I didn’t take this picture. I had no camera this morning. I don’t even know how to give cred to the person who took this photograph of a northern california seal — there was no credit listed, but I needed a picture. I like pictures. ca-sea-lion As you know, I usually wake up quite early whether or not I’ve gotten much sleep. And, I like driving down to Golden Donut, picking up a cup of coffee to go and driving down to where the surfers surf at Ocean Beach. So, this dreary/over-cast/foggy Sunday morning that is what I did. As I backed into a parking space I noted several surfers riding small waves.

I sipped my coffee and lit a cigarette. Yes, I’m still needing my smokes. I WILL quit. This just isn’t a good time to wrestle that one. Anyway, I had a couple of fairly bad migraines Friday and the caffeine and cigs seem to be easing away the fog of pain a migraine leaves.

I thought I saw a dolphin jumping over the surfers! I had to get out of the car and approach the cliff to get a better view. There was a man there watching as well. I asked him if that was a dolphin and he told me it was a seal. Now, seals tend to gather up on what is called Seal Rock — which is located on Sutter Beach near our apartment. You can often hear their barking being carried through the fog to our window. But, that time of the year has passed. The man told me that he thought that this seal must be lost. He had binoculars and allowed me to take a look.

It appeared that this seal was playing with the surfers. It wasn’t attacking them. She seemed to be playing — jumping over the ends of their boards. From what I could tell the surfers were laughing. It was cute. It made me feel good. But, then the man told me that he figured that the seal was a baby and would soon be wasting away on the beach. Then, I felt rather distressed. The dark mood soon gathered up more darkness as I was driving back home and passed some roadkill on Geary Blvd. …It was a raccoon. I’m not a fan of the raccoon. They scare me and I’m fairly certain that they are all out to eat me, but it just seemed so very sad to see this one lying dead on the side of the blvd.

Still, there felt something magical about starting Sunday watching a baby seal play with surfers.

I sat in the car for a few minutes before I came back up to our apartment. I was listening to that Dennis Wilson album on my iPod, Pacific Ocean Blues. Actually, I’ve been playing this a lot since yesterday. I really like it. I had only ever heard one Dennis Wilson solo song before — which I do like — called “Ain’t It Strange” …but this, his only solo record I know about, is so different from that jazz/roadhouse blues sort of song. …This is really a great album. Why has it taken me so long to find it. At first I did not care for the cover, but the more I look at it the more I like it. The photographer captured something interesting about Wilson’s face of that time — 1977(?) — there is a worrying look in his eyes and seeming stance. A sort of warning photograph of bad times to come. …But, what a great album. Whenever an artist leaves us too soon it always makes makes me wonder what art might have come if he/she had not left us. This album almost feels like a transition of sorts. …If only he had been able to give us the chance to see where he would be transitioning as an artist.

Dennis Wilson: Pacific Ocean Blues

Dennis Wilson: Pacific Ocean Blues

…I hope that baby seal got the chance to transition back to her heard or flock or whatever a bunch of seals are called. A gaggle of seals? Just hope the playful seal made it back to her own.


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  1. rick replied:

    I love seals. They’re so cute. We saw some swimming in the ocean on our recent trip to Maine.

  2. matty03 replied:

    Rick! Hello! Yeah, they are so cute! They don’t seem to be as mean as sea lions — who fascinate me, tho!

  3. Urspo replied:

    That was a cheerful story. thank you for sharing.

  4. The Sagittarian replied:

    I did a post on seals recently too, the place I visited has a seal colony and so i made time to go and see them. Lovely creatures, I hope your baby is ok?

    Loved the post, and thanks for the tip about the music – I’ll hunt it out! cheers, mate.

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