b feeling the wind off the pacific...

b feeling the wind off the pacific...

it was a perfect day.

we got into b’s car and drove toward half moon bay and ended up stopping at the cliffs over looking the ocean.

the wind was strong and cold.

the sky was clear and the sound of water crashing into ancient rocks filled my ears.

and, the scent of the ocean filled me with comfort.

matty stanfield about to strike a pose on a cliff bench

matty stanfield about to strike a pose on a cliff bench

snapping pictures of each other and of the magic of the day.

we hid together in the car from the cold.

…and watched the ocean wave as the time swept by us both.


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This post makes me think of my pal, Mr. Andre McFarlane’s weekly picture contest/project. See links on my sidebar. Anyway, as I toil about my days I now snap pictures.

Mainly of things that I find myself looking at or thinking about.

But, certainly taking the normal sort of pix of my love, pet and pals. I just had to clear off my memory card as I’ve taken so many stupid pictures. The following are a selection from the last two weeks that struck me as rather interesting (and sometimes) fun.

No words, but please note the Castro tag’ing of Sylvester Stallone’s racist epic! Funny thing is, it will probably become a Broadway musical within the next couple of years. Fear not, America, Sylvester Stallone and other white people will save you from all those evil people from Asia! Do not support this film! Bad enough it supports the concept of war, but the silly racist side is just sick. Wait. I said no words! (sorry!)

Sighing near GayTown,

And, the following was the LP I was playing as I created this post.
“…all we ever look for is a God
all we ever look for is a drug
all we ever look for is a great big hug
all we ever look for is a little bit of you
all we ever look for is a little bit more of you, too
all we ever look for, but we never do score…”

Oh! I had a unique run-in with Devendra Banhart this afternoon at the SF MOMA, but I do not feel it appropriate to discuss in this forum. Suffice to say, I did not get a picture to capture the encounter. I don’t think he would have appreciated it! ‘Nuff said! …wow. for no words I sure managed to use quite a few!

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