As I sorted and folded thoughts — my mind began to wander all about. I brewed some tea and sat in my green chair and tried to sort my thoughts the same way I had worked the socks. However, much like our sock collection — several thoughts failed to match up with others, more than a few had holes, one seemed to have some dried paste stuck to the bottom and a couple had faded away to thin fabrics from my mind’s Third Eye.

I decided to jot a few of these thoughts down in my note journal. Tried as hard as could, but these thoughts remain unsorted. These are the thoughts most in need of another to form a pair:

* I feel sad that so few people seem to realize the power, beauty and depth of Greta Garbo. I don’t mean just that face which seemed to glow in the dark shots of cinema. There was so much more — the timbre and grace of that voice that managed to be both warm and distant at once. Unsure and steady at the same time. And, the grace that moved from frame to frame as if without thought — and the grace of the woman who opted out of the Hollywood Machine forever cementing a sort of mystery of what was and left us wanting for more — and wondering what that more might have produced. Movie magic we will never know again.

**My legs are starting to ache almost as much as my heart.

***Why do some people want to hold others up to a standard to which they fail to even hold themselves? And, why are they so unable to notice that they do this?

****Art is so subjective and yet so political in reaction(s)

*****Time seems to go by way too fast and way too slow — at the same time. It didn’t always feel that way.

******I really can’t stand Tom Hanks. I don’t even know why, but he sort of makes my skin crawl. “…Run Forrest! Run!”

*******I saw a film from Thailand that gave me a sort of sucker-punch. I need to watch it once more and write about it. I don’t think enough people have seen it. …Like my stupid blog will help. Yeah, well. Whatever. lol.

********I hold birds suspect.

*********Sometimes the very touch of B can make me feel OK.

**********I miss weed so much it hurts. I dream about it. And, right now, those are the only nice dreams I have. How funny. …nice dreams. …I just thought of that! I used to love that movie! I doubt I would now, tho.

***********I never thought, at 41, that I’d be so worried about money that $10 seems like a lot of money. Being this broke is not cool.

************Sometimes I just feel so desperate I don’t know what to do. And, then music saves me.

**************As bad as things feel sometimes as of late, I never thought I would make it to this age. I guess I’m beating my odds. Not too bad.

***************And, it is a blessing and grace to be loved as much as I am.

*****************I never seem to have enough of anything. I always seem to need more. I just want everything!

Put the pen down and fold the undershirts.

Listening to this as I composed this post: …I think it seems to get better with age.

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