CHECKING IN (and out for a week or so…)

Hey Kids! Not that I’ve been very good with my blogging lately, but me and B are headed to Florida for a week or so. Initially, B had to go there to take care of some family business, but we decided it would be cool for us both to just get away from everything for a little while.

Little Bagel passed her evaluation with flying colors and is going to a fun doggie boarding kennel while we’re gone. A little worried for her, but I know she will end up having fun, too. However, Little Bagel has never been a way from me at all so that is a bit upsetting to me. But, Auntie Ing is serving as Bagel’s emergency contact while we are gone.

Still, we will be staying in an unfurnished condo right on the beach in a part of Miami. South Beach, I think. Plus, we will have a pool! However, we’ll be sleeping on the floor!

We hope to meet up with A while we are there as he will be visiting his family in Fort Lauderdale at the same time.

And, I’ve lost enough weight that I had to purchase small size bathing suit! The downside is that my “girth” has not gone “down” with my waist just yet. I liked the way I looked in the medium size trunks better, but they would not stay up. And, I don’t think that they like nude sunbathing in Florida. Oh, well.

Anyway, I will return. Sorry I’ve been so crap about posting and keeping up to date on all my fave blogs! I do hope that my life will soon start to return to more like it was before all this crap hit the fan. I’m getting there, but slowly. God bless my therapist!

love and kisses,

August 27, 2008. Uncategorized.


  1. The Sagittarian replied:

    Have a fab time and do take photos and stuff cos I really like seeing pix from somewhere else!! I envy you the sunshine cos it seems like we have had nothing but rain and then snow and then more rain for EVER!! My aunt and uncle used to live in Florida but they moved last year – got sick of the hurricanes I think. Cheers!

  2. javabear replied:

    Have a wonderful time! You will certainly have some warmth, if you don’t get a hurricane.

    Get an air mattress from a camping supplies department. Many of them are reasonably priced. It’s close to the floor, but not ON the floor.

    I hope Bagel has a wonderful time. I hope you do, too. It’s ok to be away from her for a little while. She’s old enough. You’ll be fine.

  3. Steve Rebooted replied:

    Have fun in Florida and I hope you miss the hurricane! Um, it did not occur to you to drop Bagel at my place, on your way to Florida? I promise I’d giver her back. 😆

  4. Pants replied:

    Have a safe and fantastic trip! xoxo

  5. ginab replied:

    a looooooooooong time ago I stood on the beach in Fort Laud (I called it) as a young gal and I was poor so I was a young, poor gal standing in the sand on the beach in Fort Laud with the ocean out from me and blue, and a rich girl, wearing barely a white bikini, blonde hair and shades so dark and fancy I thought were from outer space (or Paris), rode past on a bike too large for her, standing up pedaling, up, down, around, pedaling and standing up and she had something–gum, a Tootsie Pop–in her mouth, and I noticed her bike tires were fancy thick treds that made her able to ride over the sand rich and sassy, wearing barely a white bikini, tan, rich, sun glasses from outer space plonked on her pudding face, streak of her blonde hair across her shoulders, pedaling up, down, and back, up, down, and back.

  6. hot lunch replied:

    have a fantastic time Matty!!

  7. Walter Briski, Jr. replied:

    oh you bloody cow.
    my package is ready to fnally ship to you.
    let me know when you get back.
    have you forgotten about me?
    bring me some orange blossoms from florida.
    i love their smell.

  8. Kris replied:

    Hope FL was a blast for ya!! Take all the time you need to get things the way they were 😀 We’ll always be here.. Hugs!!

  9. Daniel replied:

    Have a wonderful time at the beach, boys!

  10. Old Cheeser replied:

    Hope you had a good one in Florida, Matty….

    Hey – when you have a spare moment could you drop me an email please? Wanna ask you a few questions about San Francisco … and sily me has gone and lost your email address!

    Cheers babe.

    OC xx

  11. Steve Rebooted replied:

    I hope you had fun in Florida!

  12. Brian Finch replied:

    Have a great time! I know what you mean about that girth stuff!

  13. matty replied:

    Hey Kids! Sorry I’ve been out of the loop lately. Strange, but not all together bad, times. Anyway, Florida was not great but not bad. I made it anyway! lol!

    love and kisses,

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