I don’t know.  I often feel that my mere being acts as some sort of magnet for the ‘different’ — sometimes this is entertaining, interesting and provides a sense of adventure. Other times it leaves me feeling that my personal space has been invaded and uncomfortable. And, if you know me or have been reading my whine-o-thon of a blog over the last year you know that I am not in a particularly good ‘space’ right now.

Today, I just wanted to enjoy the beach. It is a cool, but beautiful day and the idea of writing in my journal and walking the beach just seemed to perfect to resist. Plus, if I were to fall down, I’d only be pounding sand with my person. No biggie. I also thought I might be able to find a sand dollar for my pal, Bethie.

But, it is just too windy today and the city is plowing the sand at both Ocean and Sutro Beach — creating a most unpleasant blasting of sand to the face. I sat on the beach for a short while with my journal but grew tired of the sand flying into my eyes and mouth. As I gathered my stuff and started to go for a short walk along the shore, an unusual couple approached me. They were about 40-ish. The woman was quite attractive with long thin red hair which was almost seemed to reach her hips. The man sported a mow-hawk with a tinge of green at the tips of the points.

The conversation went something like this (and if they are reading this, I hope they are not offended. It just all struck me as interesting and just a bit annoying at the same time. A curious exchange on the beach.)

“Wow. You were really writing intently. Are you an artist?”

“Um, no. I was just writing in my journal.”

“So, you’re not published?”

“Nope. Not published. I just keep a blog.”

(They were both quite interested in my blog. I gave a vague direction as to how it could be found using google, but warned them that it was not much.)

“Look, dude, we are having a gathering at our place in The Haight (they gave me the address) and you really need to come.”

The woman stepped in and added, “Well, it is not so much a ‘gathering’ as something very different in concept.”

“Yes. We are trying to get back to ‘happenings’ — This will be a happening and you must join us!”

“Oh, thanks. But, you know, I’m not really much into parties — or, happenings these days. I’ve been working through some medical conditions…”

(and, then I internally asked myself: Why am I talking to these people?)

They then went into a lengthy explanation of the fact that they are collaborative artists. All the while I walk as quickly as my bare feet can plow thru the loose sand back to the boardwalk leading to my car. Apparently they lay out loads of paint on large canvas and roll about on the canvas and in the paint — while nude. …An idea I remember Farah Fawcett exploring in an odd Playboy video back in the late 80’s.

You can see a sample of Farah’s nude smear painting by googling “Free Pollack” for an image. I would upload it here for you, but I’ve run out of image space and am far too lazy to pull out a credit card to secure more. Not half bad work, really. Tho, I do remember being more amused by her Playboy-ish process than the result.

Anyway, the conversation continued as I attempted to get back to the shelter of my car.

“Now, do you know any artists in the Bay Area who you could bring with you to our happening?”

Turns out I sort of know an artist whom they both admire. Yes, I was still talking with them. What else was one to do. They were so nice.

“What is your exact birthdate and time of birth?”

“I’ve no idea of the exact time. I would have to look it up. I really don’t take stock in horoscopes.”

“Oh, baby. It is all in the stars!”

“Well, a scorpio (with something rising or falling he said) would be quite a potent human ingredient to our happening.”

“Wait. Are you two doing some sort of ritual orgy thing?”

“Oh, no! This is an artistic gathering and you must come!”

They literally followed me to the door of my car. As I climbed in, the woman noted my ipod. She wanted to know what song I was listening to right at that very moment.

“Well, it is just on shuffle for my whole music library.”

I started the car and the stereo boomed out — Blondie’s Walk Like Me.

“Oh my God! Blondie!”

Putting her tattoo’d hands together as if about to slip into prayer, “I adore Blondie! It is a sign! You must come!”

“Ok, gotta go! Nice talkin’ with you! Enjoy the rest of the day!”

…they were trying to get back to happenings.

March 9, 2009. Uncategorized.


  1. The Sagittarian replied:

    How odd! Isn’t it funny how much we take care not to be impolite to people we don’t know, no matter how annoying their very presence may be. I’m guilty of that too and often end up hopping form foot to foot trying to get away! Sounds like you did well to escape with your journal intact.

  2. Pants replied:

    What strange day! Curious the people you run into and experiences that unfold in San Francisco. xoxo

  3. matty03 replied:

    The Sagittarian! I know! Isn’t it incredibly uncomfortable?!?!? Part of me finds those situations fascinating and a part of me just wants to run away. A year or two ago I would have probably fully engaged in a conversation in an attempt to figure them out. But, at the moment, I seem to be a bit of a different person and I just wanted to escape. But, I was thinking about it — a couple of years ago I would have probably convinced Ing and A to go with me to “the happening” — LOL!

    love and kisses,

  4. matty03 replied:

    Pants! I think it is one of the many reasons I love SF and NYC — one never knows what might unfold in a day. I was just thinking of you — saw a film yesterday, MEDICINE FOR THE MELANCHOLY and just know you would have loved it. Aside from being beautifully done – it uses this city almost like a character in the story. Interesting. I wonder if it will play in Utah.

    love and kisses,

  5. brand new w replied:

    i think that’s awesome! i totally would’ve wanted to go! ah… only in San francisco…

    i hope they didn’t chase you off the beach before u were done there, matty!

  6. matty replied:

    Brand New W! lol! …I guess it was awesome in a way, but I was in no mood for it. I did want to just chill on the beach for a few more songs on my iPod. Oh, well.

    …I wonder how ‘the happening’ went!

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