Alex Iglecia!

Alex Iglecia!

Beth Iglecia!

Beth Iglecia!

Inner Getaway w/Chocolate! And, it's free! See info below!

Inner Getaway w/Chocolate! And, it's free! See info below!

Two of my dearest friends are physical heal professionals. Yes. Believe it or not — one of the three people who know me best on the planet is a certified Yoga and Fitness expert — as is her hubby (who also happens to be a close pal-o-mine!) …They have really great bodies do things like meditation, yoga, healthy eating, bike rides across rough terrain, hike and teach others to live a healthier lifestyle. And, yes, they still love me and B! B and me tend to do things like lay about, smoke and bitch about life in general — but with flair and humor!

Anyway! Alex & Beth Iglecia are starting a new (AND FREE) experiment in their mission to improve the lives of us and others — and, this time, they’ve thrown chocolate into the mix! So, I am SO THERE!

Just a call in and you’re plugged in!

Follow this link for important info — AND DON’T FORGET IT IS TOMORROW, 10/20/09 starting at 6pm PST or 9pm EST!)

Also, you might be interested in checking out Alex’s website.

Alex Iglecia again -- doing The Trinity, I think. This picture is real, but I have no hostility about his ability to do this in our driveway and attract the attention of both women and gay men. I'm ok with that. No. I'm not JEALOUS AT ALL!

His site is quite good and highlights his professional abilities.

I would like very much for either he or B or my brother or ANYONE good with hi-end technology to get my book formatted to Kindle. …but, that’s a whole other blog posting!

So, take some time to unwind and call in tomorrow. I probably should have gotten this post up sooner. Blame it on my Little Bagel. …um, that’s my dog.


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  1. brand new woo replied:

    Fun! I wish I was there I would totally go!

  2. matty03 replied:

    Alan! Oh, I wish you could have listened in, too. They are holding another call on 11/3! …two different times! Check out their site!

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