Iggy Pop Rules...

Byron suggested that I go to the beach this morning and see if I could find some inspiration for a new blog posting.

I got a small coffee and sat on the sea wall for about twenty minutes. It is still early here so it was just too cold to stay longer this time of the day.

A young woman was jogging toward me. She stopped behind me (I was facing the ocean) and said,


I turned wondering if I knew her, but I didn’t. “Hey”

She pulled some sort of coil that was holding her brown hair in a pony tail and shook her hair free, “Um, do you think I should dye my hair yellow and blue?”

I pondered the somewhat random question. She was quite pretty and probably about 30 years old.

“No. I don’t think you should dye your hair yellow and blue.”

“Why, tho?”

“Well, I’d select one color. And, if the choice is between yellow and blue I’d go with blue. It will match your complexion and eyes better.”

“Oh. Ok. Thanks and have a good one, dude!”

…And, with that she continued her jog down the Ocean Beach boardwalk. I guess it is a boardwalk. It is wide paved sidewalk that runs along the beach, actually.

Lately, I’ve been worrying I’ve been watching too many old episodes of THIRTY SOMETHING. But, I must write. I doubt that any stranger would ask Hope what color she should dye her hair. …Especially such extreme colors.

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Indie critics pretty much slammed this CD which Devendra Banhart released this past fall. My understanding from what I read was that many felt he was trying too hard to push into the area of commercial pop. So, when I finally heard the CD I was left to scratch my head trying to understand why critics would take this view point. In many ways, this CD is less commercial than his previous release. There is a rather filtered feel to the music on “What Will Be” — to borrow a word from one of his new songs — the music, at times, feels a bit muddy and murky. But this is not a negative thing. There is something so oddly dense and warm about this music. It sort of makes me want to pull up a blanket and just create a sort of sonic cocoon as it plays. Bums me out that it doesn’t seem to be getting the attention I think it deserves.

There seems to be so much re-hash and crap out there right now. It is so refreshing to hear something with a newly fused energy. Not at all commercial pop, but it deserves to reach the commercially successful level. I guess it won’t. But, sometimes, it is cooler when you find some music that feels more like just your own. …Your personal discovery. A sort of musical treasure.

Life continues to throw curve balls. I manage to dodge most of them. Sadly, I end up catching a few. Worse yet, I’ve been hit in the head by a couple. But, one must push forward. Especially when one finds one self using lame/cliche sport metaphor — and one knows nothing of sport.

I wish therapy days did not fill me with such dread and drain me of so much energy. I am told “we” are making exceptional progress. Yet, it feels like it is getting worse before it gets better. It is a feeling. I suppose it is not truth, but feelings are what I run on — so it can get quite grim from time to time.

However, then, something perfect will happen. I’ll see a surfer catch a wave with perfect balance and grace. Or, my lover will kiss me in that way that only he can. Or, I will hear an artist hit that one note that fills my heart with joy. …Or, I will catch a glimpse of what makes the struggle of life so brilliant.

And, it is in these moments of pure hope that I find the strength to keep pushing forward.

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mastertonesew1my mother has moved to san fransico. this is a good thing. it almost feels like it was meant to happen. she has arrived with a new attitude, re-new’d energy and is being very supportive. she found an apartment her third morning here — it is just two blocks up the street.

a lot of things have happened over the last several days. most not at all good. in fact, most have been quite horrible. but, my mother’s arrival has been a positive thing in my life. and, her’s.

changes, evolutions, revaltions, changing of wind and thought.

we had to stop the car. i was having one of these scary/odd experiences which i am told are “normal” for someone in my current mode of condition. i step’d out of the car, leaned on to the pavement wall over-looking this beautiful city.

i was trying to gather my thoughts and balance.

i lit a cigarette and heard a familiar voice call out my name. it was a former co-worker from my last job. …the best job i’ve yet to have. and, this former co-worker is someone for whom i have a great deal of respect and love.

i felt horrified, self-conscious and confused. but, she rushed to me and gave me a hug. and, though, i felt as if i were floating several blocks above the situation, i managed to speak.

as difficult as it was on one hand, it was so perfectly timed on the other. and, as it turns out, this other hand far out-weighed the first.

we only spoke for a few moments.

the exchange made me feel good. it gave me hope.

hope is so crucial, but these small moments glue the random pieces together to form a life.

…it’s the small moments that matter.

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