rainy season” in the Bay Area, but it has gotten off to a very dry start. We need the rain, but I must admit I prefer the sunshine.

One of my best friends in life is about to relocate to San Francisco. I’m excited about it, but a bit apprehensive — hope I don’t seem to “odd” socially. I fear that, for now, I do.

Anyway, I’m very excited that she and her husband are moving here.

It was actually raining this morning. And, that was adding to my “blah” feeling. I owed her a return phone call. So, as I approached the beach I pulled out my phone and pressed for her number. It was interesting becausing just as her line began to ring the sun came out. I got her voicemail.

After leaving her a message, I took a stroll on the beach. And, I saw the oddest thing.

At first I thought it was an odd-looking dog. But as I approached I discovered that this was not a dog. It was a pig. The owner was walking it along the shore. It was cute, but I didn’t know how to respond to this charming animal. I found myself staring at him as he pushed his snout into the soft sand.

The owner must have sensed my discomfort and said, “This is my pig!”

“Cool!” I responded with a smile.

I wish I had been able to take a picture. I did have my phone, but that thought did not cross my scrambled mind until I reached the boardwalk (or, pavement) and the pig was long gone down the beach.

The clouds/fog rolled back in and it began to sprinkle.

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