i am so tired of hearing all this mess about our economy, our insipid president, scary-ass old mcCain, that crazy lady with a gun and no ‘G’s’ at the end of her verbs and all the nobs who support their agendas. i’m also weary of hearing people complain about not having enough money for food, medical care or rent when one of our most serious challenges continue to loom over us like some evil spector.

yes, i want to discuss the horrors of washing dishes!

true, my recent dish washing calamity might be partically blamed on this annoying PTSD which makes me a bit clumbsy and confused. however, i’m really not so sure.

there i was. at the sink. cleaning the dishes using some environmentally friendly soap. or, at least it had one of those green stickers with arrows going ’round in circles. just doing our part. by the way, recycling is so very difficult. (sigh)

anyway, so i had cleaned all the glasses and just picked up one of our soup bowls. i was a bit dizzy, but focused on the bowl. and, then, as i scrubbed b’s korean soup remains off the bowl something odd happened.

the bowl sort of broke in two. the left part of the plate cut into my left palm. no real big deal. but, i slowly turned my eyes over to my right hand. the right part of the plate had lodged into my index finger. i’m not sure how long i looked at it. it didn’t hurt, but it was a bit worrying to see a piece of a bowl lodged into my finger.

there was only a little blood.

anyway, i took a sort of took in some extra air and pulled the bowl fragment out of my finger. and, then came A LOT of blood and pain. Actually, it was a lot of blood. i didn’t know what to do. so, i did what i tend to do best these days.

i just stood there watching the blood pour down the drain and held my finger under the running water. i finally tried to touch my finger to see how bad it might really be. i managed to lift up the flap of skin and there seemed to be a rather large chunk of meat missing from my finger. i then noticed that bit of ‘meat’ laying in the pool of blood.

i started to black out, but talked myself out of it. i sort of walked into the bathroom and poured rubbing alcohol over the cut. the pain helped to snap me out of it. i wrapped it in a towel as the blood would not stop and the tighter i wound it up. then i sort of panicked and sent upset emails to b and ing.

i finally decided to try and put bandaids on it — six. all the while my left palm was still bleeding. when b got home he helped me clean it and properly bandage it and it seems to have healed.

now, i want to know what our government is going to do about this serious problem which faces all of us who do dishes?

priorities and focus, people!

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