LeMARCHAND PUZZLE MUSIC BOX: beautiful or evil?

The Lost Configuration: Ancient French Box of Eternity & Innocense

The Lost Configuration: Ancient French Box of Eternity & Innocense

…for almost three years someone has been sending me gifts without telling me who he/she is. Sometimes it is a great DVD or book. I try to find out who is sending these gifts to me — the card usually says something like, “For you, with love” or “Enjoy, with love” — But this individual has yet to reveal to me who they are. Yesterday, this LeMarchand replica arrived via UPS to our door. I opened it and it contained a somewhat ominous card which read, “Mr. Stanfield, Take this box, it’s yours… ‘It always has was.” …the box came from the Pyramid Gallery in NY by way of Missouri. No name of the giver was provided. I went on line and found a website for the Pyramid Gallery in NY. They have painstakingly re-created LeMarchand’s musical puzzle boxes. …And, none of them are cheap. This one cost just under $200 to mail to me.

Whey would someone spend this much money and not tell me who they are. And, tho, the box is beautiful — I immediately recognized it as the sort of box which Clive Barker has used as a fictional device of evil which brings demons into the lives of his characters in more than a couple books and movies. And, as I read the card I thought I remembered the line on the card — I google’d it and — yes, it is a line used in HELLRAISER.

The Demon Pinhead from Hellraiser with his LeMarchand Box...

The Demon Pinhead from Hellraiser with his LeMarchand Box...

Now, I might be being silly — but does this gift carry a certain creep value? And, I LOVE the DVD of the British Television Series/Experiment called JAM

Sick & Twisted Briliance!

Sick & Twisted Briliance!

…but, JAM, too is so very sick & twisted I can’t help but wonder: does this gift give like me or are they trying to “tell” me something about his/her opinion of me?

I love looking at this box, and winding it up to hear the sweet but haunting little melody — but are demons going to sprout out if I ever press the part of the puzzle box which opens it — does this gift come with bad tidings?

Why would someone spend this much money and not tell me who they are?

So, if the gift giver is reading this — I want to express my thanks. I really appreciate these gifts. I do. And, I would really like to know who it is that has sent these incredible works of art into my life. …I loved the book, too. Tho, I will not share in public what the book is or is about — but that, too, in its own way is a bit worrying.

If the gift giver might be so inclined — perhaps he/she could drop me a line and let me know why they are. Because, I am a bit creep’d out.

Do you like me or hate me?

Fingers crossed that this individual who sends me gifts has no grudge against me for some reason.

love and kisses,

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  1. Urspo replied:

    what a fabulous mystery you have there – not just the box but the relationship. It sounds thrilling!

  2. Rick replied:

    Wow, that’s certainly a surprise. But I think I’d be a bit weirded-out by it too.

    (No, it’s not me.)

    : )

  3. matty03 replied:

    Urspo! I would not describe it as thrilling as much as kind of creepy. It has been going on for almost 4 years. I’d just like to know who he/she is. And, why this expensive box? …it just started playing about 8 notes of its melody for no apparent reason. I saw HELL RAISER — I think the demons want out! lol!

  4. matty03 replied:

    Rick. …why did you send me this box? is it cursed? lol! Yeah, I mean it is a beautiful little work of art and engineering but it is quite creepy that I do not know who or why they sent it to me.

  5. Aaron replied:

    Yeah sorry, this one was me – but not the others!!

    This was supposed to arrive on your birthday but the assistant gallery owner got a bit ahead of himself.

    So, er, enjoy 😀

  6. matty03 replied:

    Aaron! Whew! Now, I know I don’t have to be “a-scared” of it! It is gorgeous and quite cool! …but, it just seemed so odd the way it arrived — left outside of our apartment door! lol! I am relieved! Why did you spend so much money — or any money! You are such a sweetie. Thank you.

    …and, so relieved that it arrived with no intent of malice! lol!


  7. Old Cheeser replied:

    How interesting! A secret admirer. All very odd. You need to hire a private investigator …. or Matty’s Angels?? And you’re right, that’s a very Hellraiser type of gift. I hope you don’t sprout lots of spikes and turn psychotic when you pick it up.

    By the way – listening to Barbra Streisand and Donna Summer – Enough Is Enough – as I type this!

    By the way 2 – so sorry I never stop by your blog and say much these days – I promise to try harder! Life is busy at the mo but I still find time to write posts from time to time (including lengthy ones on cheesey Australian soaps, mmmm strange that!) Hope all is well with you and the two Bs! Stop by and say hi some time!

    Simon x

  8. matty03 replied:

    Cool Old Cheeser! (or Simon!) — Mystery solved! Dessie/Aaron sent me the box out of love and friendship! All is safe! Such an extravagant gift — but I think it may be the most beautiful object I own!

    Oh, don’t worry —- I have gotten quite bad at blogging as of late! I seem to be doing much better with my FaceBooking.

    Australian soaps. …full on sex and mutilation?!?!?

  9. brand new woo replied:

    hmm so it’s someone who has your address, that should narrow it down, no? Considering you’ve moved a few times… Was it postmarked from anywhere specific?

    wasn’t me!! 🙂

  10. matty03 replied:

    Alan! Oh, the mystery has been solved! It was Dessie! Now, I’m at peace and love my beautiful puzzle music box!

    …and, I don’t keep anything secret — my address is all over the place. I just don’t worry with that stuff.

  11. cristy replied:

    I certainly wouldn´t push anything in the box.Not at all.

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  13. Taylor replied:

    Contact me about your cursed music box if you are tired of the creepy factor.

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