THINGS I COULD DO (if i wanted)

this picture of Ann-Margret always gives me a smile...

the dog has been walked.

the litter box has been cleaned/re-newed/re-freshed.

the garbage has been taken out.

the house has been cleaned-up a bit.

the kitchen and the dishes are clean.

small lunch has been had.

unmemorable but beautiful visit to the beach has been done twice today.

no therapy this week. therapist is on vacation.

left to stew in all my swirling thoughts.

no money to take in a movie.

too easily distracted to read.

so, i sit at the window cigarette in hand and contemplate the possibilities that today could hold.

what could i do today if i were of a mind to do?

1. run naked down Geary Blvd

2. knock over a store and go on a wild shopping spree.

3. give Little Bagel a punk rock hair cut with the clippers.

4. sell everything i owned before i met Mr. B to see how much i could get for the junk i’ve accumulated.

5. walk from one end of San Francisco to the other and then it would probably be close to the time i need to leave to pick up Mr. B.

6. go to the mall, order a diet coke and watch the people.

7. attempt to shop lift a new hoodie from Nordsroms.

8. …maybe the gap is a better place to attempt shop lifting as i don’t think those employees care.

9. go to an expensive downtown shoe store and try on every shoe in the store and then toss one of the boxes up into the air and go on about the sad fashion of all the shoes and march out in a huff.

10. walk through Golden Gate Park and try to pretend that I love the “natural” beauty of the trees and other green things.

11. dye my hair green.

12. dye Little Bagel’s hair blue.

13. surf the net for nothing in particular.

14. essentially anything to avoid having to get too caught up in this mind of mine.

If Ann-Margret is the ultimate Sex Kitten, what would that make Goldie Hawn?

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  1. Urspo replied:

    people watching is actually more fun with a gin and tonic. try it some time. just remember to call out to people with your observations.

  2. matty03 replied:

    Urspo! Actually, that is a great idea! Tho, I could probably do that without an empty Jack Daniels and just be me! lol!

  3. Rick replied:

    How about people watching at Golden Gate Park! Enjoy the outdoors.

  4. Iris replied:

    Goldie Hawn would be a sexy bagel I think. And if you must dye Bagel make it pink please–no blue! If you are going to go down Geary Blvd in the nude–notify me so I can shut my blinds and call the nude police. Hey, I wish you would apply that brilliant writing style to another book. I was re-reading donut holes today and enjoyed the funnier aspects of it this time. The first read just took my breath away and made me cry. The second time I could appreciate the humor. You are better than you think you are and getting better all the time. Love and hugs.

  5. Alan replied:

    You should do the Geary Blvd. thing.

  6. The Sagittarian replied:

    Number 9! Number 9!!!! 🙂

  7. rick castro replied:

    hello matty,
    you have a copywritten image i took of tony ward on your site/blog remove immediately or pay me US$100 for usage and include a link~

    sincerely, rick castro

    • Matty Stanfield replied:

      Hi Rick,

      I will be happy to remove it. However, you’ve posted a comment to an old blog — this entry is from 2010. Please send me a link to the page that has your image and I will remove.


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