Poor little Bagel. I was just about ready to set out for my off-balance walk for the day and I could not find Bagel. Then I found her. …chewing on a capsule holder of FAST KILL ant poison!!!! Of course, I freaked out. Too off-balance to drive a car right now so I had to pull B out of work. We called Poison Control and the vet — about an hour later and poor Little Bagel was being forced to vomit. We were sent away for an hour so I don’t know if they pumped her stomach or not. However, she was pretty much back to her normal self and we were assured that she would be OK. To further her bad day, we had to give her a bath as she smelled a bit of vomit. But, now she smells really nice, fluffy, clean and quite tired.

Oh, and we are not really quite sure how she found that poison. All we can think is that she somehow found it in B’s work area. So, he has fully puppy-proof’d his space. B tells me that he was made to feel quite guilty when he asked for the poison back as they handed our poor little shih-tzu back to him. But, without it, we get ants. Oakland has loads and loads of ants. I don’t know what we would have done if Bagel had been hurt. It was horrible.

I stayed in the car after we left Bagel with the vet. I was more comfortable calming myself in the luxury of the Element.

…just another day.

And, this is what I was listening to while drafting this post.

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