As I continue further into therapy and attempt to get to the point where I can build a bridge to communication to the other aspects of myself who seem to go by different names and each possess different needs or desires, I begin to find myself in a horrific and strange place. This place is somewhere in my psyche, but it feels like a real location.

Hazy and confused, I emerge from this place often left with only a strong lingering scent in my nostrils and an overwhelming sense of dread. I suppose I am one of those folks who emerge from “switching” with temporary head and leg aches. And, I come back feeling so very tired.

I am trying to piece it all together and hold on to the memory of this place. This room. This appears to be the place where “everyone” stays. “Everyone” must be waiting for his chance to come out. And, “everyone” seems to be competing to get out and gain control over the shared body. And, “everyone” seems to feel entitled to this one body as if it is his own.

Currently it is a battle of sorts. A fight for control. The goal is to get “us” all together. To get “us” all on the “same page” — working together toward integration. A shared psyche that will allow me — or “us” to function in life as one. There is a block coming from “me” which is keeping this from happening. So, the exploration continues as my therapist and I work to break down the block (or blocks) and bridge a way toward communication.

But, for now, I’m left with my thoughts, nightmares, and odd discordant memories from that place “we” go when “one of us” breaks out and takes over the real-time action of life. …disconnected from each other and rather lost. A scary exploration of the mind. A mind damaged by years of child abuse. A mind splintered off into odd emotional segments designed to protect. Trying to figure it all out and remember…

first i notice the smells
the scent of vomit, sperm, blood and wet grass
and, then,
i notice the damp feeling
and, then,
the repugnant odor of what must be rotting flesh

the grimly lit room
i can see
or is it “sense” the beds lining down against the cracked wall
how many beds?
not sure.
but, there are more than a couple.

my eyes can only make out the feet
the uncovered dirty feet hanging at the end of each bed.

orphanage beds?
like from some european film?
are those feet blue?
are those the feet of a dead person?

is that a child in the back of the room?
he is trying to hide from me.
is that child me?
he looks like me.
bowl haircut?

who is speaking?
it sounds a bit like me
in a disguised voice or dialect.

“come in here. take your place.”

i touch behind me.
caked dirt.
started to gag from the scents
that permeate this place.

i want to leave.
where is the door?
“you can’t leave. why don’t you lay down and rest with us?”

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For the last couple of days I’ve been playing this and another LP a lot. I found both for very cheap at a tiny record store in the city that I really love. Anyway, what is interesting is that neither record is great. However, there is something addictive about both of them. The LP above was released in the early 70’s. A sort of Donovan-esque retreat into trippy hippie music. I love the idea of following Alice into adventures which is sort of what Mark Fry was doing when he sat around Italy in the years of 1968 to 1973 and made this record.
From what I can gather it has been a highly sought after record by collectors. Mark Fry no longer records as far I can find — he has become a rather successful artist in Europe. He was certainly dreamy enough to grace the covers of Tiger Beat. But, his record is like a dream. Just sort of quiet with harmonies hard to find upon first listen. …and this is the other record which has been getting a lot of play on my way cool player. Once again, this is not a really great bit of recording work but there is something quietly seductive and sexy about the way Kristofferson and Coolidge mixed their voices. Distant, but close at the same time. The music is simple but manages to wind the musical mind around some fairly complex thought. As I listen to both of these records I find myself relaxing and wishing I could have a glass of wine or bit of weed.

…so that I could really close my eyes and follow Alice and her rabbit down the hole into adventures of the mind rather the horror show of my memories.

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