Lacking a focus for a real post, I’d thought I would share the three recordings which I find myself listening to the most as of late.

Marianne Faithfull: Easy Come Easy Go


I don’t know, but this CD has really grab’d hold of me.  In fact, I don’t think there is a single track that doesn’t touch me in one way or another.  That weathered voice wrapping around all of these standards with guests such Keith Richards, Antony, Rufus Wainwright and Nick Cave — it is rather magical. I particularly love the title track — an old Bourbon Street blues song which works in opposition to itself:  The producer has arranged it as a bit of old New Orleans street blues played as a dirge — with Ms. Faithfull performing it with more than a bit of cynicism and with little or no concern of hitting the correct notes. A simple song becomes a complex bit of art in the vein of something one might expect from Tom Waits. Magic.

Radiohead: The Bends


One of those classic rock recordings that I loved at the time it came out but had somehow forgotten in the shuffle of my iPod. I stumbled across “Fake Plastic Trees” and found myself all caught up in the rock-out of the time it was released. Rock and roll with a heart.

Bonnie Prince Billy: The Letting Go


One of my favorite LP’s. Ing turned me on to this record. Haunting, soft, poetic and stunningly beautiful. I can’t seem to listen to it enough. And, in the last couple of weeks I’ve been playing it quite a bit. I don’t think Billy ever really makes a musical mis-step, but I think this is his finest hour thus far.

If one has the ability, The Letting Go and Easy Come Easy Go sound best when played in their vinyl versions. …but, mp3’s also work quite well. Nothing can stop great art.

Never stop the music.

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MATTY PALM!!! (coming soon)

(You see it all started when Little Bagel needed an operation and we had already drained all of our resources for the other treatments. And, after both the bank and Ing turned us down for a loan to send Little Bagel to Australia for the rare operation — well, I had no choice but to go to the Tenderloin and seek employment to earn some quick change! No! I’m not a man-whore! I’m not! …but I was told I have the best palm in all of San Francisco! I’m telling you they line up for blocks! At first I was a bit intimidated by the whole scene, but quickly made life long friends at the club!)

In case you’re wondering I saw the new film IRINA PALM in which Marianne Faithfull must go to unusual lengths to raise money to save her ill grandson. Once I got past the shock of seeing Marianne Faithfull playing a frumpy grandma — I rather enjoyed the film! Of course, one would only expect Marianne to be good at this sort of job — even old and with the crazy ass sad hair-do and clothing! Tho, I felt it resolved itself a bit too simply and romantically — I really did enjoy the movie.

But, I must say it is hard to see my idols age. Tho, it happens to all of us! Marianne is doing it with grace (!) and in full R-rated glory! (hole, that is!) I do suggest a viewing if it is playing in your city! Those of you in the UK must have already had the chance last year! Why did none of you not tell me about it?!?!? Here is the preview which will explain a bit:

Still, it is upsetting to see that Ms. Faithfull went from this:

To This: Oh, well.

Today I decided to set my magical iPod to “shuffle” mode. This can be a bit worrying, but after a hand wanking grandma movie I figured I was up to the challenge! And, this is what my iPod told me as I walked Market Street!

“Baba O’Riley” by The Who
“Keeping You Alive” by The Gossip
“Trampled Under Foot” by Led Zeppelin
“Younglam” by Darling Kandie
“Accidents Never Happen” by Blondie
“I See A Different You” by Koop
“Clock” by Stephane Pompugnac
“Fucking on the Dance Floor” by Dirty Sanchez
“Do The Bambi” by Stereo Total
“Woke Up New” by The Mountain Goats

…all great songs. Well, the red light at my station just went on. We all know what that means!!!

Gotta run!
kisses from just east of GayTown,
matty (palm)

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