Welcome to my new bit of space!

Well, here I am filling in my new bit of space.
I’m just jumping in feet first.

mediumsize3.jpg I am learning as I go but it seems pretty cool and easy! Welcome!

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My copy of the new CD by Black Box Recorder arrived. I love it — if you’ve enjoyed their other stuff, you will like this one! If you are not aware of them — check them out! I don’t think it is avaiable here in the US yet — import only.

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A Sparkling Weekend of TV, Nude Wrestling, Russian Art and Penis Manipulation!

When I was in college I dreamed of the time I would be free of school, out of Texas and enjoying incredible sparkling Friday nights. Well, I’ve been out of college for 13 years this coming December and just wanted to report that I am totally free of school, out of Texas and am spending an exciting Friday night watching TV. As Meatloaf once sang, 2 outta 3 ain’t bad and I certainly am not trying to drill for oil on a city street.

I had planned on seeing Russian Ark, but I was so tired after work that I decided I just couldn’t be bothered with driving to Cambridge. I do plan to try and catch it on Sunday. So, looks like I will be watching the newly released DVD version of Women In Love! This was the really the last “normal” film Ken Russell ever made. He sort of went off the deep end after this one. I much prefer his insane period to his literay moments. However, one can’t beat watching Alan Bates and Oliver Reed (circa 1969) wrestling nude! Repressed bear-love at it’s best!

Tomorrow night we are finally seeing Puppetry of the Penis! Am really looking forward to it. Have been waiting oh so very long! I had to convince Karl, Petie and Duncan, but I think they will enjoy it as well.

My boss will be out of the office for the next 6 business days attending a mandatory meeting with my firm’s big wigs. I am probably the only person on the planet who dreads it when the boss isn’t there! But I will survive! Just like Gloria Gaynor.

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Uh, Oh — Dream Post!!!

Last night I dreamt I was walking down a flight of stairs. I was enjoying the walk until I caught the scent of moth balls sort of creeping up behind me. I heard a warped recording of a female voice warning, “Walk with care or you might slip and fall!” I turned around and discovered an 8 foot tall Mrs. Beasley doll looking down at me!!!! Of course, I slipped and fell down the stairs. I landed in a big pink box. Elizabeth “Showgirls!” Berkley was in the box with me. She sighed and commented, “Never trust a doll dressed so poorly. That doll is trouble with a capital ‘T’!”

that was my dream — and this is my post for today. sorry so dull.

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The Return of Mrs. Beasley!
You know how there was always that one toy you wanted, but never got? Well, I had more than one — but that is a whole different sort of blog notation. Anyway, I always wanted a Mrs. Beasley doll — just like the one Buffy clutched throughout the run of “Family Affair” I was drawn to the idea of having a doll of an old lady.

I am still drawn to this concept. Who needs a teddy bear or a Barbie? …well, OK — I guess I need a teddy bear and a Barbie —- but wouldn’t it be cool to have a doll that has to wear glasses, an ugly dress and a bad hair style?!?!?! And, now for the new century — they’ve given her a voice chip! Apparently she says things like, “Speak a little louder so I can hear you!” and that other sentence children love to hear, “I am so tired!” The voice is provided by former 70’s hottie, Cheryl Ladd. At first, I thought this was a bummer — but upon further reflection, I have to say that this is pure marketing genius!

We all need a Talking Mrs. Beasley Doll!

For those of you who may have noticed the comments to yesterday’s post, Karl claims I was exaggerating about his bowling-induced pains. I was not. To make up for his false claim, I feel he should get me a Mrs. Beasley doll.

And I wanted to make a quick note about my pal, Doug! He rocks! — and he made a valid point regarding the perils of bowling.

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Bowling Hurts

Karl went bowling this past weekend. Not normal size bowling, but candle stick bowling. He has been complaining that his entire body aches ever since. This happened the last time we went bowling. I don’t know. I have never experienced “the burn” from bowling, but maybe I am odd. Strike that. I know that I am odd, but I have been in pain after jogging or doing reps with weights. All I am saying is that I do understand the concept of “the burn” — but from candle stick bowling?!?!?

Candle Stick Bowling. …the power work-out for the new millennium.

Finally saw the specialist today regarding my “sinus issue” —- they are going to “correct” my deviated septum. I am not even sure if that is how “septum” is spelled. Am feeling too lazy to check the spelling. The thing that really sucks is that this will not be a nose job. It is not cosmetic. The procedure will open up my nasal passages — which will then allow my “sinus issue” to clear-up.

So, I get to go through a painful ordeal, but get no cosmetic benefit. I think this sucks. On the plus side, I get to delay my next round of dental torture (AKA gum-grafting!) for a month or so. There will be a 7 to 10 recovery days required. This means I will never catch up with work. I will be playing catch-up at work for the rest of my natural life. At least I will be breathing better!

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Got Cher Head(s)?

I just received an email from one of my best friends. Imagine my joy when I came upon this portion of the email:

I found a place to buy old Cher doll heads that are 12 inches big!! I have to buy them in lots of 6. Would you like 6 large Cher heads? Has that question EVER been typed anytime in the history of our world?

Of course I responded with affirmative “Hell, yes! I need those 6 large Cher heads!” —- I suspect we all could use some large Cher heads at one time or another.

Still feel like crap. We had dinner plans with our pals, Peter and Duncan. I couldn’t go. Karl is there now. He is probably having a lot of fun. I, on the other hand, am watching bad tv and thinking about trying a bit of food. oh well. At least I know I’ve got a bundle of Cher heads on the way!

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Under the Weather and Over the Top

I think stress from work has gotten the best of me. I dreamt about work all night and work up feeling rather cruddy. Karl and I were to go to the Cape today to visit his parents and celebrate his father’s brithday, but as we drove on to the expressway I realized I was going to be sick. So, we had to drive all the way back to the house. —- and here I am on a beautiful Saturday feeling sick. This is not a healthy situation. Ugh! That is it — am going to go to bed and bite my pillow.

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Cinematic Torture

Jen and I made our way to the Kendall Cinema in Cambridge with an edge of excitement. After a tough week of work, we were eager to see the new Gus Van Sant film, Gerry. The movie follows the story of 2 verbally-challenged guys named Gerry who take a walk, get lost and wander around Death Valley — until one of the Gerry’s decides to put the other Gerry out of his misery by killing him. After killing the other Gerry, Gerry2 discovers that they were just a few yards away from the highway. This somewhat mirrors the ordeal Jen and I were experiencing as we watched this wretched piece of crap. The difference was we were unable to settle on who would have the mercy of being killed as to avoid watching “Gerry” to the bitter end. Luckily, just before I forced Jen to slam my head against the theatre wall — the movie ended. We had made it to the end and survived! Good thing as we were only a few feet from the exit.

Words just can’t capture how bad this movie was — it was torture.

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Names for Ellen & Chuck’s Baby!

My friends, Ellen & Chuck, are about to welcome their first child to the world. They’ve been very good and have managed to avoid from finding out the sex of the baby. I believe that they are all set with potential names if they should be blessed with a little boy, but they are still trying to come up with the perfect name for the potential blessing of a little girl. If anyone is reading my blog and knows of an awesome name for a little girl, please post it to the comment section for this entry. —- And, be nice! Am looking for good names! Personally, I like Lilly or Sophie.

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