The time: 3am

I can’t sleep. I’ve brewed a pot of chamomile tea with honey. I’m sitting by the window, sipping the hot tea and looking out on our parking lot where just about anything can (and usually does happen), but this is a Monday morning. It is normally quiet until the trains start to run and the huge delivery trucks begin to arrive at the weighing station.

I notice two boys (well, I would guess that they were both somewhere in the confusion that is the mid-twenties) — but, the older I get the younger other people seem. But, that is a whole different topic.

Anyway, these two boys are bicycling up to just under our window. They jump off their mountain bikes and carefully lock them to one of the city street sign beneath me. They look around to be sure no one is watching them. They do not notice me as I’m above them and sitting in the dark.
They cross the driveway to the fence that separates our parking spaces from the feeder road. I begin to suspect that they are about to have some sort of dirty tryst in front of our building (well, this happens here) — but, instead they sit in a parking spot, light up a couple of joints and share drinks from a Jack Daniels bottle.

I sip my tea.

They partake of weed and liquor. They begin to laugh. Then they kiss. It was at this point they noticed me. One of them gives me the peace sign. I return it. The other offers up his joint to me and motions for me to join them. I shake my head and smile.

They finish up their pot.

I pour another cup of tea.

They sort of wobble back to the street sign, unlock their bikes and begin what appears to be a laborious peddle back on to the street. They leave their bottle. They are gone.

I begin to think I might be able to fall asleep. It is 4am.

I rinse out the tea kettle and wash the honey from my cup.

As I close the window to block the cold northern California breeze and notice that someone has already taken the bottle. It is a homeless man. He curses and throws the bottle into the street.

A gentle moment shattered on the pavement.

And, sleep comes to the weary.


May 5, 2008. Uncategorized.


  1. walter J. Briski, Jr. replied:

    “the sun spit morning…”
    you are magical with your words, mr. sherman.
    you know, we should make a package one of these days… between my photography and your poetry, this could be our “burt and barbra” duet, at the piano.
    don’t you think?
    you are phenomenal.
    and i adore you.

  2. matty03 replied:

    Walter! Awwwwww! Thank you!

    Oh, that would be fun! Do I get to wear the cute blue number and discuss rolling boiled eggs? And, I hope there will be plenty of soft-focus and back lighting involved!

    “…because, Goddammit! The sun does not spit!”

    (elevator slams shut!)

    I can’t wait to see your work in BUTT!!!! Yay!!!!!!

  3. walter J. Briski, Jr. replied:

    anything you want, you can have!
    as for butt…
    i dunno…
    apparently they want to hear some trashy story behind the photos. and there is none, actually, other than photographing a porn star naked and having a ton of fun, driving sutro, oakland and san francisco, back and forth.
    so… me and my big mouth, uh?
    it might not happen after all.
    we shall see.
    it won’t be out till august i think?
    it is for the fall issue.

  4. ing replied:

    What a lovely posting. It made me sleepy. I cannot sleep tonight! I have big plans! That’s a very sweet scene, so different from the unusual goings-on (such as the yellow torrent). Ahhh.

  5. The Sagittarian replied:

    Hi Matty, that tea sounds delicious! I couldn’t sleep last night either, infact woke up at 2.23am and was still awake at 4.20am….very annoying and as it is now winter over here it was too darn cold to get up and perv outta the window! Love those photos too, did you take ’em?

  6. Steve Rebooted replied:

    You have quite a talent of putting your emotions into words!

  7. matty replied:

    Walter! …I have everything crossed for you! Get to scanning, mister! Oh, and I’ve been thinking about it. I think the sun could spit morning. I get it now!

    Ing! Thank you! I hope you are able to sleep better tonight. And, yeah, it was a sort of nice little scene to witness. …but, I guess I’d rather just look out at either the sea or an empty street without anything odd or illegal happening! LOL! …or that yellow torrent!!!

  8. matty replied:

    Sagittarian! Oh, that is the worst! …when you can’t sleep and it is cold and not much to do or look at. I hope, like Ing, you’re able to sleep better tonight! And, thank you! Yes! I took those photos! …at the Golden Gate Park Japanese Tea Garden! Very pretty place, but you have to pay admission to get into the tea garden and the rest of the park is just as pretty. Tho, I do love that statue!

  9. matty replied:

    Steve! …thank you! I wish I could find a way to put some of my irrational emotions away and move forward. Tho, I guess I’ve been doing that for far too long and that is why I’m working thru what I find myself in now. (sigh)…but with hope.

  10. Daniel replied:

    I’m heating up the water for tea now.
    You tell such lovely, zen-like stories. It makes me forget that your sexual prowess is legendary.

  11. Old Cheeser replied:

    Yet another naughty tryst right outside Matty’s window! I think your flat has weird laylines or something running through it (or just outside/underneath the building at any rate) given the occurence of so many “odd” goings on in your proximity! Perhaps you shouldn’t move after all (incidentally any more plans in that direction?)

  12. Old Cheeser replied:

    Oh, “Observations from a window” would make a great (if slightly obvious) title for a collection of Matty short stories! I think you could write several volumes!

  13. matty replied:

    Daniel! Yes! I often think I shine a deep zen-like quality to all who see me! …of course, then I remember that I’m confusing zen-like with my dynamic sensuality! It isn’t easy being me. LOL! Sending you a warm hug! I hope your new life is going well! I need to catch up on my fave blogs! I’m sort of stuck in a funk. ugh!

  14. matty replied:

    Cool Old Cheeser! Well, I can tell you that all manner of things go down in the “shade” of darkness in our parking lot beneath our window. Some of them I can write about — others just scare me. B has been looking at SF apartments like crazy but nothing has clicked yet and we’re still waiting to see if we can be released from our lease early. Soon, tho!

    …Oh, I wish I had the talent to write some short stories. I just don’t. And, I doubt that anyone would opt to pay to read my odd collection of ramblings.

    But, thank you.

    I wish I were in England! I could bother you and make you and Dessie show me all over!!!!

  15. javabear replied:

    ‘Tis good to see a new post from you. I was beginning to wonder where you were.

    I find it interesting to watch the world from a window. Something about the frame of the window puts the affairs of the world in a different perspective.

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