Robert Altman's Brewster McCloud

After enjoying Dim Sum, we returned home. I decided to watch Robert Altman’s BREWSTER MCCLOUD. A film I had seen on late night TV when I was pretty young. The “story” takes place in Houston — most specifically in the Astrodome which must have been fairly new/cool for 1970. As a child, I did not grasp all of the sociopolitical “jokes” or much of anything other than there was a lady in it who was a sort of bird and a small guy who just wanted to fly.

Watching it today, the movie is so very dated and oddly simplistic for Robert Altman. Blame it on the thudding end to the 1960’s and drugs. But, the idea of watching Bud Cort wanting to be a bird still struck me.

After the DVD was over I walked outside and let the cool San Francisco breeze rush through my hair. The fog had been burned out by the sun. It was beautiful. I could hear the seagulls’ calls coming from the beach down the way. I closed my eyes and imagined that I was flying free and easy. Away and above all the mess that waits down here on the troubled ground.

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