...John Legend continues to evolve. I just take a while to catch up.

...John Legend continues to evolve. I just take a while to catch up.

…I seem to be listening to this album quite a bit for the last several days. I didn’t like it when I first heard it, but now I’m ever so loving it. Go figure.

We are back from Toronto. Sad trip. But, those times when families come together after the loss of parent are so bittersweet, complicated, difficult and full of love — that you know it was so very important to everyone. And, to the memory of the one who is no longer here. B is holding up well. Always so hard to watch the one you love the most hurting. …And, all you can do is offer your love.

And, there were the children. B’s niece and nephew are perfect children! They were like little rays of sun racing around us. And, B is blessed with a great family. This was really the first time I had to actually spend some time with his mother — an incredibly beautiful, funny and unique person. …She would have to be — and B’s father must have been a true force of nature. How else could one explain such astounding sons produced from their love and marriage?!!?

I missed our Little Bagel and Lola something awful. Also been missing Bethie and Alan. Hope to see them later this weekend or maybe even sooner. And, while I had a few setbacks while in Canada — I did OK. The return to therapy is this Friday.

The trip to/from Toronto was quite difficult. Because we were having to grab our tix quick — we ended up with some odd flight schedules from Hell. The trip there ended up taking just over 13 hours. Sucked. The trip back wasn’t so bad. But, our luggage was lost both ways.

I was unable to sleep much. I did most of the laundry. And, I watched the first half of this:

Psychoville! Dawn French slips back to the edge of things!

Psychoville! Dawn French slips back to the edge of things!

I had been dying to see it since I heard of it airing in the UK earlier this year! As one would expect from the folks who brought us The League of Gentlemen — it was sick, twisted, funny and horribly wrong. I am loving it. Interesting to see Dawn French doing something with a bit of edge again. How many years has it been since French & Saunders were actually pushing envelopes? 18 or so? Anyway, well worth a look — I think it is one of those shows that can seem a bit much, jolty and extreme first viewing but takes on more comic meaning after getting past the shock tactics. Not up to par with the original League, but most definitely excellent! Fingers crossed for some more to come!

Seems there were so many things I wanted to write about a bit of the Hell I went through trying to grapple with all this flashback shit while we were traveling and in Canada. But, this posting is more than boring enough.

I wonder, why do I find Hugh Grant so charming and hot? He isn’t really.

hgShrugging of my shoulders.

August 5, 2009. Uncategorized.


  1. Urspo replied:

    This weekend I want to update my blogger buddy list. I have your permission to add years to mind?

  2. Brent replied:

    Glad you’re back

  3. joe replied:

    i’m sorry for your loss and sadness. sorry to also have missed you in Toronto. there’ll be better days my sweet Matty 😉
    hugs and kisses from Toronto!

  4. brand new w replied:

    My condolences to B and his family.

    good to see you back though ! i’m sure lola and little bagel missed you both just as much!

  5. The Sagittarian replied:

    Poor B, hugs from New Zealand! (They’re the best in the world really and are delivered with Watties tomato sauce!) Glad you managed to get to and fro without too much hassle, hope your luggage turned up or has it gone completely?

  6. Lubin Odana replied:

    I loved Psychoville and agree with you that it’s the best thing that Dawn French has done in a long time. I also loved the Witches of ebay, and the woman who played Snow White – if you come to the UK Matty, you should definitely go to a Christmas Panto – they’re a bizarre and definitively British experience…

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