my view as i sipped my coffee this morning...

my view as i sipped my coffee this morning...

So, as a part of therapy, I pulled a number of my fictionalized reality stories into a sort of book. …A manuscript, if you will. Not being one to follow rules I ignored all the statements of publishers stating that they would not accept unsolicited submissions. I just sent out a hard and electonic copy to about 12 publishers.

Interestingly enough, there was only one publisher who did not read (or review) my manuscript and it was a local Bay Area Indi-publisher.

I was thinking I could put together a rejection letter colage for the hell of it. I discovered that no one sends letters anymore. I received rejection emails. I could not find a way to pull those into a colage of any sort.

But, here was the interesting thing — three publishers (two of note) contacted me and informed me that my collection of stories was “of interest” and “of merit” and that they might be interested in considering publishing it. However, all three refused to take it any further until I had a literay agent. I had sent this manuscript to a couple of lit agents I found on the Internet. I never heard from them.

I poked about and asked a few writers I know about how one goes about getting a lit agent. My B even contacted a friend of a friend who is a senior editor at a large publishing house — but, I never could get a firm grip on how to secure one. I also did not relish the idea of having to actually speak to anyone.

A junior editor in the UK at a house of note first suggested that I consider self-publishing as a better route. B then suggested this. Then I noticed a couple of books I’ve read were self-published.

So, after a very rough therapy session on Saturday, I decided that DIY was the best route for me. To be totally honest, I do not think anyone would actually pay to read anything I might write. But, to be equally honest, as I move into my 42 year on the planet I’d like to be able to say that I saw at least one personal thing through to conclusion. I can list a number of professional objectives and tasks I’ve completed — but I don’t think I’ve succeeded in doing anything on a personal or artistic level.

So, DIY self Kindle and soft bound print publishing here I come.

A large part of me feels very much the loser for doing this —

but another aspect of me is saying, “NO! This is cutting edge 21st Century edge! Just fucking do it!”

So, that is decided. I’m just going to fucking do it. I might have to give up a meal (or two) per day to pursue this but at the end of it I can say, “I wrote this and I put it out there.”

I finished my coffee, chatted with a surfer dude about the lack of true wave available this morning and headed home to start the wheels on getting it going. I saw this log as the surfer lit a funny cig and complained that he just didn’t have the time or gas to get to LA this weekend.

isn't it pretty?

isn't it pretty?

…I text’d my baby brother in NYC and asked him to take a snapshot of something for me that I will use as the cover. He’s a professional artiste so it should look cool. He told me it might take him a while. I told him to please just take the shot and email the jpeg to me by tomorrow. He agreed.

Me and B are getting a Kindle2 and on I roll.

Damn the torpedos!

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  1. javabear replied:

    YAY!! Just fucking do it! I like that attitude. That’s pretty much how I find myself back in college after lo these many years. And I’m having a blast.

    Good luck, sweetie!

  2. matty03 replied:

    Java! Yay! Thank you!

    …yeah, it is for me anyway.

    Sad, but I don’t think I’m too worried about view points. Mainly, I don’t really believe anyone will be reading them anyway.

    So, why not!

    Tho, a good friend just gave me some very valuable feedback that I need to consider. Just not sure I’ve the energy or personal strength to put any of the valued ideas into action.

    I sort of want to close that book and move on. …so to speak.

    love and kisses,

  3. Robert replied:

    Yeah, best of luck Matty. I’m sooooo proud of you. As for me, I hardly get anything done these days. ugh. You did well. Let your readers know how everything goes!!!! woohoo!!! {{{{{{Matty}}}}}}

  4. matty03 replied:

    Robert! Thanks! Oh, I think you get a lot more done than you realize! I am not sure if I did well, but I did it!

    (actually, still doing it)

    Still making some changes/tweaks.

    …but, close!

    love and kisses,

  5. The Sagittarian replied:

    Good for you, mate. I have a similar thought process going on at the moment relating to a pile of photos I have taken over the years, you know – putting them into a book and see what happens. You’re inspirational!

  6. matty03 replied:

    The Sagittarian! Wow! I’ve never been called “inspirational” before!

    Yes! You MUST get your work out there!!!

    …And, I suspect now is the time as this new form of media publishing is in mid-bloom. …by this time next year no telling how it will have grown and changed!

    love and kisses,

  7. brand new woo replied:

    Yay!! congrats! that’s awesome! First that you sent it out to begin with! Many people wouldn’t even have managed that! My boss has this whole children’s book written up yet she’s too scared to send it out!

    I’d totally purchase your self published book, can’t wait!

  8. matty03 replied:

    Brand New Woo! Thanks! Why is she afraid? Cool! This means at least one will sell! If you were here in SF, we could be at the Hunky Jesus Contest in Delores Park! …but, you’re in Canada. sigh. love and kisses, matty

  9. Ginab replied:

    No DIY. Anyone can DIY. It’s not that hard to get an agent and an agent is in fact a sign of merit. Why won’t the interested presses recommend one or two to you? Ask’em.

    DIY and it’ll likely go nowhere.

    V-I-A agent and … you might want to take an even better pill. For now, though, serious.


  10. matty03 replied:

    Gina! Thanks! Well, I did ask them — seems like there is some sort of conflict of interest for them to suggest anyone. ? …and, you know, I just don’t seem to have the energy to pursue things the proper way.

    …A struggle to just get out of bed sometimes.

    And, to be honest, I am not worried if it goes somewhere or not.

    I just want to bring one thing to a completion that is for me and not for a corporate entity — which is what I’ve done for half my life.

    …finishing something that started out of therapy seems somehow important to me. Tho, I’m hard pressed to express or capture why.


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