GOLDFRAPP's Head First

Finally! The new Goldfrapp has arrived! While perhaps not as “artistic” as their last release, SEVENTH TREE, this new CD is more the Goldfrapp that I love. Electronica with heart, lust and plenty of magical beats to both make my feet and brain move.

There is a very strong undercurrent of Moroder-ish 80’s vibe and even a bit of Laurie Anderson inspired voice sampling. But, most importantly — there is much musical glitter that makes Goldfrapp shine!

It is a sunny day in a year that, for me, seems to be filled with the darkest of challenges and this music is the perfect pick-me-up. I just got back from the ocean. I sat on the sand watching the waves roll in, letting the sun shine down on me, the cool ocean breeze enveloping me and Goldfrapp spinning musical glitter in my ears. A perfect moment at the beach.

I just wish the new album were longer, but I’m sure more remixes will be on the way! I wait with anticipation!

“oh oh oh i got a rocket
oh oh oh you’re going on it
you’re never coming back…”

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