we have two kids — in the form of small shih-tzu and a perfect cat. now, Bagel is our dog. due to circumstances beyond our control she doesn’t get to go out as much as she would like or as much as she should. so, Little Bagel has a pee pad and she is good about using it. the challenge is noticing when Bagel has done her business on the pad because Lola, our cat, thinks it is her job to go to the pee pad and treat it like her litter box. …when that happens Little Bagel makes the mistake that it is time to play and sometimes attempt to eat the pee pad. we are pretty good about catching it in time.

sadly, at some point during thursday, while we were out Little Bagel and Lola did their “Pee Pad Shuffle” act.

by the time i walked into the apartment the pad was in shreds. i cleaned up the mess.

a few hours later i could tell Bagel didn’t feel well. she just wanted to be near me or be held.

this morning Little Bagel took what I can only imagine was a most uncomfortable dump.

now, the interesting thing is that this particular dumpage looked like 4 rather large sized marbles. …and they were quite colorful. streaks of the blue plastic fibers and white/yellow tissue — they really looked like fucked-up marbles.

i almost took a picture, but that seemed to be too out of the limits of taste. so, instead, i decided to share the warmth with lower-case text.

love and kisses,

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going on about 3 hours sleep, but feeling oddly energetic. however, i don’t have anything to write about at the moment so i thought i would post two pictures of Little Bagel and Lola!

Little Bagel at about midnight this morning!

Little Bagel at about midnight this morning!


Lola at about the same time!

Lola at about the same time!

B took these with the latest version of iPhone. I need to learn to use the video option and then I could post up some tiny vlogs. …mabye. i don’t know. …coffee is calling!

Happy Sunday! And, for those of you fellow queer souls embarking on the Alley Fair adventures — have fun and play safe!

love and kisses,

matty, lola and Little Bagel

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