…if only it were so easy to get a Little Miss No Name Doll.

The smallest things I attempt to do seem to take me so much energy anymore.  But, I push forward.

I needed a haircut.  So, I summoned all of my energy to fight the anxiety I seem to feel all the time these days.

Once in the chair, I decided to have the cut I’ve been wanting for sometime. Yes, the cut that friends have warned me I should not attempt. Essentially, I just wanted about half an inch above my ears shaved with a number one razor all the way around my head. Then just a bit trimmed off the top —- and I wanted no blending of my hair to the shaved section.

The stylist did exactly as I asked. And, I really liked it.  After she shampoo’d it again and messed it about while looking at my reflection in the mirror she said, “You know, this cut actually works well on you. I was worried, but it looks good.”

I left the hair-cutting-place feeling a bit of confidence.

However, as I did a few errands and walked about I noticed I am getting looks. Looks of the worrying type.

Oh well, I like it. And, if it prooves too upsetting for others — it will grow back. (I think)

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