before i start, what do you think it means when an editor tells you that he finds your writing interesting but has concerns about the fact that it “borders so heavily on the edge” and is somewhat “pornographic”? …especially when one considers the fact that BUTT mag suggested to me, a couple of years back, that my writing needed to be more “pornographic” for their consideration. frankly, i am puZZeld that the term “pornographic” seems to turn up so much when it comes to my “stories”

…o, it makes no nevermind.

instead, i think it is far more important to write about the tunes which have been pouring into my ears courtesy of my iPod. i’ve been listening to the above LP a great deal. it is by an artist called Pop Levi. I suspect he is a major part of the future. just an opinion. if i had to describe his sound, i’d say a little bit folk, a lot of T Rex and a whole lot more synth pop. some of his music is worthy of thought, but so much of it just makes one feel like snapping the fingers and tap’ing the floor. and, he is so totally cool. i’d bet money that my best-est pal, Ing, would like to date him! i shall slip in two of his vid-clips at the end.

and, then someone slip’d me a copy of the “new” release from alison moyet. i love alison moyet. essentially, she can sing anything and i am hooked. but, this LP is really quite good! AND, it allows me to hear a bit of the music she wrote and performed for that kathy burke play in which ms. a co-star’d with the uber-funny dawn french! (man, i wish i could have seen that!) …i even more wish that we lived in the UK so that i could see the final french & saunders tour — tho, i suppose, at the moment, i wouldn’t be able to get myself into a crowed theatre even it i wanted. fingers crossed that all of this crap i’m going thru might melt away one of these days.

…but, i’ve B, little bagel, lola, friends and music to comfort me.

and, then, there is the new EP by antony and the johnsons. it seems like it has taken him forever to get something out (other than the cool disco stuff he did with hercules and the duet with bjork last year. this small collection of songs are somber, but the stuff to make one melt. simply beautifully sad. i shall tack their new vid-clip at the end as well.

and, of course, i’ve been listening to my beloved Barbra. …and, to the sublime goldfrapp.

my finger is really healing now! tomorrow is therapy day. my stomach is churning like craZy, but this is part of the process to figuring it all out.

check out the clips below — if you’re of a mind to do so…

love and kisses,


pop levi:

one more pop levi (my personal fave track):

and, antony and the johnsons. god bless ’em.

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