I hope everyone had a happy new year and that 2009 brings us all hope, “change”, peace, health and happiness! 2008 was not such a great year for me. Actually, it was a rather shit year. But, things can only get better!

I was thinking of my fave movies and music of 2008 — thought I would share my faves here.  And, yes, I know that a couple are technically not from “2008” but a couple only made it to US cinemas and music stores until 2008. So…

My Fave 3 Movies Seen in 2008:


This was an amazing film on all counts. It blew me down and away.


Guy Maddin’s imagination ran wild and created a new sort of film. …not a documentary, not a mock-u-mentary — more of a meditation on life and the struggle to both the desire to escape and the unexplainable need to stay. Brilliant.


I so hated the poster for this Claude Chabrol film that I almost skipped it. So glad I didn’t. There is so much going on in this film it is hard to explain. Human cruelty and the requirements for survival are explored in a comical, tragic and fascinating way. How does someone of Chabrol’s age stay so clued into modern and current culture without falling into the traps of Woody Allen?!?!

If you ask me, this was a really bad year for film. Much of what has been hailed by the critics is just more or less “ok” — not much was going on of interest in 2008. But, there were some jewels.

My Fave Music of 2008


duh. this release was met with some confusion by many of us of the glitter dusted Goldfrapp’d lovers — but it is about as close to perfect as a gorgeous, lazy day. just float with it. Awesome.


Conor Oberst first solo LP is just what I expected and wanted. Can’t seem to play it enough!

And, now, a tie for third spot:


Roisin Murphy’s OVERPOWERED is just a brilliant dance LP which was released in the UK in 2007 — never really released in the US — but has slowly found it’s way here. I don’t think it has been a hit, but it certainly deserved to be. Sad to me that folks are happy to settle for Madonna and Britney while never noticing this artist. …and, I rather like Madonna and Britney (stop making fun of me!) …but, neither has the talent of funk held by Ms. Murphy! Listen to it!!! Buy it!!!!


…she is close to perfect and so is this LP. I rather like the cover of the LP made smaller. All I Intended to Be is a great recording. …returning to work with her once husband — this is a minor masterpiece.

Happy New Year, kids!

love and kisses,


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  1. Daniel replied:

    Emmylou Harris somehow found her way to that spot where it seems like every note played and every word sung is just “right there”.

    Mickey Rourke is so great in this film. He has so much heart and passion.

    I want to explore Roisin Murphy and conor Oberst.

  2. matty replied:

    Daniel! I know! I so love that CD! And, we shall see if the Oscars has the balls to even nominate Rourke. His was the best performance I saw this year.

    You MUST explore Roisin and Connor!!!! They so totally rock! Emmylou sings with Oberst on one of the Bright Eyes CD’s!

  3. hot-lunch replied:

    happy new year matty! i’m gonna go watch My Winnipeg now, after seeing it make your Best of list! !

  4. ginab replied:

    I’m trying to recall what I have seen in movies from 2008 and honestly there was just one, which I highly DOUBT you or any one would ever want to see. And I highly DOUBT it wins a shake at the Oscars (to be the dullest, it would be held on my day of days). Or, it’s the eve of my days.

    I do like Goldfrappe and I thank you for the CD which remains on my dining room table, made of pecan, an antique I’d refinished one pesky summer in A2.

    Back to it, I would like to see the wrestler because I wouldn’t mind seeing someone who’d wanted to quit QUIT to return. Besides, the french adore him.

    Madam Huppert is directing the judging (or is it she’s overseeing?) at CAAN.

    did you hear?

    happy new year and thanks for the link to the honors. I got it right with Grohl and go figure about Jack Black. He was funny!!!!

  5. matty replied:

    Hot Lunch! Oh, I hope you like it! Let me know! Watch out for those Man Pageants!!!!! …risky business causing much worries for The Bay!

  6. matty replied:

    Gina! You know, I was so very interested in DOUBT before it opened — then I scanned the reviews and it sounds like something that should have been made 30 or 40 years ago with Joan or Bette. So, I decided to skip it. Sounds like I made the right choice.

    I have to say, I expected to enjoy THE WRESTLER — but I was stunned by how effective it turned out to be. Mickey and Marisa break your heart as they move across the screen — but never fall into sap. It is moving and painfully honest.

    I HAD heard about Ms. Huppert serving as the Leader of the Pack at the forthcoming Cannes Film Fest!! Yay! …about time! I do believe she has won the female acting honors there the most. I sure wish her last two films would make their way to the US — they were Italian productions I believe — but still no US distributors! Ugh!

    Weren’t the performances were great!?!? Bettye blew me away!!! I hope they release her performing that to CD or something!

    …It makes me sad to see Barbra and the two remaining Who get so old. …because it reminds me I’m getting old.

    old, old, old.

  7. pakipoptart replied:

    Happy New Year Matty! I can say the same for 2008. Total shit year! I wish you all the best for 2009!

  8. matty replied:

    Pakipoptart! So cool to hear from you!!!! Happy New Year! And, yeah — 2009 better take it up about 12 notches!!!

    love and kisses,

  9. ginab replied:

    Old? schmold!

    crash goes a perfectly fine Gibson, tho it is said it was never a Gibson. But anywayZ, in definance of age: the lads were fucking exhausted having traveled to JAPAN after their last NORTH AMERICAN TOUR. Was time for a kip. Last thing they needed was to board yet another plane for even this event.

    so, cucumber slices under the eyes do wonders, work miracles, but sleep (sleep) I have heard is the real remedy to appear rested.


  10. matty replied:

    Gina! Maybe that was it, but Babs hadn’t been doing anything. Tho, maybe like me — sleep does not come easily.

    ah, to be rested. …and dream something nice.

  11. Pants replied:

    I can’t wait to see The Wrestler. Unfortunately, I’ll probably have to wait for DVD…thought they did show a preview for it during Frost Nixon last week, so who knows!

    And thank you for introducing me to Goldfrapp! xoxo

  12. matty replied:

    Pants! I’m always excited to spread the magik of Goldfrapp! …the whole world should be Goldfrapp’d!

    Oh, I hope you get to see THE WRESTLER on the big screen. Beautifully shot! My understanding is that “they” are giving it a full national release soon. So, I bet it does play there!

  13. Old Cheeser replied:

    I’m totally agreeing with your music choices – was just listening to Goldfrapp on the way home actually and it’s sublime! Roisin Murphy is cool too and the cover is just the best. Have you seen the vids for “Overpowered” and “Let Me Know” Matty – hilarious!

    By the way please can you drop me an email so I can chat to you properly as this clumsy old queen has lost yours!!

    Ta ducks
    OC aka Simon x

  14. matty replied:

    Cool Old Cheeser! You ARE NOT AN OLD QUEEN! Stop saying that because I will always be older than you! Most worrying! Oh, yes! I’ve both of those vids on my iPod! I also like the recent one from Ms. Murphy filmed at some drag club which turns into zombie feast! lol! I think that is the vid for Movie Star. I shall send ya a note! love and kisses, mattty

  15. Damian replied:

    Hi Matty-Gotta checkout The Wrestler next weekend. My Winnipeg…yeah, fuckin’ cool. Your blog is the living end. finally found it and it’s it.from your buddy damian

  16. matty03 replied:

    Damian!!!! I miss you!

    Sending you love and kisses from GayTown!

    I caught myself complaining that I was cold today — it was 64 degrees and sunny — then, I thought of you in New England and I felt really guilty. …I no longer know from cold!


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