i am so tired of hearing all this mess about our economy, our insipid president, scary-ass old mcCain, that crazy lady with a gun and no ‘G’s’ at the end of her verbs and all the nobs who support their agendas. i’m also weary of hearing people complain about not having enough money for food, medical care or rent when one of our most serious challenges continue to loom over us like some evil spector.

yes, i want to discuss the horrors of washing dishes!

true, my recent dish washing calamity might be partically blamed on this annoying PTSD which makes me a bit clumbsy and confused. however, i’m really not so sure.

there i was. at the sink. cleaning the dishes using some environmentally friendly soap. or, at least it had one of those green stickers with arrows going ’round in circles. just doing our part. by the way, recycling is so very difficult. (sigh)

anyway, so i had cleaned all the glasses and just picked up one of our soup bowls. i was a bit dizzy, but focused on the bowl. and, then, as i scrubbed b’s korean soup remains off the bowl something odd happened.

the bowl sort of broke in two. the left part of the plate cut into my left palm. no real big deal. but, i slowly turned my eyes over to my right hand. the right part of the plate had lodged into my index finger. i’m not sure how long i looked at it. it didn’t hurt, but it was a bit worrying to see a piece of a bowl lodged into my finger.

there was only a little blood.

anyway, i took a sort of took in some extra air and pulled the bowl fragment out of my finger. and, then came A LOT of blood and pain. Actually, it was a lot of blood. i didn’t know what to do. so, i did what i tend to do best these days.

i just stood there watching the blood pour down the drain and held my finger under the running water. i finally tried to touch my finger to see how bad it might really be. i managed to lift up the flap of skin and there seemed to be a rather large chunk of meat missing from my finger. i then noticed that bit of ‘meat’ laying in the pool of blood.

i started to black out, but talked myself out of it. i sort of walked into the bathroom and poured rubbing alcohol over the cut. the pain helped to snap me out of it. i wrapped it in a towel as the blood would not stop and the tighter i wound it up. then i sort of panicked and sent upset emails to b and ing.

i finally decided to try and put bandaids on it — six. all the while my left palm was still bleeding. when b got home he helped me clean it and properly bandage it and it seems to have healed.

now, i want to know what our government is going to do about this serious problem which faces all of us who do dishes?

priorities and focus, people!

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  1. joe replied:

    When I’m in the kitchen and I have to cook, I would do nothing until all the dishes are washed. I’m compulsive that way. I can’t stand dirty dishes taking up space while I cook. So, often in my fit of must clean dishes rage, I’ll stab myself with a knife or cleaver that might be hiding under bubbly water. I know how you feel. I feel dizzy already thinking about the blood! But luckily *touch wood* I have not found the need to use 6 bandages yet!

    Worried Canadians give much thought and send you good wishes re: your wound. It’s actually how we picture the American government. hehehe… okay, no political bashing. 🙂

    love you!

  2. hot-lunch replied:

    yikes, hope u’re doing alright! do u need to get a shot for that? does cutting your hand on a bowl give you lockjaw? i’m sure you’re fine but what did you do with the “meat” that was left in the sink? Actually, don’t answer that.

    maybe we should all chip in and get you guys a dishwasher, no pun intended.

  3. Walter Briski, Jr. replied:

    doesn’t your apt. comes with a dish washer?
    roisin murphy is tonight.
    and goldfrapp played at “electric prom” last night.
    sublime, divine!
    have a great weekend.

  4. Dessie replied:

    Oh, honey.

    Well maybe what you meant to post was a parable, about how we all have a little piece of our fingers missing because of our broken crockery. We can only rinse and move on?

    Maybe not. I was at the toyshop earlier and nearly bought you a Hello Kitty play hospital – but I didn’t. What I got you will be on the way soon, ready for your birthday 😉

    But it’s a bit dull!

  5. ginab replied:

    i have those same bandaids and I do in your honor!

    but i have no time to write a new entry on my blog.

    i know spirits are up so i’m glad the fragile bowl breakage and blood seepage has been cleaned up. speaking of up, i’m up and outta hear.

    oops, i’ve been leaving elephants in front rooms, and turning around to find they’ve vanished. bags in the car. dogs in the hallway.

    maybe it’s just something’s in the air?

  6. Pants replied:

    Oh, Matty! That sounds fucking horrible. I’m glad B was able to help you bandage it up.

  7. ing replied:

    I wear rubber gloves when I do the dishes. They help prevent cuts, and they keep your hands looking smooth and purty.


  8. matty03 replied:

    Joe! Some day I must taste you cooking skills! I’ll do the dishes! …just be sure to have the cheap ones out for use! No worries, me and everyone I know feel the same way about the US! (shudder!)

    Hot Lunch! Well, no lock jaw yet! Fingers crossed! I think the meat went down the drain. It could have made good bait for fishing, tho. It seems to be healing quite well, tho. However, I do think that there will be a slight indention in my finger.

  9. matty03 replied:

    Walter! I’m so jealous that you got to see her! I need a full report, please! No. No dishwahing machine. We love in a charming old building near the beach. I suspect we’re lucky to have a sink. lol!

  10. matty03 replied:

    Dessie? Is there a Hello Kitty hospital in to which I can check myself for sugar treatment?!?!?!? Might be a good idea. Oh, no! My birthday is just ’round the corner. I hope the whole world doesn’t collapse to the point that we boil our dollars into a sort of soup for dinner.

    Oh, I wish you hadn’t gotten my anything! (but I can’t wait to see what it is!!!) lol!

    nothing like a present to make one feel a bit brighter as one turns 42! (shudder!)

    love and kisses,

  11. matty03 replied:

    Gina! Oh, I love that you have Hello Kitty band aids! You know, there is an elephant looming in my kitchen right now. rather worrying. not sure how it got there, but I’m steering clear. By the way, the elephant is pink.

  12. matty03 replied:

    Pants! Yes, I am so very lucky to have B! He bandaged me up quite well. It is even close to being healed to the point that I should be able to take off the bandage soon!

    Ing! I like your rubber gloves and pretty 1950’s era apron! I don’t do so well with gloves — makes me even more clumbsy! See ya in just a few at the bridge to check out the new oliver stone!

  13. Dessie replied:

    I’ll let you in on a small part of it: a very very evil yet endearing keyring.

  14. matty03 replied:

    Dessie! Oh, that would have been a cool idea! LOL! …However, i was lucky to find my way out of the kitchen! love and kisses, matty

  15. matty03 replied:

    Dessie! Oh, that would have been a cool idea! LOL! …However, i was lucky to find my way out of the kitchen!

  16. Dessie replied:

    It’s on the way now! Don’t miss the card, I shoved it down the side amongst the packaging…

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