So, this is what my life is like as of late.

We drive out to the burbs of northern california to a Target Super Store. I’m following B down one of the many isles. I notice a nut full mixes and exclaim: “B! Nut mixes!” …I mistakenly think he is going to follow me as I study the various mixtures of nuts and dried fruits. I find two that look particularly good and healthy, turn and realize that he has left me long behind.

I panic. As I am panicking I try to calm myself down by repeating “This is no big deal. You will find B.”

But, I circle the store twice with no luck. I am sweating like a pig and feel ill. My legs and head are starting to ache. I decide to have him paged, but by the time I get to customer service the oddest thing happens. I forget my own fucking name. Complete blank.

I really go into hyper-panic.

What is my name? I just do not know.

And, then, the next thing I know. I’m standing in front of our parked car, cig in hand, crying, a car alarm is going off and I can tell I’ve just thrown up.

I walk slowly back to the Target Super Store from Hell and there is Byron standing with his cart full of stuff looking at me as if to say, “Where have you been?”

Suffice to say, the day just went downhill from there. But, here I am now — safe and sound at home. Welcome to the wonderful fun world of DID… Ugh!

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