today was not so bad. i think i screwed up and took double my normal dose of meds (not good) but it did manage to knock me out and i almost got a full night’s sleep. i ended up at the beach for the better part of the day watching the surfers. and, i ended up having a long phone conversation with my mother — and, that conversation made me feel better. we actually talked to each other and not at each other.

when i came home, i played with the babies. i played some nice music and decided to take a few snapshots of things in our apartment that i like to look at:
…i call this our make-shift mantle piece. the items on it make me happy.

…and, sometimes i enjoy talking to Lola while she tries to sleep. she is so sweet and cute.

..some old lady left a suitcase there sunday night. this afternoon i watched about 14 people sift through the contents. by 4pm the suitcase was sitting there empty. i like that.

…i don’t really like to keep books, but i’ve a few that mean something to me. i love this little eyeless dutch boy doll. his eyes have fallen inside his little head. you can hear them rattle about. i found him one day when i shared one of my fave stores with Ing. i think B worries that this little doll comes alive at night, but i think he is a safe little doll.

…Little Bagel can brighten any day.

…B assembled these tiny “tchakiiis” to form a representatioin of our family. this, too, makes me smile.

smiling is so very valuable to me these days. these days are a little dark. but, we push forward.

October 6, 2008. Uncategorized.


  1. Pants replied:

    Love the tiny “tchakiiis” B assembled to represent your family.

    Also love the eyeless little dutch boy doll and that fact that you own “The Very Hungry Caterpillar”!

    Kisses from stupid God’s country!!


  2. joe replied:

    awww, Lola and Bagel are so cute! they’d make me happy. 🙂

    I like looking at the paintings we’ve collected in the past couple of years. they make me happy.

  3. Steve Rebooted replied:

    And you made me smile. Thanks 😆

  4. The Sagittarian replied:

    What a sweet idea to have those wee dolls assembled to represent your family, what a wonderful guy you have there. See! You DO deserve wonderful things. 🙂

  5. anita replied:

    It was nice to see that you and your mother talked with each other and not just at each other. All of us should always do that I think. Must be easier said than done.

    But that made me smile. Thank you. I was just reading how the best cure for anything is laughter. They even have classes where everyone just laughs hysterically — and they all come back because it leaves them feeling so good.
    Maybe smiling about the things that makes us happy would do the same. I’m smiling now and it does feel good
    Love you very much, Anita

  6. walter Briski, Jr. replied:

    do i see an original walter briski jr. in your background, am among your fave things?
    sorry i called you at my worst, after being bitten by a visla during my job interview, but i needed to hear a friendly voice.
    and yours was the first i needed to hear.
    (even your voice mail can calm my nerves down). i love you!

  7. (former) Pakipoptart replied:

    Sorry to have been away for some time. It looks like you are doing well and I’m so happy to see that! I love this post especially the picture of things B put together. Anyway, I miss you and hope to read more from your blog soon!

  8. hot-lunch replied:

    i love Lola!!! she is so precious!!

    and I too have Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland! That and Through The Looking Glass are some of my favourite stories!

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